Across my window I see you

leave her before sunshine.

You aren't the kind of guy

who likes sharing a new day

with a one night lover, right?

It's so annoying, I know

I start walking after you.

It's so stalking, don't tell me you

aren't aware I'm gonna kiss you?

It's a bitch who plays virgin,

It's a boy who doesn't care,

you're never alone in love.

Just get something everybody wants,

just get stuck in my head like a song.

It's so annoying, I know

I start turning your shadow.

It's so embarrassing, don't tell me

it's not funny how I chase you!

Let me hear you say I'm annoying,

you aren't wrong, I love to be so,

repeating the same bullshit, never

getting sick of stalking you, baby.