Invisible Girlfriend

Summary: She was in love. Her boyfriend was the star basketball player and he said he loved her too. Then how come he doesn't want anyone to know about their relationship?

By: CherryTwister

Amanda sat in the back of the bleachers watching her boyfriend score the winning basket. The buzzer went off and everyone leaped off the bleachers in excitement. Western High was ranked first in the state and was undefended. Amanda sat quietly eyeing the celebration. After a few minutes passed she sighed and got up. Her footsteps echoed down the dark hallway and she leaned against a locker, which had become their meeting place after a game. She saw her boyfriend walking down the hallway with a huge smile on his face and she couldn't help but smile back.

"Baby, did you see that shot?" He smiled and put his hands on her upper arms. She leaned into him and looked up.

"Yeah, I saw it." She whispered and their lips crushed together. He ran his hand through her hair and they stayed like that for a few seconds until he pulled away.

"The guys are going to celebrate, so I'll see you later."

"Tony, can we talk." Why can't I go with you? Was the only thought running through her mind. They had been secretly dating for a year and it was starting to eat her up inside. At first it was really neat dating the hottest guy in the school. It was fun having a secret from everyone else, but the fun faded fast. Amanda hated how he pretended he didn't know her in the hallway and openly flirted with every girl in school.

"I have to go, baby. Love you." He gave her a deep kiss and then walked away.

"Love you too." She whispered and watched him walk away. If he really loved me why couldn't he let everyone know?

Amanda sat in her bed reading a book for her English class. She looked over at her alarm clock that read Twelve. She had waited up hours for Tony, but he had yet to show up. She sighed and then decided it was probably for the best that he didn't show up tonight. He was probably so drunk that he couldn't even remember her name. She got up to shut off her light when she heard a knock on the window. She opened the window and let Tony in.

"Sorry, I'm late Panda." He smiled as he said her pet name.

"Tony, I'm tired maybe you should go." She lied.

"Sorry, I guess should have called first. Climbing up a tree seemed much more romantic at the time though." He winked at her.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" He whispered in her ear and wrapped his arms around her.

"Once or twice," She smiled up with him and their lips locked. They molded together and fell into her bed.

"You really should leave, Tony. What if my parents came in right now?" She questioned and ran her hand through his short dark hair.

"That would be awkward." He agreed and got up.

"See you tomorrow, Panda." He kissed her goodbye and climbed out the window. She watched him climb down the tree and then went back to bed. She truly loved Tony she just wished they could have a normal relationship.

She watched him walk down the hallway with his teammates. They passed her and he didn't even look her way. She had tried to ask him several times why he didn't want anyone to know about their relationship, but he never gave her any clear cut reason. She knew their relationship was screwed up, but she didn't want to believe it was doomed. She really cared for him and she knew in his weird way he really cared about her too. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She counted to five and then started walking towards her English class.

She hugged her books tightly to her chest as she walked into her English class. She passed Tony sitting next to his teammates. He looked up at her as she passed. He gave her a wink that she knew no one saw, but her. She smiled and sat down at her normal seat in the back of the class.

That's when she noticed a blond boy sitting in the other corner of the room.

"Class we have a new student." He teacher announced looking at the boy Amanda just noticed.

"Class this is Matt Miller." The teacher added.

"Hi," Matt said in a monotone voice.

"Does anyone have any questions?" He teacher asked scanning the class.

"Yes, when is our research paper due?" A girl's voice asked.

"That's not what I meant, Kelly." He nodded.

"Sorry," She apologized. Amanda looked over at the boy and he didn't even seem to be paying the class any attention.

"No questions for Matt? Okay, turn your books to page 108." The teacher sighed.

Once English class was over Amanda watched Tony and his teammates walk out of the classroom. Then she got up and left. Once she was outside the classroom someone bumped into her from the side and her books went flying.

"Watch where you are going," one of Tony's teammates sneered at her.

"You bumped into me." She told him and started to pick up her books. He started to say something, but Tony came up behind him and shut him up. Tony bent down and grabbed some of her books.

"You are going to have to forgive Vince. He is such a klutz. I don't know how he hangs on to the basketball long enough to pass it to me. Why don't you help this lady with her books." He told Vince.

"Thanks," She whispered to him. It was nice having him notice her in school.

"No, problem." He smiled at her.

She watched as Tony walked away and then turned to go to her locker. She noticed the new boy staring at her, but she kept walking

"I knew you would be here." Amanda felt Tony's strong arms around her. She waited for him at their special spot. It was the spot he had taken her on their first date. She smiled as she thought back to that summer night.

"Where are we going?" Amanda asked Tony and she shifted in her seat. She refused to take her eyes off Tony for a second because she was afraid he would disappear and she would realize she had dreamt the whole thing. He drove his truck past a sign that said Winterford Park and then he pulled into a parking spot next to a basketball court. Tony jumped out of the truck and went to the passenger's side and opened the door for Amanda.

"This is where my dad took me to play basketball as a kid. I won my first tournament here and this was the last place I saw my dad before he died." He told her and grabbed her hand.

"I've always wanted to bring someone special here with me." He smiled down at her and their lips meet.

"What are you thinking about?" Tony asked her and she was taken away from her thoughts. She sighed and smiled.

"The first time you brought me here." She said

"I knew one day I'd bring someone real special here." He grinned and gave her a kiss.

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