All Again For You 4

The transport failed.

That was the only reason that could sum up as to why and how he found himself in the middle of a scene that looked like it directly came out of a drama the humans so fondly enjoy. Except that the eyes of the girl that were tied together were too terrifyingly real to be made up. She was undeniably frightened, and that, more than anything else, beckoned to him on a deeper level.

He consoled himself with the actions that overcame him thereafter. He was merely doing the job: to protect. He refused to acknowledge that first and foremost he acted on pure instinct. The instinct to save her, to shield her from the harm that was threateningly close to swallowing her whole. It was just the job, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

So why on earth couldn't he get those hazel eyes out of his mind?

He shook his head to forget about those eyes as he moved towards the meeting place. He shouldn't have trusted the sorceress. He could've just teleported himself to the assemblage far faster with lesser hassle. He had the skill, didn't he? Why did the higher power have to require teamwork? Actually, that wasn't really the concern. He had no problem with teamwork. The better question would be why did the higher power have to include the witch? Surely there must be a greater purpose other than simple teamwork. If that was the case, the people necessary for the mission could've just been him and the other Guardian. They've been partners for years—a huge understatement—and they're teamwork was, by far, the best anyone could ever encounter. He pondered over this as he entered the threshold.

And was immediately greeted with five pairs of eyes. One of those pairs- a pure arctic blue- was currently as cold as the place itself.

"Where were you?" she greeted venomously. He passed by her, nodded at the others, and took his place in the circle.

He slanted her a look. "I think I should be the one asking you that, seeing as you're responsible for the transport."

She hissed at him. "How do I know you didn't purposely sabotage it to mess me up?"

"Do I have to? Obviously, you can do that very well on your own."

Those blue eyes, if possible, became colder than it already was. The Warrior, another point in the circle, held up a hand.

"Stop. You aren't sent here to bicker like teen-agers." It was clear that the witch was about to object, but chose to swallow the venom instead. "We are all here for a specific mission of high importance. For that matter, we need the team work. We have no time to throw insults-" at this the Warrior both looked at him and the Sorceress pointedly"-at each other. Is that understood?"

The Sorceress aimed him a look of restrained fury, but nodded. The Warrior looked at him in question. He only inclined his head. Yes, he understood. He'd do the job without any distractions.

The Oracle, another main point, looked at all of them. "Now that that's resolved, I would just like to remind all of you that this is the most important mission you will ever come across. We all know that. Perform it to the best of your ability in order to insure a higher rate of succession. We need all that we can."

Everyone in the circle nodded. "Very well. Let's move."


She dreamed of Jinor's pudgy hands caressing her, of his breath on her skin, his lips leaving a hideous trail of grime and saliva on her face. Then the dream faded, shimmered, and focused on forest-green eyes that managed to both mesmerize and calm her. But the memory of what happened refused to be tamped down; it surged up and grabbed her by the throat. She woke up, sweat falling from her brows and heart hammering furiously away at her ribcage. Panic surged up once again, and she frantically checked her surroundings. Almost immediately, the panic that she was feeling died out and was replaced with a dull shock as she realized where she was. Confusion tore through the raging horror; she got up and started pacing in the living room as she tried to reassess.

She couldn't have dreamt what happened. Everything was too tangibly real, and if she closed her eyes, the dreadfulness that she felt when Jinor had tried executing his vile and drunken plan welled up once again and made her palms dampen and her mouth dry. But how did he she got back in her house? Those forest-green eyes flashed again in her memory, and she frowned.

"So he was real..." Her frown deepened. She only had a vague impression of his face for it was his eyes that drew all of her attention. She wondered if it was his doing that she was now back in the house, safe and sound. But how did he even know where she lived? And where did he even go? She didn't even get to thank him from saving her from Jinor. She stopped. What did happen to the bastard?

Her questions were cut off as she heard the doorbell ring. Briefly, she wondered who was ringing it as she went to open the door, only to feel her mind blank out as those same forest-green eyes that she couldn't seem to get rid from her mind met hers.

It was amazing, how one person could shock you speechless and turn your brain to mush. She never believed anyone could render her speechless, and indeed have prided herself in knowing that no one ever could affect her like that. But here was a guy she had only met once, and through a very strange circumstance at that, and she lost her ability to think. It was probably just because of a huge sense of gratitude that she felt she owe him. Though undoubtedly, she thought as her mind began to function again, the guy's godly looks did play a part.

"Rhi?" Rhianne turned her head to the voice calling her. "Rhi!"

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

Get a grip on yourself Rhianne. She nodded in response, but never kept her eyes off him. "Yes. Who," she swallowed a bit. He didn't seem to mind getting stared at; as a matter of fact, he stared right back at her with the same intensity.

"Who what?" Chris asked, but he was looking at both of them alertly.

Rhianne tried her voice again, trying to be discreet in the process. Or as discreet as possible given her earlier failure of an attempt. "Your friend, I mean. Who is he?"


"Hey guys! What's- oh. Woah." The fact that the ever-energetic and direct Erin stumbled more than a little when she saw him provided serious comfort to Rhianne. Obviously she wasn't the only one experiencing the effects, but then she realized he wasn't the only one there. There was actually another person with him, and though Erin indeed stopped at the sight of him, the other person was really the one that made her halt.

Faith cleared her throat at the awkward silence forming. At the moment, Rhianne felt eternally grateful. "Rhi, Erin, these are Drew Allister and Declan Gainsforth. They're our friends from way back when we were kids. They're going to stay with us for the entire vacation before going to college, just to catch up." Turning to Drew and Declan, she gestured towards Rhianne and Erin. "Drew, Declan, meet Rhianne Clearwater and Erin Sarawasti, our best friends."

The one named Declan, a guy of black hair with eyes of such interesting colors—a mix of green and black—with the apparent ability to steal any woman's breath smiled, and his smooth, aristocratic features took on an angelic and paralyzing effect. "Wonderful to meet you ladies," he greeted with the most soothing British accents she had ever heard. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Erin swoon. She grinned, but the grin froze as she saw the green-eyed angel grin as well. It infuriated her to know that her heart actually skipped a beat at the sight, but the guy was simply too handsome, it was astoundingly surreal. Whereas Declan could steal women's breaths, Drew had the ability to make women's hearts stop.

He stopped grinning, glanced at her, and put on a polite smile. He had almost the same aristocratic features as Declan, except his hair was a shade darker than her own, wavy where Declan's was straight. His lips were perfectly wide and luscious and—she almost closed her eyes. Dear god, was she actually going to start using the word 'perfect' to describe him? Internally, she shook her head. No. She would not.

"I'm glad you're alright now," he told, addressing her. Everyone's attention zeroed in on them.
"Alright?" Erin leaned closer, her pixie-like face full of curiosity. "Why wouldn't she be alright? And you guys met before?"

Before Rhianne could decide on whether or not she should inform them of what happened, Drew, with his eyes still on her, answered the question. "Some guy tried to rape her yesterday."

A chorus of shocked What?! erupted. "She was lucky I was around the vicinity and heard her cry for help," he continued.

"Oh my god, my baby!" Faith came beside her, took Rhianne's right hand and sandwiched it with her own, while looking at her with evident concern. "What happened?!"

Chris cracked his knuckles, face dark. "Did you get to id the bastard Rhi?"


"I believe his name was Jinor," inserted Drew, his face impassive.

More curses, punctuated by Chris furiously pulling out his cell phone and dialing someone. Erin was now also behind Rhianne, murmuring words of comfort. Erin was holding her left hand while spitting out vile curses and Faith seemed to be trying to stop herself from doing the same. Out of the corner of her eye, Rhianne saw Declan, the poor guy, observing and absorbing everything silently, while Drew continued to watch her unerringly.

Chris slammed his phone shut. "Neo's coming. We're going to fucking kill the—"

Suddenly feeling tired and quite overwhelmed, Rhianne closed her eyes and held up a hand. "You're not going to harm him Chris. Neither you or Neo are not going to get in trouble because of this."

"We won't."

The scary thing was, Rhianne was pretty sure Chris was speaking of the truth. She didn't know how they'd accomplish it, but she was sure they could take revenge for her and mess up Jinor quite reasonably without ever going under the law's radar. Shrugging off the chill that began to creep up her spine, she shook her head. "No, just don't do it. Nothing-"

"Nothing?" His tone became flat. "You must be shitting me here. If Drew didn't find you, do you think 'nothing' would still have happened?"

A nasty headache began throbbing in her head. "But nothing did happen. Just let it go Chris. Please." Absent-mindedly, she began massaging her forehead. "I really don't want to linger in this or make the situation worse. I'm sure what happened wasn't his intention at all."


"Respect her decision Chris," said Faith in her usual calm voice, yet steel was clearly in it. "If she deems it unnecessary to go seek revenge from him, then so it is. For now," she grabbed Rhianne by the arm gently but firmly, "Rhi needs rest." Turning to Rhianne, she patted her hand reassuringly. "I'll take care of you now sweetheart. Don't worry about a thing." Rhianne smiled at her faintly, gratitude visible on her face as she allowed Faith to tug her inside the house. Chris, Drew, and Declan watched silently.

A few seconds later, Erin spoke up. "I think you should let it go for now Chris. It's highly infuriating, I know. I myself want to beat up that piece of garbage, but if that's what Rhi wants, then we really have no right opposing it." With that, Erin dashed inside to join them.

Chris exhaled a sigh of frustration. Declan clamped a hand on his shoulder.

"Sometimes, justice can't be served, no matter how badly you want to."

Drew, with his hands in his pockets, shrugged. "There are always ways."

Declan shook his head. "Not always." It only earned another shrug from Drew. "Since it's about night anyway, and this seemed to have been a long day, why don't we go out for a drink? You better inform Neo too. I bet he'd be just as aggravated as you are one he finds out Rhianne's decision."

Chris sighed. "You're right." He looked at Drew. "Thank you. For saving her."

"Don't mention it. It's part of the job description."

Christ stared for a second longer, and then nodded. "Sorry you guys had to have this welcome. I didn't realize-"

Declan cut him short. "It's alright. We understand. Let's go then."

As they walked towards the car, Drew lingered for a minute more, thinking of the brunette with tired hazel eyes inside the house. Fate sure had a way, he thought before joining Chris and Declan.


That night, the circle formed once again in a remote place. To a random passer-by, the 'circle' was merely a group of teenagers. But it was more than that, for the group carried a mission that they were determined to fulfill no matter what.

The Sorceress spoke up. "I did not realize you and 'The Annihilator' already met," she stated. Her blonde hair contrasted against the darkness and shone under the moonlight. Her features, however, were barely visible; only the hair and those arctic blue eyes were discernible in the darkness.

This was answered by The Guardian with a shrug. "I did not realize it was her."

The Sorceress snickered. "How could you not? I thought you were the best, or did they overrate you?"

"Don't your crystal balls and boiling pots tell you the answer to that witch?"

The Warrior raised a hand impatiently. "Enough. Control yourselves."

He smirked humorlessly. "Like how you effectively controlled yourself earlier Warrior?"

A light sparked, but it was quickly put out by the Oracle. "Cease. We are a team. Bickering like this is nonsense and provides no advantage. Remember that we are here for what may be the most important and dangerous mission that we will ever encounter. Turning against each other, and at such an early stage, will only cause dissension and can lead to downfall."

"I apologize," said the Warrior, but his fists were clenched. Beside him, the Healer touched his arm to sooth him.

"Apology accepted. What about you Guardian?"

A second passed, then The Guardian uttered a quiet, "Understood."

Black eyes lingered on green for an instant before looking away. "Good. Carry on with the mission."

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