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Hell, Michigan. June 7th, 8:58 AM.

We are based in a small town, one of only three locations connected to that name.

The café is a hotspot in the town- Of course; it is the cover for a secret organization run under it.

But let me backtrack and start again.

It's freezing cold here, by the way.

Welcome to Hell.

No, not Hades! Hell, Michigan!

Loud rock music was blaring from the speakers strategically placed around the café, four women, myself included, working here.

"Order up!" Ariella, our resident hothead, said as she tapped a little silver bell.

Hatsumi, waitress, took the mug of coffee over to the proper table as Winter worked the cash register and I cleaned up tables.

I'm Tabitha, currently the youngest member of the team.

Weaving through the rush of people in the café, I smiled. Just another day at work… The normal work that is. My other work? Well, currently all I do is answer phones, but Piper Charles, my employer, told me that I would soon be on the mission field- Just as soon as a mission came up.

Yes, it's been a slow week here at Hell.

Ding! Another order completed.

As I quickly cleared another table, I swore I saw a flash of something outside the window. Stopping, I saw nothing there and shrugged before getting back to work. Nothing serious-


Hell, Michigan. December 4th. 8:33 P.M.

Piper Charles shivered as she stood on the dark sidewalk. She was used to warm Arizona weather- Not the weather of Michigan in the winter. She wore jeans, a lightweight corduroy jacket, boots, and a long-sleeved t-shirt. She had gloves, but she had left them back home…

Piper shook her head. NO! It is NOT home- Not anymore. She thought with a scowl.

Still… It was too cold and too dark for her to feel safe.

"God," she said looking at the sky. "What am I doing here? I mean, I get that You have a plan for me, but… Here? Come on- A place called 'Hell'? Isn't a little ironic that You sent me here?"

She stared up at the stars, hoping for an answer, but none came.

Sighing, she looked down again. "Well, I guess I better go… Someplace…" She said, shivering again. She was almost out of money, and she needed what little money she had, so she wasn't spending the night at a motel.

Life was not going well.

Tears came to her eyes and she wiped them away quickly. "No. I am not going to cry about this. I'm… I'm going to keep moving. Maybe in the morning I can find a job."

Keeping her head down she started across the quiet road. She was so cold…


Piper gasped, headlights filling her line of vision as the person honked their horn, slamming on the breaks as well.

She closed her eyes, so scared, as the car stopped a safe distance from her.

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID YOU IDIOT!" She heard yelled from the car.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She whispered, her eyes still closed.


Piper's eyes opened. Someone… Was worried about her?

The passenger-side door opened as she backed away from the beige SUV.

"Hey- Hey it's okay. Are you hurt? Cole get your lazy butt out of the car this instant!" The woman yelled, walking towards Piper.

"Pl- Please- Don't yell at me." Piper begged, backing away.

The woman stopped in shock as the driver got out. He was a tall male, a tired-looking one too.

The woman raised her chin, the headlights hitting her hair. She looked like she had a halo…

Piper fell to her knees, crying and shivering as the passenger and the driver exchanged looks before the woman started towards her. "Get a blanket Cole." She said calmly before kneeling in front of Piper.

"I'm sorry." Piper said quietly through tears. "I- I should have watched where I was going."

The woman smiled ruefully before holding her hand out. "I'm Ariella." She said.

Piper looked at her, tears running down her face, before she grasped her hand. "Piper." She said.

Ariella nodded before letting go of her hand. A fleece blanket was draped around Piper's shoulders before the man helped Piper to her feet, Ariella standing as well.

"Don't worry Piper- I think we were sent here to help you." Ariella said, going back to the SUV.

Piper held the blanket close. She tired and still crying as she looked at the sky. A shooting star flew through the heavens as she smiled. God had been watching out for her…

Five-and-a-half years later…

Screams erupted as one of the windows broke, glass flying, as the other three dropped before I heard a familiar CLICK, meaning that someone had just turned on the silent alarm for the underground headquarters.

Looks like we had a problem.

Rising, I turned to find something almost-invisible standing in front of the giant broken window, people fleeing.

"Tabitha down!" Ariella yelled as it hurled a trashcan into the room.

I hit the floor, sliding along before scrambling away to the safety of the backroom.

Heavy footsteps alerted me to backup as Adrienne, Dominic, Ruby, and Oliver bolted from the secret passageway before going out into the café.

I couldn't resist looking to see what the senior agents did, so I looked.

"Ariella-" Oliver started in a warning tone.

"If I knew I wouldn't- WHOA!" The members scattered as the being threw one of the tables from the outside into the room.

"CLOTHESLINE!" Adrienne yelled, Dominic and Adrienne on their feet and shooting for the being. As they attempted to double-clothesline the being though, the being ducked.

Adrienne whipped around before getting shoved away, Dominic grabbing the air as the being evaded him.

The being ran into the café, the others getting out of the way, before it crashed down the hallway towards Piper's office. I followed them.

Ariella and Oliver chased after the being before reaching the office. Piper's computer tower was gone, and the window was open.

The others ran into the room we tried to figure out just what was going on here.

Looks like someone had issues with us- Again.

Hell, Michigan. 10:53 AM.

Piper Charles strode down the hall towards her office, her eyes blazing. Someone had destroyed the front window of her café, frightened her customers, threatened her staff, and had stolen her computer tower. She was not some wimpy teenager- She was a full-grown woman with a temper. And this person had triggered it.

Entering her office, she slammed the door. Ariella, Cole, Hatsumi, Winter, Tabitha, Adrienne, Dominic, Ruby, and Oliver were present.

Going around her desk, she took a seat, scowling. "Until we find out whoever did this and for what reason the café is closed. Understood?"

"Got it ma'am." Ruby spoke for the group.

Piper looked at Hatsumi. "I want video footage collected and analyzed within the next three days. Any camera that might have caught the incident happening."

Hatsumi nodded. "I'll start work on it right now boss." She said, leaving the room.

As the door shut behind Hatsumi, Piper looked at Adrienne. "Adrienne- Contact our outside contacts. See if anyone is working on an invisible suit or something."

Adrienne nodded, leaving as well.

"Dominic- Get Trish on this one. If there's any chance of this being a supernatural creature I want to know. Winter- Find out if this has happened anywhere else. Ruby- Quell any rumors about this in the town. I don't want the locals getting rapped up in something that may or may not be our fault. Oliver- You and Cole are to start tracking this thing. I don't care how many favors you have to call in- Find it. Ari- You and Tabitha are tracking down our old friends that might be able to pull this off. Everybody understand?"

Mixed answers replied, all agreeing before they left, save for Ariella.

"Piper… You don't think this could be Keaton's doing, do you?" Piper's trusted friend asked as she crossed her arms.

Piper leaned back in her chair, drumming her long nails on the desktop. "I don't know yet. Maybe."

Ariella lazily grinned. "Well, if it is then I have no problem sending him back to jail."

Piper laughed as Ariella started to leave. "Take care of Tabitha- She's still new to the idea that maybe work here isn't as easy as she thought."

Ariella stopped and nodded. "Don't worry Piper- We all know the drill. You can count on us to do our jobs." She said before the door swung shut behind her.

Piper sighed. "That's what I'm worried about."

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