Hello death,

Your one cruel SOB you know that. Oh yes I appreciate the irony. Very funny. Damn,I wish I could laugh. But guess what? I can't. I suppose you know why so I'll spare you the details.

Now I expect you want me to go all flashback-y and muse about "Oh I wish I could do this," Or "I shouldn't have done this to so and so." All right why not, it's not like I have some where to be. HA! And the jokes keep pouring in!

I made everyone I have ever known think their lives are living Hell's. Ah, yes I'm Sadistic. Quite actually. The closest to me were the most miserable. My mother, she woes over how, "Her darling baby boy grew up to be a queer."

My dad however, was ecstatic that I liked Boys. He had always wanted a Daughter. Good joke Pop, hilarious.

People who attended my funeral said aloud, "He died so young, just barely a junior." But what they wanted to say was, "Why couldn't the bastard die sooner." Can't blame them either. I tortured the girls who confessed their love to me. Made one girl kill herself once.

Her name was Katy...Kathy...something like that. She was very old-fashioned. She had left a note in my locker asking me to go out with her. I replied telling her,

"Even if I swung that way, I wouldn't go out with a pathetic,waste of space like you." Little did I know that girl had already been dealing with self esteem issues and was a cutter. Due to my note she cut too deep, thus ending he-CAROLINE! Caroline was her name, I wonder why I thought Kathy...Anyways where was I? Oh yes, ending her life. What a pity,she wasn't all that bad looking. I kinda regret being so Harsh.

Oh speaking of harsh, I wish I wasn't so abusive to Marco,my boyfriend. He didn't weep at my funeral. Again I don't blame him either. I loved him the most but I beat him the worst. He would beg me to stop. But I wouldn't. If it weren't Physical, it would be Verbal. He never went unabused.

Why he stuck by me? I'll never know. It sucks. I wanted to marry him. That is if we could get married. I guess we could elope to Massachusetts....Wait what am I talking about?! I'm freaking Dead!

If only this was like one of those cheesy romantic comedies.

You know the ones. The ones where the guy dies and then he repents on some crap and POOF! You get a second chance. La Di Da! Death in those movies are soooo much more accommodating then you,Mister No Fun.

Oh no, No I feel like crying. Damn you Death, damn you strait to-never mind.

Now I suppose I'll wrap things up...I just Wish....Wish...I could see Marco one last time.

Hold him one last time.

Tell him I'm sorry.

I guess you can take me to wherever I'm supposed to go now.