I'll be there when you awaken,
Standing over your vessel, so peaceful,
Warding the demons, the spirits unkind,
Kindling a friendly flame, darting those unwelcome.

Will you be here when you awaken?
I'll watch over your vessel,
Holding back the demons, the spirits unkind,
And caring for you, the flames so friendly.

Just wait for the time to rise,
The clock to chime the hours of safety,
The bells telling us our hours are safe,
The sacred hum telling us the hours will be safe.

Sleep well tonight,
Let the gods watch over you.
Sleep well tonight,
Let the good dreams wash you over.

Sleep well tonight,
Your vessel in hands of good.
Sleep well tonight,
The bells will awaken you.

Wait for the calmness to spread,
And let the happiness wash you over.
Your vessel so serene, your spirit so innocent,
And let me watch over your vessel tonight.

Let the serenity envelope you,
Let the spirits guide you through.
Wait for the chimes that the hour is safe,
And I will be here when you awaken.