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1. Love

As I walked home with my best friend Lily one midwinter afternoon my mind was somewhere other than the juicy gossip she was dishing out. Green eyes hovered in my mind as a cold wind blew snow into my face.

"Are you even listening to me Anna?" She asked, one hand moving to rest on her hip. I shook my head to clear it and nodded. "Liar. You were thinking about your boyfriend."

With the hand that wasn't currently gripping two binders I lightly shoved the girl into a snow bank. "He's not my boyfriend and you know it."

"But you wish he were." She batted her thick eyelashes teasingly up at me. "You'd make a good couple. I mean, you finish each other's sentences and everything."

I shrugged. "We've been best friends for too long. It'd just be weird." And it would be. The two of us had known each other since before kindergarten. If I had wanted to date him I would have done so long ago, not halfway through our last year of high school. 'But those eyes.' I caught myself thinking before I scolded myself and turned my attention back to Lily.

"So, as I was asking you while you were planning your future with Markus, are you free to hang out this afternoon?"

Shaking my head I adjusted my large green purse on my shoulder. "It's Thursday, Movie Night with Mark." It was our tradition. Of course, it had previously been every Friday evening when we were both done with dinner but then high school came along and we both had significant others and dates planned.


My house was warm as I stepped in and took my Converse off. Setting my books down on the kitchen table I read the note my mother had left for me. Quickly making myself a steaming mug of hot chocolate, I sat down with a bowl of trail mix and started my homework.

Halfway through my Calculus worksheet there was a knock at the glass door leading out onto the deck that overlooked our backyard. I looked up and saw Markus hunched over in the cold. "Thanks." He said as I opened the door and stepped aside to let him in. "It's freezing out there."

He grabbed my half empty mug of hot chocolate from the table and took a long drink. "Hey!" I reached for it but he lifted a muscular arm and turned, finishing off my beverage. "Meany, you could have asked." I mock pouted.

"Didn't have the time." He shrugged and leaned against the wall. I rolled my eyes and sat back down. "Anyway, I just swung by to tell you that I'm not going to be able to make it to Movie Night. I've got plans with Sara."

I wrinkled my nose in distaste. Years ago Sara and I had been friends but something happened in middle school and she turned into a slut. Her short skirts and low cut tops caught the eyes of every boy in school. "Look, I know how you feel about her but could you please be civil around her, for me?" He looked at me with sad eyes and a stuck out lower lip. "Please? I'd love you forever."

My heart skipped a beat. I passed it off as awkwardness and agreed. "But I get bragging rights when it turns out she's just using you."

Before I knew it I had the breath knocked out of me as Markus gathered me up in a bear hug. "Not gonna happen. This is different." The smile on his face almost made me believe it. Halfway out the door he stopped and turned back to me. "I'll make it up to you, I swear." For a moment I had no idea what he was talking about. "Are you free Saturday?" I nodded. "Alright, you, me, and a stack of scary movies then. My basement, be there." Laughing I shut the door behind him and returned to my school work.


A month and a half into their relationship and I was starting to doubt that I'd ever get those bragging rights. Whenever I saw them together I could see that Sara really did seem interested in him for reasons other than his body and he reciprocated those feelings. Our friendship, however, was another thing I was starting to worry about.

Markus and Sara always seemed to have plans on Thursday evenings and everytime Markus tried to make it up to me he ended up having plans then too. It felt as if I hardly ever saw him anymore.

One afternoon as I was watching television and munching on popcorn I heard a knock on the back door. The only person who ever used that door was Markus. I set my popcorn down on the coffee table and opened the door. "Hello, is Anna in?" Laughing I punched him lightly on the shoulder. "Anna? Is that you?" He peered at me closely with his startling green eyes. "Wow, I haven't seen you in so long I must've forgotten what you look like."

"You're so weird."

He shrugged and rubbed his gloved hands together. "You just figured that out?" He raised an eyebrow and I shook my head. "No, I've known. I just like to remind you."

"Listen, its perfect snowman snow." He looked at me expectantly. "Please?"

"Do you even have to ask?" I ran into the sitting room and turned the television off. Grabbing two hats, a pair of gloves, and two long scarves I joined him out in my backyard.

Markus looked at the extra hat and scarf. "Is your imaginary friend joining us this afternoon?"

Honestly, I loved him like a brother but sometimes he could be so thickheaded. "They're for the snowman dummy."


Half an hour later we had a giant snowman standing in the middle of my backyard. I looked down at the scarf hanging over the snow covered deck rail.

With the scarf wrapped around as well as we could get it and two large sticks for arms I ran back inside to get some food. I brought three oranges, two apples, a carrot, and a stick of celery. When we were done the two of us stepped back and admired our creation. He stood just a few inches taller than me and wider than the two of us standing shoulder to shoulder. Three oranges trailed down the middle as buttons while apple eyes stared down at us. A carrot nose stuck out over a celery pipe.

"I think we did a pretty good job." Markus said, smiling at our man made of snow. I nodded in agreement, a snowball hidden behind my back. Markus bent down to pick up his discarded gloves. With careful aim I hit him square on the back as he straightened up.

Laughing, he scooped up a good amount of snow in his large hands and started to mold it. Seeing my impending doom I ran around to the front of the house, laughing and screaming. "You can run but you can't hide!" I heard his voice from the side of the house.

Hiding around the corner with a snowball in hand I waited for him to come running past me. As the moments passed and all fell silent I dropped the snowball and returned to the backyard where Markus was picking up his scarf and gloves from the deck railing.

"Sorry." He said. "I forgot I have a date with Sarah today. I'll catch you tomorrow." I nodded as I watched him leave, head hung low.


Over the next two weeks I didn't see Markus at all. He avoided me in the hallway and never came by my house anymore. Every Thursday I found myself sitting alone in my living room with a small bowl of popcorn watching a blank television screen.

One particular Thursday evening I decided to screw it and decided to curl up on the couch and read my book instead. It wasn't as if Markus was going to suddenly ditch his girlfriend just to hang out with me.

Tears prickled in my eyes as I opened the novel to where I had left off. The only thing that had certainly come from Markus going out with Sarah was me realizing that I didn't just want to be his best friend anymore.

Minutes passed by unchecked and I found that I had been reading the same passage over and over again. Closing the book, I stood and stretched my stiff arms. No matter how many nights I stayed up until 11:11 PM my wish just wasn't going to come true. I trudged up the stairs and threw my book onto the wooden desk pushed up against the wall next to my door.

Out my window I watched as the sun set in dark reds, oranges, and purples. Colored clouds floated lazily along the horizon. My breath fogged up the glass that sat mere centimeters from my nose. With a steady finger I drew a perfect heart in the condensation only to watch it fade away seconds later.

From the horizon I turn my gaze to the journal hiding behind my white bookcase. I easily pulled it out, along with the purple pen nestled in its pages, and closed my door. As I flipped to the next blank page I reread some of the entries I had made over the last few months.

Pen met paper and soon everything I was feeling was spelled out before me. Confusion and love colored the purple words in different shades and made everything seem so much clearer than it had been in my head. Tucking my journal away I changed into lounge pants and pulled my blankets up to my chin, shivering slightly.


It wasn't until two Thursday's later that I got to see Markus again. I had already settled down on the couch with my book and started to read. The knock on the backdoor pulled me back to reality and I had found Markus standing at the backdoor with a small box of my favorite chocolates. "Forgive me?" He held out the candy.


"Being stupid." He stepped inside and I shut the door behind him.

"I'm used to it." I said, setting the box down on the counter. "Why are you here?"

"It is Thursday, isn't it?" He looked at the calendar handing on the wall.

"But don't you have a girlfriend to go see?" I asked.

A thoughtful look settled upon his face. "Last time I checked I didn't." He finally said. "She was forcing me to pick between you and her." He explained when I looked at him skeptically. "It finally put things in perspective for me."

"What things?" My heart started to pound.

Markus looked uncertain for a moment. "Just, you know, things." He opened the cabinet and grabbed a bag of popcorn. "Anyway, what happened to Movie Thursdays?" He asked.

"I gave up on them as soon as you stopped hanging out with me." I said, head hanging low.

He sighed. "I'm really sorry about that Anna." His hand rested heavily on my shoulder. "But don't worry, I'm sure my next girlfriend will understand that Thursday's are sacred."

His next girlfriend? He already had one in mind? My heart fell and my vision blurred. Just my luck. I got myself stuck in the middle of a typical love story with a guy I can't have. 'Just let him go.' My mind told me. 'Let him go before he hurts you anymore.'

I knew that it was the logical thing to do but deep inside I was afraid that as soon as I did, he'd catch on and it'd be too late.

"So are we gonna do this or what?" Markus held up a movie and the popped bag of popcorn. I nodded and followed him over to the sofa.

During the movie it seemed like everytime I looked over at Markus he seemed to get a little closer. By the end we were nearly touching. I stood up and turned off the television. When I turned back to return the DVD he was no longer sitting on the couch but standing right behind me.

"Here you go." I said, handing him the movie.

He smiled and took the disk. "Are you free to hang out tomorrow after school?" He asked.

"No." I walked with him to the back door. "I cost twenty dollars on Fridays."

"You're such a dork." Markus laughed. "But seriously, I'm falling behind in Calculus and I could really use your help." He begged as he slipped his shoes on.

I sighed dramatically. "Yeah, I guess I can find the time to help you."


The next day after school I dumped my purse on the table and headed for the phone. As I passed the sliding glass door I froze and backtracked. Stuck to the outside of the glass was a note.

"Follow the trail to a special surprise." I read and opened the door. On the ground there was a Hershey Kiss, a few inches away another, and then another.

I followed the candies all the way to Markus' backdoor where I saw him standing with a single red rose. "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on," He started as I stopped in front of him with a handful of chocolate kisses, "would you do me the honor of being my girl?"

He placed the rose in my free hand while I stood there and looked at him like an idiot. I had half a mind to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn't a dream but found that I didn't have a hand to do so with. "Y-Yes." I finally stuttered as I realized that this was all real. "Yes I'd love to!"

The rose and chocolates fell to the ground as Markus pulled me into a warm hug. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this." He said as he pressed his soft lips against mine.

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