A/N: I love you even in leaving.

My Nirvana is Filled with Your Kisses

Fresh air still high in Texas sky

Weighed down by thick, lingering remorse

Of losing you, my greatest fear

But today, for an hour, the world cannot take you away

The tree we lay under does not just shade us from sun

But from loneliness, from the wind that blows us in

Opposite directions

You lay a gentle hand on my damp cheek

And with the first soft kiss I wonder if you can hear my thoughts

"Baby, I'm scared."

Because you move your arm around my waist

And hold me tighter, closer, like you won't let me go

And while I press myself against the warmth of your skin

You play me a song with your lips, written gently on my neck

And through my racing heart beat and clandestine sobs I sing back

"Don't ever let me go."

And with a flurry of eyelashes flitting faster

I think to myself I have reached my Nirvana drenched in

The scent of your sweat and locked in the firm of your kiss

And the look in your blue eyes says to me

"I won't ever let you go."


But we both know time doesn't slow down

For patchwork lovers and mismatched pleasures

And still our hour ended, and my Heaven still fell flat

And you rode away from me that day

A kiss on the cheek, and goodbye on the tongue

And now I'm awaiting the day you'll let me rise again