these are the things i want most:

to wake up one morning
in a sea of hospital-white,
with swarms of patients sitting waiting
for the universal cure to all ailments
and watch,
as doctors in their scrub suits
deliver it.

to ignore every fleeting sinking feeling,
and embrace every other lost soul around me,
set them on a path steamed warmer
than a thousand splendid suns,
and stand back as the crowds erupt
into their first fickle smiles
(in as long as they can remember).

to erase this depression,
send the economy soaring,
and stand alongside the everday poor man
as he buys a plasma-screen tv.

i want to live long enough
to see the day where rainbows are rampant
but rainstorms never happen,
because the world will be so beautiful
and so pure
that there will be no more room for dark clouds.

i want to see the day
where pain and poverty don't exist
and death never happens.

but luckily for me,
until that day exists,
i can cocoon myself inside a ball of hope,
and wish.

(i wish.)