Sorry to anyone who may've been waiting for the next chapter (if anyone). I did have a third and fourth chapter written, but I lost the files when my computer crashed. Since then, I've not found the willpower to rewrite what I lost.

Therefore, I'm placing an indefinitely hiatus on this story. I'm not abandoning this; I'm just giving the story ideas time to fill into my head again.

In the meanwhile, I posted the first three chapters to my NaNoWriMo 2009 project (I reached the goal already!), so please feel free to wander over there to take a look. By the way, that one has currently ten chapters written, and I made sure to save it onto a flashdrive! So again, I'll be over there until I get the creative juices flowing for this story again.

Sorry for the inconveniences! I hope to see you all there!

J. Armstrong.