the sluggish haze pulls at our throats
begging and pleading us
to give our bodies some breathing space;
but the sent of memories still lingers
in your hair.

last summer we wrote our stories
in calla lily white on printer paper
and you'd ride your bike
across town to dance in the rain that i caused.

now this summer everyone could read the paper
because the sun hit it just right that the ink
illuminated and spilled our secrets,
so with nothing left to hide we usurped center stage
hands entwined and blinking in the streetlights.

you called me lass
and kissed my stomach till the butterflies
went away and let you in.
i stopped writing poetry and spent my nights
in your arms
laughing beneath our sugar induced comas
and your striped sheets.

you said forever and i agreed with a lollipop in my mouth
and my bangs blowing across my face.

now i sit quivering in the new born silence
vulnerable, because i don't understand why
the jewels in your eyes
are slowly fading when you look my way.

a/n. ugh. i have totally lost my touch...