There was only one

One star tonight

I looked and searched

But found none

And as I sit atop the hood of my mothers car

I can't help but wonder

Will this be the last star I see?

To not see the stars

Would shake the core

Of my very being

It seemed lonely

And suddenly I felt as if

I could relate to that star

It was twinkling with all its might

But the moon

Who has graced us

With her light

Seemed much greater in comparison than the poor star

I watched that star

For nights and nights

Shining and twinkling with all its might

Then one day

It flickered

It flickered and flickered

Then it was gone

And then there was none

By time that the star has already gone

And others had replaced it

I realized that we are all stars

Shining with all of our might

Trying to out-shine others

And when we finish shining

We fade

And then there come more

Like a embryo in a womb

Its like a protostar


That wont be the last star I see

That baby on the street wont be the last baby I hear

This day will pass

As will tomorrow

And the next day

And we'll get pass them all

Hands held

And smiles on our faces

The stars will continue to twinkle

While someone's making love on their couch

Or someone is painting the next Mona Lisa

Because that's just what we do

We get by

Sue Ng 'We are Stars' © Copyright