Written for the 'Cheese Quotes' fourth lounge challenge. Similar to my ten simple rules idea.

Hope you like it.

1) It doesn't matter if you've just watched Apollo 13 for the thirtieth time. Continually shouting, "Huston, we have a problem" at passers-by could be detrimental to your health.

2) Just because your chemistry teacher has fifty years experience does not mean he doesn't make mistakes. When he says, 'make sure you wear safety goggles', he means it. Unless you want to walk around school for the next week with an eye patch and getting called Jack Sparrow, I would advise you listen to him.

3) A floral shirt, long denim skirt and bright green crocs are not a fashion statement, nor will they ever be. Never.

4) Don't think you're being intelligent and witty when you name your fish Wanda. Turns out, most people have never heard of that movie.

5) Toothpaste does not cure pimples. It burns them and makes you look like you've gotten into a fight with the curling iron. And lost.