Cold Rage coldly burning brightly
slowly brushing through me
over me
in me

teeth and tongues tasting
licking, nipping, nibbling
pervsity's seductive lover
kissing and caressing

with ice inside me

eating me away from the inside out


my mind breaks apart inside it
shattered like glass darkly painted blood
sweetness tipping my tongues

sharp razors at my hands
slashing into flesh
delicious anticipation

delightful numbness
hiding me

urging me

testing me

need. want. desire.

shrouds of embers
boiling in my veins
siring crimson light
suffusing my eyes

aching in me

for violent release

teasing my heatstrings with
melodies of nothingness;
empty emotions playing

concertos and symphonies
weaving artiste's
tapestries of standing along

memories taunting thought's shadow
easing knives and assassins into my morality

killing softly that fiber of me
the dance I dance flashing
silver steel in my mind

blades and edges craving

to be drawn;
to taste bloody pain

act after act of tragedy
tantalizing me with catharsis of nothing

there is nothing

i feel nothing

nothing is there when I look inside


except for the creeping chill
overtaking me

inevitably; inexplicably

dissolving me

until I explode.