My first Star

Many people wish on Stars at night. I never have. Never will. You know why? Because Stars wish on me; I like what I hear.

I know what you're thinking. 'He listens to Stars. Yeah right. And you can also walk in space without a spacesuit. HAHAHA!' Well. It's true. Some people have "Star Sight". Personally, I think that that is a little far fetched. I have what I like to call Star Speech. You see, what most people don't know, is that Stars are people. Well, kind of. I'd better start from the beginning though. This is a recount of my experiences with Stars. If you are of the feint of heart, or if you want to keep your virgin eyes, STOP READING! If you don't care about that, then read on.

At the time where I begin I am eighteen and a junior in College. (Yep. Skipped two grades) I was at a huge University in the city of L.A. I had been listening to Stars for as long as I can remember without really knowing it. I hadn't paid them much mind unless it was good advice or something. Most of what I heard was the wishes of little kids. Not much I could do about those anyway. I thought that these were voices in my head and that I was crazy.

But then there was one that I received. And this one started me on something. And it happened in a way I had never imagined could happen. You see, I had always been the goody two shoes. I had never had sex, and the furthest I had ever gone in fact was making out. And that wasn't because of my looks. I think that I'm nothing special, but everyone says that I look like a God or something…but heck. I'm only the captain of the football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, track, and hockey teams. And it's not like being Valedictorian is anything that special. But I guess you see what I mean. I could have had anyone I wanted in the school. I just didn't want to.

I'm sitting in the middle of my lunch period, and this voice says 'I wish that I could have sex.' It was a female's voice. And she specified that she wished that it would happen in the next week. I spun around looking for the speaker but saw no one that could have said it. I had thought that I had done a good job at muting the voices. And I wasn't sure what to make of this wish. I finished my lunch quickly and left to study for my next period.


That evening, I had just finished working out as usual, and was sitting at home with no one there to break the silence. I was sitting there with my shirt off and was looking through my telescope at…you guessed it, Stars. And I found myself thinking, 'I want that woman's wish to come true.' Without thinking, I walked away from my telescope and grabbed a sharpie off my desk. I turned and sprinted to the living room, (Yes I have a full sized house.) I went to an empty wall, and drew a symbol. And I have no idea at all what it meant. This was all involuntary and I had no control over my body.

I placed my right palm against it and a searing pain shot up my arm. I pulled my hand away and the mark was gone. I looked at my palm, and saw the exact same thing in reverse. And as if I had been doing this all my life, I thrust my arm towards a window where I could see Stars, and spoke the word, "Hasbern." There was another searing pain, and I pulled my hand in towards me. I looked again and the mark was gone. There was a flash of light, and there was light. I mean it looked like the Sun had just stepped into the room. I wasn't far off. The light dimmed a lot and there was a woman, completely naked, and not lacking in any way. There was a glow about her that I couldn't quite understand.

"You summoned me Sir?" She had the most melodious voice. "Who are you?" I asked this being. "Oh. I'm sorry. You're the new Wisher. I forgot that the last one had died. Wow. You're young; so much younger than that other one. But in answer to your question, I am a Star."

I burst out laughing. I couldn't contain myself. "You…are a Star? And I'm Daredevil," I gasped out. "No you're not. You're Nathan Marks." That shut me up. She new my name. "Here," she spoke once more. "Let me give you the memories of the last Wisher."

She stepped foreword and laid one soft hand on my forehead. And I was hit by wave after wave of memory. I knew that I was what was called a Wisher. I could cause peoples' wishes to come true. And the Stars were my tools. The Stars were still glowing balls of gas, but each one had someone inside it.

She took her hand down and took a step back. "And now you must prove to me that you are the true Wisher." "And how exactly would I do that?" That was the one thing that hadn't been given to me. Her reply was not at all what I expected. "We have sex of course."

Whoa! Stop! Flag on the play... Had she just said that I was supposed to have sex with a Star? I opened my mouth and I was hit by a wave of hot air. My clothes turned to ash where they were. But I was just mildly warm.

And then she was on me. Her lips locked against mine. Her hands were caressing my lower back. I let my hands take their place at her waist. And I kissed her back. I popped my heel back and touched the button that would change the full sized couch into a bed. As soon as it had finished unfolding and the armrests had slid down, I pulled us onto it her first. I slid my mouth down and started kissing her neck. This was further than I had ever gone in the past, but I loved every second of it. I took my tongue and licked up and down her throat. This got a moan of pleasure from her. It looked like even Stars have pleasure.

I moved back up and we were kissing again. I planted my elbows on the bed and my hands found her breasts. I squeezed. And she moaned in just the right way. I licked her lips asking to be let in, and she did. My tongue went everywhere: her tongue, the roof of her mouth, the back of her teeth, everywhere...as did hers. I slid down once more, and I licked her left breast. I licked, and sucked, and squeezed, and I felt her nipple harden. I then moved to her right one. I touched my tongue to her nipple just enough to get it wet. And I blew on it.

And she squealed with the teasing. "Please Nathan. Don't tease me. Just take me. I want you inside me." I conceded without even speaking. I knew that she could tell what I was thinking. I turned all the way around, and put my dick right near her face. The first thing that she did was she rubbed it. Oh and did that feel wonderful. And then she started licking my head. I was the one moaning now.

I then lowered my face to her perfectly clean pussy. I licked the outside of it. I sucked it, I fingered the outside. And then I licked two of my fingers, and stuck them in. She completely let go of my dick with everything and squealed again. Ah. And coming from her, it was the most glorious sound I had ever heard before. I added a third finger and before too long we were both moaning.

I took my fingers out and positioned my face. I jabbed my tongue into her pussy, tasted her insides. She tasted sweet, like warm sugar. I could feel more heat than normal radiating from her now and I knew that she liked this as much as I did.

My tongue looked around a little more, and then I pulled out with my tongue and my dick. I got completely off her and turned around once more. I kissed her once on the lips to calm her, and positioned my dick. I poked my head into her pussy and I heard an intake of breath. I then went the rest of the way in as fast as I could. And she screamed. I slipped into a fluid motion and sooner than not I felt a creeping sensation around my nether regions.

"Marie."(For that was her name as I gathered from the memories) "I'm going to come. I can't hold it in much longer." "Faster," she said. I went faster and faster. I laid down and rubbed her breasts. And I kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me till I was flat on her. I felt her pussy tense, and I felt my shoulder rip out of its socket as she arched. I felt her release just before I did.

We broke off the kiss and we lad there panting. Me still inside of her; cum streaming all over the bed. And that's when my shoulder started hurting. I yelled and swore as I yanked out of her and fell off the bed. She was up in an instant and down next to me. "Stop." I stopped my thrashing. It hurt worse than anything I had felt before. I watched as a mark appeared on her palm. Not much unlike the one I had drawn on the wall. I knew that every mark I transferred, I would be able to summon at will as she did. She placed her warm hand on my shoulder and it snapped into place. I worked it a little and smiled at her. I set the couch to clean itself and took her up to my bed. As we walked up the stairs, I asked her, "When do you have to go?" And she replied, "With the dawn. I have other duties I must attend to."

As we lay there that night, I asked her many questions. I found out that there was only one Wisher at a time, and that I was the best looking and best over all in her opinion of all the Wishers she had had sex with. And she had had them all. I also found out that Wishers can die of neither age nor sickness which pleased me greatly. And then we fell asleep.


It was dawn and I was standing there fully clothed as she stood across the room from me. I looked at her as she went nova again. Becoming as what we see as Stars. As she disappeared, I realized that all my clothes were burned off again. I was going to have to remember that for next time.