~A Dark God's Fantasy~

I woke up this morning, not looking forward to school, but when I got there things were different. I pulled up and got out of my car where my friends waited for me. Adriel, who is my best friend walked over to me, she seemed annoyed in a way though I felt like I was in for it.

"Deidra, have you seem him yet? Oh my god, he is fucking bang-able." She said all happily.

I got my bag out of the car, than locked it up. "What are you talking about? I just got here…and why are all the preppy bitches surrounding a guy? That's not new but still."

Adriel just ignored everything I said, and she went on and on about this new guy in school. It didn't matter; I wasn't really listening to her I was in my own world again. Beng, who is my other best friend, well my older brother figure knows when I daze. That's when he punched me in my side lightly; I jumped when he did that.

"Beng, what the hell was that for?" I spit out, with anger.

"You were dazing again, Deidra for once just listen to others." Beng said after Adriel walked away with the rest of our friends to get a better look of the new guy.

I looked at Beng and nodded, as we were walking it started to down pour, all the preppy girls screamed and ran inside so their hair and everything didn't get messed up. Beng walked to the doors not caring about the rain, Adriel as did the same. As I was walking in all drenched, the new guy that was surrounded earlier looked at me and smirked, that sent chills up my spine.

During classes all I could think about was him smirking at me, for some odd reason when I thought about it I had a bad feeling. The bell rang for lunch, I walked in with Beng since I seen him in the halls. He went in line for food, Adriel as well. I just sat at the table with my head down listening to my i-pod. The girls walked up to the new guy, asking for him to sit with them. He just walked by them and sat next to me, I felt someone there but I didn't want to look. That's when he picked up my face and made me look at him dead in his eyes.

Beng and Adriel were walking back to our table when they seen me with him and sat at another table to watch. I just looked at him, as he looked me up and down when he was done I went to hit him, when he grabbed my wrist with the other had he pulled out my i-pod.

"Now, now Deidra that's not nice. You shouldn't hit people." He stated with a smirk on his face still holding my wrist.

"Let me go you fucking ass wipe, before I kick your sorry ass!" I yelled at him not caring that everyone was watching, trying to get my wrist back.

"Deidra you have such a fail mouth I think we should fix that. Oh, and my name isn't ass wipe it's Dunkan. And, you kicking my ass I wouldn't mind that at all, though I warn you you'll pay afterwards. Now, calm down." Dunkan replied whispering in my ear making me shiver a bit and clam down like he said.

"That's a good girl."

For some reason I felt like I was out of my body and watching the whole thing, cause I had no control of my body. While I was like this I took the chance to look this Dunkan guy over. He had long black hair that was tied on his mid back, deep black eyes that you could lose yourself in, black with red muscle shirt that showed he was very built showing some of his tattoo on his arm, dark jeans that were worn down and it fit him well, with some black and white converses. He was a god like creature, too good to be true in his looks.

As I started dreaming about him he nipped on my neck bring me back to the world, he was smirking when I looked at him.

"My Deidra, what naughty thought you were thinking, we should make them come true. Every single one of those thoughts will come true, my Deidra." He breathing in my ear and nipping at the bottom telling me this.

The bell rang for the end of school; I got up and ran to my car, not pay attention to my friends. It was still storming; the rain was coming down harder than this morning, once in my car I started for home. Little down the road, Dunkan appeared in my passenger seat, I freaked out and curved off the road into the woods. Dunkan was smirking at me when the car came to a stop.

"What the fuck are you? How did you…?" I looked at him, too scared to move.

"Well, well my Deidra, I am the God of Destruction."

"But, gods they don't…" I said in a low tone.

"Oh, but they do. And you're the one I been looking for, my one true lover." Dunkan said sincerely, with passion.

I didn't know what to do; I just sat there quietly, when I felt him bring me in the back seat with him.

My breathing picked up, I didn't know what to do. "Dunkan, what do you think you're doing?" I asked.

He didn't say a word, he was breathing on my neck kissing lightly. "Relax my Deidra and enjoy it," as he continued on my neck lifting up my shirt taking it off.

I moved under him, trying to get away, but that didn't help much. He kisses down my chest, taking off my bra exposing me. I blushed as he continues, moaning lightly as he sucked on my one nipple playing with the other teasing me. Then trailed down to my pant-liner and took them off slowly, I blushed more. Once he was happy with what he was seeing, he took off my panties with his teeth making my let out a sigh. Dunkan was smirking more then we took a good look at me.

"Now are you the most beautiful creature I've ever seen." As he ran his finger nail down my chest to my clit, I was blushing even more, as he toyed with me.

Rubbing my clit with his one hand playing with my breast with the other had me moaning. He loved seeing me in pleasure; it brought a smirk to his face. He inserted one finger getting a feel around, making me shift under him. My cell phone was going off it was my parents but I just let it ring. Moaning slightly as he feels around making me wetter, I started grinding against him making him go faster. He smirked and let go of my breast and held down my hips while inserting two more fingers as he picked up the paste, making me moan more, trying to grind but can't. Dunkan smirked and started rubbing his hard-on against me as he continued. I couldn't take it much more; I took off his shirt, then his pants, and finally his boxers.

He took out his fingers and held up my hips and slammed into me, making me scream his name. My nail dug into his back as he held onto my hips slamming into me, I started to moan louder. When a flash light came into the back window at us, and the figure looked like my father.

"Deidra!" A loud and angry voice came to the door trying to open it.