(idea stolen from kaybelf)

since my life started on the 23rd of december, i guess i'll start there. an update. a reviewing of circumstances.

december(the twentythird, to be exact): i was convinced that i didn't have to live my life opressed and stifled. i was freed.

january: i was still a caterpillar but i was being fed, finally. i got fat off of all the fun and the freedom and the love.

february: i was free but i couldn't shake the sadness. (feb22: i met one of the best friends i've ever had.)

march: i couldn't shake the bad habits.

april: everything was so new to me. i was wrapping myself into my chrysallis. starting at the brain, working my way down.

may: i'd gotten down to wrapping up my feet and i was feeling it. i was feeling so free. and i was still trying to figure everything out.

june: i wrapped up my heart, and that was all of me. i started my metamorphisis.

july: my wings started to form. i wasn't so gelatinous anymore, and as far as i knew, the sadness had dissipated.

august(now): i am still becoming what i need to be. i'm learning and experiencing and compiling. i am happier than i have ever been.


and, at the risk of sounding like a pothead kook, this is the most spiritual i've ever felt.
i do not believe in god, and i do not harbor a religion. however, i am in the hands of something bigger than i can ever imagine.

it's beautiful.