Please bear with me. I wrote this with a friend. We took turns writing parts and it might lose you. Enjoy!

That night, it was raining and the wind blew through the eerie, leafless trees.

I looked around me at the sputtering fires and the gleaming skulls that seemed to leer at me from where they were stationed in a circle.

I was scared...but I kept on going, there was something that drew me closer.

I tried to make my feet stop, I didn't want to go farther, but the wizened old man smiled at me in not an entirely nice way and beckoned me closer with the wave of his shrivled hand that clutched at the handle of a rather wicked looking knife.

The wind picked up and I felt a chill down my spine; the feeling that I would soon be one of those gleaming skulls.

For such an old man he had a strong grip as he gripped my arm and turned me towards the bloddy alter where I had seen my friends end their lives.

He was a sick man and held tighter as I tried to break free from his hand.

He glared at me, all warmth gone and scowled saying, "You should have thought about this before you summoned me from my tomb."

"But...I knew nothing of you...I didn't know I was anywhere near a tomb. I didn't wish to wake you from your eternal slumber," I say, panicked.

Then he gave me this grin that seemed to take up his whole face and I half expected it to break in half. "Ahh, but you did know. Why else were you roaming around in this part of the forest at this hour? You remembered from another time."

"Another time?" I asked. "But...when?"

He laughed a laugh that left shivers down my spine. "In your last life you were once my apprentice, before you imprisoned me." He indicated the alter that shone red from the blood and fire. "These were my fellows that had turned against me. The one that you knew as Jake was actually your lover, Mandrake."

As he says this, memories come back to me. I remember the man. I remember Mandrake who was killed because of him. I remember why I imprisoned the old, decrepit man.

I glared at him. "You killed him!" I tryed to punch him, but with one wave of his hand I couldn't move. "You sonofabitch you killed him!"

I stay frozen, continuing to glare. "Why did you kill him?" I plead to know.

He waved his hand as if the matter didn't matter. "I told you that fidelity is key for you to use your magic, but you threw it away for a man that wasn't even fit enough to lick your shoes."

I feel it in me...the magic...I believe he is wrong about the magic. I focus and concentrate on breaking the old man's hold. "He was fit enough for me!"

The look on the old man's face is pricless as my fingers start to twitch. A look of disbielif crosses his sharp features as my hand balls into a fist. I grin at him. "I think you were wrong about the infidelity thing."

I feel a sudden power in me and i force him against a tree. "How can you do this? You should be incapable of such things..." he says.

"I think the whole infedelity thing you pushed down my throat was something you just made up because you were jelous of me and Mandrake." I shook the front of his robe. "I think you were jelous because someone loved me, but there was no one to love you."

"How could I be jealous of two, young fools in love? I have had no reason for love...and never will." the old man says. "
"How could you never find that?" I ask. "You really WERE jealous of what we had..."

While we debated about his jealously I forgot about the knife in his hand and he tryed to stab me in the back with it.

But, he only scraped{though I'm not saying that didn't hurt} me because I moved fast and found a weapon of my own.

I whispered a prayer of forgivness to my dead frinds and grabbed one of their legs that lay discarded at the side of the alter.

The old man stared at me, shocked, as I somehow brought a few back to life in that forgiven prayer.

Jake, Sara, and Matt looked around bewildered at the scene of blood and fire. "What the hell?" said Matt.

"Tell you later...we gotta take care of this guy here..." I say. "Just do what I tell you...okay?" The old man stares me down.

But I stare right back at him to show him I have no fear of him or his magic. I could feel my friends gather behind me and I could feel a strange humming in the air between me and the old man.

It had begun...the next challenge between us.

The old man's face started to contort into something unearthly. The skin seemed to melt like wax and harden into something that didn't quite resemble flesh.

I was terrified as he started toward us. My friends all take a step toward me, surround(idk if I spelled that right! Lol) me.

I gulped down my fear and conentrated. I had to do something, but I didn't know what, but then something started to happen. I could feel the bones in my body stretch and break. Bones disappeared and totally new ones grew.

At first it cause some pain, but I forced the feeling away. I was stronger...I felt it. So I stood tall, no longer feeling my fear. "I know that now is my time...and it obviously won't be yours," I say to this old man.

A sound much like a snarl came from him , but his vocal cords didn't seem to support it well. "We'll see about that Cerrewin."

"I have figured out what I'm supposed to do," I say, discovering some other little power with in me...which is stealing his powers and strengthening my own..

I open the hole that is supposed to represent my mouth and drew in a breath. I saw him pitch forward a bit and I smiled as much as I could in my new form. "I think we have already seen how this will end Father."

He stares me down, and I steadily feel myself grow stringer. "Not if I can help it. Your mind was plagued by that boy...and you betrayed me...the day you spoke to him."

"Just because I spoke to him, you disown me? And there is nothing wrong with my mind. He showed me something I could never get from you. Love."
"Boo hoo," he sneered.

"I HATE you," I say harshly."You ended any hope I had at being happy...feeling what I have been sheltered from for all my years. How could anybody live with themselves they way they treated their one and only daughter?"

"I had to do it. Don't you see? If I didn't keep a tight eye on you, you would have left me like your mother the nymph for the woodsman."

"Mother was a whore," I say. "Selfish and terrible. If anything, you made things worse."

"I did not! How dare you! You insilite little slut! You don't insult your mother like that! She was a wonderful you left me for a boy that didn't have an once of magik in him. I can't beileve something like you came from her."
"It takes two to tango father."

He stares me down again.I know...he knows that I know his filthy secrets...secrets worse than my falling in love for a boy who was born without any magic in his blood.

"You did things even worse than me falling in love with Jake...I mean Mandrake. Do I need to bring up the Cook's twin boys who were murdered and raped when they were only six?"

"What happened to them?"

"I know what you did to them father. I found traces of magik on them when you made me examine their poor little bloated bodies when they were fished out of the moat. There was extensive damage to their rectums. You're a child molester and a murder of children, which is worse than just a murder."

"Mandrake did it...not me...he must have went and found some magik and stole it...another reason why I hated him," my father says. I almost explode with anger. "It was you! You're the only one cruel enough to cause such a thing."

"How could you say such a thing Cerrewin? I'm your own father! You're from my flesh and bone!"

I stared him down again. "I don't care," I said.

"And now one of us has to finish this, and I prefer to be the one to end it."

Then, I do it: force so much of my strength against him, obviously not wanting to die. I close my eyes...and my father yells, "No! You have ended me, Cerrewin!" I open my eyes and see him, nothing but a helpless beetle. He tries and tries to change himself, but fails. I change back into my small youthful form...and easily conquer my evil father with the heel of my shoe.

I turn and look at my friends with a grim smile on my lips. "That felt good." Then the world started to turn dark around the edges and I could feel myself pitching forward. Jake sprang forward and grabbed me before I could fall flat on my face and he tried to shake me awake. But I gave into the darkness that wanted to claim me. "I love you Jake," I whisper as I fall into oblivion, but I'm not sure if he heard me.

I wasn't sure if I was alive...or dead. I was left in darkness...and I was terribly afraid of darkness. All the wicked things that had happened to me in the dark.

I started to scream as the memories rushed back to me from my past life. My father locking me in a cupboard when I showed the least of rebellion. My father sneaking into my room as I tryed to fall asleep. My father creating unspeakable horrors in the dark to make me behave. Then my scream became real and I woke up. I looked around me scared that I might find my self in the cupboard again but instead I saw white walls and I was wearing a drafty hospital gown.

I was surprised to see Jake next to me, staring at me, relieved and worried at the same time.

"Jake? What are you doing here?" I tried to lift me head, but I had a killer headache.

"Of course I'd be here!" he said. "And you need to rest."

"But why are you here? And where the hell am I?"

"You're in the hospital...and I'm here...I just am." I look at him. "But I thought-" I let the sentance drop.

Jake shook his head. "No, I'm alive. Somehow you brought us back from Death." He shivered, but not from the cold that came in from the open window next to him. "I was so scared, but I still felt calm. He doesn't look at all like the Grim Reaper." He tried to smile to make it lighthearted, but I could feel me eyes go to his throat and I could see a faint scar from where the knife had ended his life.

With a shaking, weak hand, I run my fingers along that scar. "How did I bring us back?"

"I don't know. I think it was magic." He looked at me with his stormy grey eyes through his pale blonde bangs. "Do you remember what you said before you passed out?"

I think hard, but it hurts. I shake my head. Jake gently takes my hand away from his throat.

He holds my hand in his and he says softly, "You said you loved me." Then it hits me and I remember saying something like it. I start to blush wildly and try to draw my hand from him. He keeps a firm grip on my hand and says "Look at me Gwen." I looked at him and he said, "I love you,too. I think it is that love that has brought me back...not even your father could break a bond so strong."

I could feel the tears prickle my eyes. "Really Jake? Our love must have been so strong in our past lives, that it survived into this life. It even brought us into the same city and school."
Jake shook his head. "Our love has nothing to do with our past lives. I've loved you for several years before tonight."

"I don't understand...I thought our love was forever," I say.

"Im trying to say that our love might be forever but in this life its different. From our past life our love grew. And it'll probably grow in our next life too. And grow and grow until the end of time."

"Oh. I think that you're right."

He smiled at me with my favorite lopsided grin of his. "I know I'm right. I'm always right."

"Can we be so sure about that?" I smile back...and change the subject. "How long will I be in this place? Do you know?"

He shook his head. "No, actually the doctor is out in the hall with your parents talking to them about it."

"I hate being so...watched over...makes me feel less independent...except if it's you."

He continued to smile at me as he sat on the bed next to me and lightly kissed me on the lips. When he pulled back I could see him blush from the simple act of love and I could feel my own face turn red.

It's always been this way between us...simple love...and a shy one, at that. Can't get a word about love out of either of us with out blushing and stumbling over words. Maybe someday, it won't be so quiet and hushed.

Just then the doctor came in with my parents. "I'm Dr. Cook. There doesn't seem to be much wrong with you Miss. You were probably just dehydrated, which made you faint. Since none of you had a bottle of water, that seems to be the likely cause."

"But do i get to go home?" I ask indignantly.

"Yes, but you need to make sure you get some rest and that you keep drinking liquids."

'Yeah...right...' I think to myself. 'Like you really know what's going on.' And aloud i say, "I'm sure that I will do both...and these three people will make sure that I do so."

Then the doctor left and my parenst swarmed around me asking me what happened. I didn't want to talk about it becasue for one thing they would think I need to go to the asylum and second I didn't want to think about it. I wanted some time to think about it and come up with a resonable story for them. "Mom, Dad can I just talk to Jake for a minute?" They said sure and went to the coffee shop for some coffee.

"Remember," I say to Jake. "They can't know about any of this...okay?"

He nodded grimly. "I understand. We're going to have to talk to Sara and Matt about this."
"I'm sure they already know not to tell anyone."
"Just to make sure."


So when I got home I called up Matt and Sara about not telling anyone and they totally understood. My parents left to get me some iceream, because what girl doesn't need icecream after a harrowing day? I sat on the couch and Jake sat next to me with his arm around me. We sat like that for a while before I could feel his hand gripping my shoulder painfully. "Oww. Jake what is your problem?"
I looked up at him and I could see a red flame flicker in his eyes that I had certainly never seen anywhere except one place.
"Oh no," I whispered. I knew who had those same eyes, but I thouht I had just killed him.

What is this? Another cruel twist?? Why can't my father just leave me alone? DIE ALREADY! Of course, he had to come back in the form of the one I love...making it so difficult for me.

"Jake? Jake? What is the matter?" I despreatly pleaded to him. I didn't want to face the reality that I knew to be true. I didn't want to believe that my father was now in the body of my true love.

"Thought you could get rid of me," the voice of my father says. "I'd like to see you try now."

I tried to stand up, to get away from him, but his arm around my shoulders was keeping me right where I was.

I closed my eyes and thought for a second. can I do this??? This ISN'T Jake...but...MY Jake has probably been murdered by my father. Killing him...would probably destroy all hopes I have for happiness in this lifetime...letting him kill me will end me...perhaps forever. Once again, I prepare myself to fight.

My eyes snapped open and I stared at Jake/my father. I could sense my own fire behind my eyes. For some reason I figured it was a maroon color, while my father's was a bright ruby red. So it had begon. Our final battle. I didn't know if I was going to make it through since I had fainted not shortly after our last encounter. I didn't know if Jake was just locked away somewhere in his mind or gone for good. But it had to end.

With tears in my eyes, I work up some of my magik...and start to force it on my father...who appears as Jake. "Why are you doing this to me, Gwen?" Jake's voice asks. I almost falter, but keep on.

"I know you're not Jake. So don't try any of that stuff on me." I push my magik through the connection between me and my father and I could feel the strong resistance of my father's magik, but I willed myself to win.
Soon, I have won...hopefully for the last time. Jake stood in front of me...and then he collapsed. I caught him {remarkably} and when his eyes open, he smiles up at me. "Gwen," is all he says...kind of stupidly.

"Jake? Jake! Are you ok? Are you hurt? What happened?"
He shook his head, trying to focus his thoughts. "I don't know what happened. I felt lightheaded when you had killed your father, but thought nothing of it until we got here. Then everything went black."

I decide not to tell him {at least, not yet}...but help him to the couch and make him lay down, his head resting in my lap.

I started playing with his hair as he gently fell asleep. I wasn't sure how my father got into him, but he should be gone for good now. Unless he fled into my cat Snookie. I shook my head. That was ridiculas. He was gone and dead. I just killed him. I could feel it. I yawned myself and closed my eyes. All this magik working sure could tire a girl out.

I finally could relax and live happily with Jake...or until I have to save our world again...but let's just not think of what may come in the future.

The End!!!