Very angsty. I wrote this one night when I had allowed myself to 'wallow in my own despair'.
Very dramatic, I know. But that's how I felt.

Musings on Unrequited Love

There are many bumps, twists and turns if the road of life. But I feel like I've taken a side road just like the ones in those Scooby Doo cartoons, the ones that are always terrifying, but they still go through it thinking that it would be exactly like the main road, or maybe even a shortcut.

But this road is no shortcut. It is one with so many clashing emotions that I've become numb – the empty feeling inside is killing me softly. Time and time again, I see a glimmer of light and I become hopeful.

Except as soon as I get close to that light – so close that I can almost touch it – the light vanishes, leaving me in the dark. It's like someone has knocked me off my feet and I come crashing on down.

I get back up, battered and bruised, and I continue walking. But every time that happens, I loose hope. The hope that one day that I can look in that boy's eyes and realize that he feels the same way as I do; slowly fade into the shadows.

But like every road in life, there's no turning back. You have to keep on moving until the road leads you back to the main road.

A/N: Oh yeah, I don't own the Scooby Doo cartoons. And feedback would be much appreciated.