So this snippit was a combination of Owl City songs, mashed with dialouge I had been running through my head for a while. The title is from their song, West Coast Friendship. I wanted to do something not as depressing for a change. Hows about some constructive critisism?

It was supposed to be her spot, one that no one knew about; well knew about but never really took advantage of like she had. Just a simple spot of soft emerald grass dressed around the solid oak tree. It stood crooked like an old man with thick arms extending in lumped angles and moss draped like stingy hair. This place was in the back end of a park no one bothered to visit now that their town had gotten the excitement of both a mall AND a Super Wal-Mart. Liza didn't care or either. She was not much of a people person, as far as anyone else would assume. But this park and this tree, was all the company she needed. And right now, that company was currently stolen by some stranger.

Liza didn't notice at first as she marched across the wide open space of the park. She stared at the sky watching the birds danced in the clouds. The wind whistled in her ears as she hummed along to the impromptu song. As she grew closer to the desired location, there something else besides humming and breezes broke that she couldn't quite pinpoint; it too sounded like humming, or singing. Liza looked through the moss and to the shaded area of her tree. Low and behold, some boy was sitting on her tree branch. She clenched her jaw immediately feeling threatened, as if something had been stolen from her. Though in this case, privacy and alone time had been the target.

"Hello," Liza called up standing beneath the thick truck that was only a foot taller than her. A young man sat on it, swinging his leg as large sketch pad sat propped on the other. Two skinny white ear phones were stuck in his ears as synth-pop blasted out of them. It wasn't until he glanced out of his peripheral did he notice Liza beneath him.

"Oh, hi." He said snatching his earphones out, and smiling. "How are you today?"

"Good… thanks," Liza admitted, though slightly confused by his politeness. "Look um, I don't want to be rude, but this is sorta my place."

"You're place?" He asked more surprised, rather than in question form. "So you're Liza?"

She took a step back, raising her eyebrows in high alert. She hadn't introduced herself already, had she? How the hell did he know that? "Who wants to know?" she said, almost harshly.

A small laugh escaped him as he was no longer on the tree trunk and was no standing in front of her. He bent down, pushing the tall grass away from the large root at the foot of the tree only to expose the sloppily carved words: Liza's tree! No one else's! Okay?

"I figured it was a kid that wrote it, so I didn't pay attention. I saw it when I dropped my pencil."

"Yeah, I was like 10 when I carved that." Liza admitted feeling the blood rush to her cheeks.

"I'm Randy, by the way." He announced extending his hand to her. She shook it lightly, and quickly dropping the warm palm. "So what brings you to this neck of the woods?"

For some reason, her jaw clenched again and eyebrows jumped, as it did when she first approached her spot. Meeting new people was something that was probably number forty on her to do list. There was just something about people that turned her off. Maybe it was their impulse for facades, ulterior motives, egos, and attitudes, which completely outweighed all the good Liza would never know about them. There was a time and a place for being social and the one day of the week to herself didn't seem to appetizing. Not to mention the fact that he was really starting to grind on her nerves.

"Well, Randy. I come here to sorta, get my mind off things." She said. Randy stared innocently, listening. "…to be alone."

He nodded, as though truly interested in what she was saying. And then to just ignore the gesture of ' be alone', Randy climbed back to his position on the trunk. He sighed with a smile, leaning back staring straight above. Liza on the other hand blinked in confusion. Just before she could tell him to leave officially, Randy spoke.

"Have you ever noticed how beautiful the sky is?" he asked maybe to Liza, or maybe to anyone or anything. "It just sits up there like a blanket to Earth. God's blanket to His children, depending on how you look at it."

WHAT? Liza thought to herself. Is this kid stoned? He needs to stop worrying about the damned sky and get out of spot before I push him out.

"No. I can't say that I don't worry myself with the sky all too much." She sighed, choosing to reamin semi-polite instead.

"The world is trully a wonderous place,"

There was a sigh from him as Liza just rolled her eyes. This is ridiculous. She cursed to herself sitting against the tree. "So where do you go to school, Liza?"

"University of Tampa." was her reply. "I hate it."

Liza's eyes widened as didn't meant to say that much about herself. There was a scoff up Randy. "You mean to tell me you're going to one of the best school's in the state and you hate it?"

"I don't hate it. It just wasn't my first choice."

"What was your first choice?"

"USC. California. Glorious west coast." she admitted picking at the hole on her shirt. "All I wanted was to get out of this place."

"You will, I know it." Randy assured her.

"Oh how do you know that?"

"It's natural instinct to want somehing. It's human impulse to take it."

"How insightful of you." Liza said cracking a bit of a smile at his attempt to make her feel a little better.

"So I've been told." Randy let out a small laugh. "You look like a California girl anyways."

It had been Liza's knowlege to know that a typical 'California' girl was big boobed, blond, Valley Girl. She was definately not that. A plain Jane, she was self described. Large curly hair, speckled carmel skin, and short limbs shrouded in jeans and a hoodie. "Yeah, okay." she scoffed. "Maybe the East LA kind of California girl, you mean."

Randy turned his head down to look at her, a warm smile slowly growing. "You have an aura about you. One meant for bright sun, blue waters, tall trees, and all that west coast goodness. You can obviously take care of yourself, so that's also a plus."

"You romanticize the idea of California." Liza said shaking her head. "And how do you know that anyways? About my 'aura' or whatever. How do you know that someone else would say I should be in like New York or whatever."

"Because you don't want New York." Randy said as if that completely answered her question.

"Okay." she said. He's so weird. "I don't even know if I'll ever get there." Why am I even going on with this kid. Why isn't he gone yet?

"If I have to take you myself, I will get you there."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really," Randy then shot back. He sat up on the trunk, leaning back far enough to where he was now dangling up side down like a 10 year old would do. He held his shirt down as best he could, his hair falling from his head, exposing his entire face. "I'll take you to California."

"Why?" Liza asked. "You don't even know me."

Randy shrugged. "I like you. You're the only person that's not run away when I get to talking like that."

"How do you know I won't just go now?" she asked standing from her spot as if to prove a point.

"Because you would've left already. And besides. This is your tree. Are you really gonna leave it to me?"

Well. He did have a point.