Lol a little drabble I made for a contest. The prompt was: A free drink couldn't hurt.

Title: Time Wasted
Author: kyokotehweird
Rating: T
Warnings: N/A

12 years. 12 long,painful years. How pitiful he was. He had vowed to his family, his friends, his bloody dog for chrissake! But he couldn't. He couldn't quit. He looked at the bottle in his hand, nearly drained of it's amber liquid. He lifted it to his lips,to get that last savoring, destructive drop. He couldn't it fell from his hand and crashed on the floor. He relized what he was doing. A sob heaved in his chest and he rested his flushed face in his hands. That's it, he was quiting.

That was a lie he couldn't bring himself to believe.