"It's so short!" I exclaimed as I ran my fingers through my stylish new haircut.

"You're so cute Kazu." Aki leaned over and kissed me by surprise as I was brushing off stray hair. I turned away shyly in time to see a disgusted look on the hairsylist's face. Ah. That reminds me of what cutting all my hair off meant.

Usually when me and Akihiko were out and about we were seen as a man and a woman. But Z is gone and while that makes me very happy, I'm scared of the backlash. Will the general public be as accepting seeing me and Akihiko hold hands down ths treet as they were when my hair was long and I wore Make up? It'd be foolish of me to think so.

Then there's my family. I'm sure my mom will be very happy that I chopped of my long locks, but what about Atsuko and Dad? Atsuko's favorite thing to do is playing with my hair, and Dad is always going on and on about how beautiful it was. Hideki must have saw my anguish. "It looks great, Kazuhiko. It really does.." I smiled. "Thanks Hideki."

" C'mon, let's go get somewhere to eat." I nod excitedly. Hideki walks a little bit ahead of us, but kept loooking back aand smiling at us, like a child looking at his parents in love. I did recognize some of the looks we were getting. No more jealousy, when we were a good looking hetero couple. More like jealousy because they could never get us, because we don't swing that way. To be honest, I liked it. OH! I just realized something.

" Aki, I can't go to school as a girl . I mean, this haircut is to short to pass for Z." He just shrugged. "So?" "But what if they like, beat me up or something?" "Kazu, most of the male population at our school spent the last year or so drooling over a boy. I think they'll be preoccupied trying to wrap their heads around that. And for the girls, they'll be to busy drooling over the new you. Plus at least now I know there's no chance for them with you." I shook my head. "There wasn't any chance with the guys."

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