Samuel Masterson. Anything I do, he does better. Anything I like, he likes more. Anything I hate, he hates more. God, I hate him.

It all started when I was seven. I had been swinging at the park while my mom watched me from her seat on the closest bench. Helen Masterson had showed up after I'd gotten to swinging pretty high. She was holding the hand of her seven-year-old son, Samuel. He had tugged his hand away and came running toward the swings. "Sammy! Look how high I can swing!" I yelled as I pumped my little legs.

"I can swing higher!" he yelled back, jumping onto the swing next to me.

Sure enough, Samuel swung higher than me. So, I started slowing down, getting ready to jump. My mother hated it when I did that and I wasn't supposed to, but I had to show Samuel Masterson just how far I could jump. I managed to land a good few feet from the wood surrounding the swings. "Did you see that Sammy!? I jumped really far!" I exclaimed, thinking he couldn't possibly out-jump me.

Of course, he shouted, "I can jump farther!"

And he did. He landed a few feet in front of me, smiling widely. He pounded on his chest like King Kong and said, "I'm better at things because I'm a boy, Annie."

When I was ten, I was running down the hallway at school, ecstatic because I had gotten a hundred percent on my social studies test. There was no way Samuel could beat that. I ran all the way outside to my bus. I found Samuel in the very back seat digging through his backpack. "Sammy! Sammy, I got a hundred on my social studies test!" I cried, plopping down next to him.

He looked up and grinned at me, his light blue eyes squinting against the sunlight. He pushed his blond bangs back and then reached down into his backpack. He pulled out a packet similar to my own and turned it for me to see his grade. "I got a hundred and ten," he boasted.


"I'm a boy," he stated as if it answered everything. It didn't.

At thirteen, I had gotten my first kiss. I got it from a boy name Hayden Jones, Samuel's best friend. I was sitting on the big rock in the middle of my back yard when Samuel himself came strolling through my gate. "What do you want to tell me, Annie?" he asked.

"I got my first kiss!" I said excitedly. I just knew Samuel hadn't had his yet. If he had, he would've boasted about it already...wouldn't he have?

"Oh, that's great, Annie. I got mine last year," he drawled, sounding as if he were bored with the conversation.

"What? You didn't tell me! Why not?" I asked.

"It wasn't important. But I guess it makes me better, since I got mine first and all."

He turned and left my backyard, leaving me sitting there fuming silently. Oh, that Samuel Masterson thinks he's so great.

I liked the color green a lot when I was fifteen. I was sitting on my tire swing, marveling over my new green bracelet when Samuel's head appeared over my fence. "Hey, Annie, guess what?" he asked.

"What?" I wondered aloud.

"My favorite color is green now."

"That's my favorite color, you idiot. Get a new one." He always did this! When I liked something, he started liking it.

"Nope. I like green more than you. So you should get a new favorite color."

"How do you know you like green more than I do?" I spat.

"I'll show you."

His head disappeared then, but a few seconds later he was strolling through my gate. My jaw dropped at the sight of his clothes. Green shirt, green pants, green shoes. Even a green hat sat upon his blond hair now. I tucked a strand of my own dark brown hair behind my ear, my light brown eyes narrowing at the boy. "So what if you're wearing all green?" I asked.

"The only green thing you're wearing is that bracelet. So, since I'm wearing all green, it obviously means I like the color more," he stated.

I got off my tire swing and stomped my foot. He just laughed and walked away, leaving me there. "My bra is green too, Samuel Masterson!" I yelled, then quickly covered my mouth.

He didn't need to know that! I heard his laughter get louder before he called back, "I'm still wearing more green, Annie Smith."

Darn him.

Sixteen years old and I got my first car. I woke up to the sound of honking, so I hurried down the stairs and to the front door, which I wrenched open. Samuel Masterson was sitting in a large yellow dodge truck in my driveway, pulling behind him a little red convertible. "Hey Annie, here's your car," he yelled out the window.

I shrieked. "Are you serious!?" I screamed.

"Yeah, your parents told me to get it out of my garage and bring it over."

"How long has it been in your garage?" I asked, watching as Samuel got out of his truck.

"Two months. That's when your parents bought it. I got my truck seven months ago, which obviously means I'm better, you know."

"Why'd you get a car first?" I asked.

"I'm a boy. I get stuff before you."

"Whatever," I mumbled. I was really getting tired of his I'm-better-than-you-at-everything attitude.

While I was standing in my best friend, Amanda Parker's house, Samuel approached me. I was eighteen, as was he. We had just graduated that afternoon from high school, so naturally, I figured I wouldn't have to deal with this competitive thing anymore. I wasn't aware that Samuel was standing behind me as I mumbled, "I hate the color purple."

"I hate it more, you know?" he breathed into my ear.

I shrieked and spun around, glaring at him. "God, Samuel, don't do that. And why on earth, do you say you hate the color purple more?"

"Because I'm not holding a purple shirt and you are. Therefore you obviously hate it less if you are willing to touch something that color." He said this as if I were two and he was trying to explain it to me in small words.

"You're an annoying ass, you know that right?"

He shrugged, a smile gracing his full lips. He rubbed his jaw and I followed the movement with my eyes, noting that he hadn't shaved that morning and stubble ran across his face. "You're annoying too, but I guess since I'm also an ass, I win at being more annoying too. Wow, I'm just better than you at everything, huh little Annie Smith?" he asked, light blue eyes twinkling.

I scoffed, turning away from him. "I'm not going to even let you bother me, Samuel Masterson," I said before leaving him behind.

Of course, he'd always bother me.

Present day and I'm twenty-three years old; my best friend is getting Hayden Jones, the boy who gave me my first kiss and Samuel's best friend. I am her Maid of Honor and Samuel is Hayden's Best Man. So, naturally, we had to walk down the aisle together. As we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, Samuel leaned over and whispered into my ear, "You look pretty, Annie. But I'm positive, I look even better."

I bit my bottom lip, trying desperately to ignore his little comment. I could not throw an angry temper tantrum right now; that would ruin Amanda's wedding, I'm sure. I planted a soft smile on my face and looked at Samuel. "Sure, Samuel, whatever you say," I muttered as the doors opened.

His arm, looped with mine, we began walking down the aisle toward the groom. He smiled at both of us as we parted at the alter, me moving to stand on the bride's side and Samuel to stand behind Hayden. The other bridesmaids and groomsmen came out, followed by the flower girl and ring bearer. When Amanda came out with her father and the music began, the guests all stood.

I glanced at Samuel, who happened to be looking at me. "Still better," he mouthed.

So, I just rolled my eyes.

At the reception, Samuel Masterson actually asked me to dance with him. I would have rejected, but Amanda sent me a pleading look, which obviously told me that if I didn't do it, I'd be ruining her wedding day. I let Samuel take my hand and lead me to the dance floor, where he pulled my arms up, hooking them around his neck and then latched his hands onto my hips.

"Good dancer," Samuel commented as he twirled me under his arm.

"Oh, but you think you are a better dancer, yes?" I asked, rolling my eyes as he pulled me to him.

A grin passed over his handsome face as he breathed a hearty, "Yes."

I pushed him away, scowling. "You know what, Samuel. I cannot take this anymore. For over ten years you have constantly boasted about besting me in everything. Well, you know what? I can honestly say that I hate you now."

He blinked, cocking his head to the side. "Hmph. I hate you too, Annie. But I hate you more than you hate me."

I gaped, my eyes narrowing. "Are you shitting me?" I asked, not believing that he was doing this.

He laughed. "I shit you not, dear Annie."

"Oh my god. I swear sometimes I hate you so much, Samuel."

"I hate you all the time."

"I wish I could say the same, but I actually think that sometimes I might be in love with you. Yep, I think I might actually fucking love you." Where did that come from? Ahh, shit.

Samuel snorted, eyes narrowing into mine. "Yeah, well...wait. What did you just say?" he asked, standing straight and blinking rapidly.

"God, can't you fucking listen for one second? I said that I think I might be in love with you."

He blinked again and then a smile spread across his lips. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close. "It's nice to hear that because I love you. Have since we were seventeen and argued over who hated frogs the most," he said, chuckling.

I blinked and he leaned down. I knew he was fixing to kiss me so I allowed my eyelids to flutter closed as his lips fell upon mine. Even though I had always claimed to hate Samuel, which I did to some extent at least, I had always wondered how his lips would feel against mine. And let me tell you, his lips felt pretty damn nice there, fitting perfectly together with mine and making me go weak in the knees.

He pulled back, smiling as I opened my eyes to stare into his blue orbs. I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, as he leaned down again, this time bringing his lips to my ear. "I have to tell you, Annie. I love you more. I mean, it's pretty obvious I do considering I've known my feelings for six years and you're just now realizing your own," he whispered.

He stepped back quickly, letting go of me and dodging my hand as I shot it out to smack his arm, crying, "Samuel, you annoying ass, why must you continue these childish antics?!"

He laughed. "I'm a man," he stated as if it answered everything. It didn't.

Samuel Masterson. Anything I do, he does better. Anything I like, he likes more. Anything I hate, he hates more. God, I love him.


This has been floating around in my head for days, so finally I decided to type it up. It was just getting annoying, buzzing around in my brain. So, a short little oneshot just to ease my mind. Haha, it was just driving me crazy. (: