It's Been Fun… (Tribute to my Friends)

'Read the Brief'
Is too funny for words
We gave her so much grief
But it was fun

You got me suspended
You help me understand
I can't believe it's ended
It's been really fun

You help me out
You always lend a hand
You leave me in no doubt
And it's been fun

My first born son,
My one true love,
My Chinese, the only one
We have some fun

My fellow Gooner
And a legend on the other side
I wish I'd known you sooner
And it's been fun

Remember Boxing Day?
And the times on the H13
And I just wanna say
It's been fun

You're just like me
We've had a laugh in IT
You're really funny
And it's been fun

"The 398 will not come now"
The crew from the bus
We rock with ker-pow
It's been great fun

We share the same tunes
I love you too much
We laugh like goons
It's been so much fun

What can I say about you?
You've always been there
You will always care
With you, I can share
And I Love You

And you, my old mate
From then up to now
We've made it somehow
Everyone may bow
In his presence, he's great.

We have a history
This triple act
It is a fact
You gave me a pact
Yet you are a mystery.