Disneys Got Nothing On This

Chapter One

Tinkerbells Biggest Fan

Authors Note: This story is joint being made. So this story is also being written by (fieldhockeyluver25) and I myself, we came up with this crazy idea, so tell us up on your thoughts. Reviews are appreciated and each and everyone of you will be thanked.

Shes got a mind of a 10 year old, he's Mr Popular at school. They used to be best friends, now sworn enemies, and now there pretending to go out, to get there exes back. Even Walt Disney couldn't possibly make this a happy ending.

Hmm! Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch and they swim all over you! - Sebastian (Little Mermaid)

To infinity…and beyond!—Buzz Lightyear; Toy Story

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.—The Emperor of China; Mulan

"Shelley, I am home!" A deep voice shouted somewhere from the bottom of the stairs.

"Me too Shels! Your idiot of a brother likes forgot to mention that you best-est buddy is like home too!" I heard a giggle before my door was rudely slammed open.

"Celcey, Luke now is just not the time. I am super pissed because I am sick and I have to miss practice and I really do not think that I can deal with the two of you at the moment. I am going to get so behind in everything and that stupid bitch Sarah is going to take over my team. Why did I have to do all those vodka shots last night?!" I asked throwing my hands in the air and flopping back onto my bed dramatically. I pulled the covers over my head and pouted beneath my Tinkerbell quilt. I heard some giggling from outside my Tinkerbell cocoon and growled. Okay so I was a Tinkerbell fan but hey since the day I was born my mother always did say I was a little strange.

"Shels, babe, you are 17, why do you still sleep with a Tinkerbell quilt on your bed?" Celcey asked sitting by my feet.

"Don't you babe me, Cels. Tinkerbell is amazing. There is no way that anybody can be any better than Tinkerbell. You cannot beat a pixie," I stated, still under my covers. I could just picture Cels rolling her eyes at my brother. But then, she did something surprising.

"I'm sorry Blake. Normally Shels tries not to be this weird when other people are over. I would say its just because she is sick but I would be lying," Celcey said apologetically to someone who most definitely was not my brother or me. Probably another one of his or her stupid friends.

"Holy tomatoes!" I shrieked popping up and throwing my covers away from me. "Celcey, do you remember last time you brought someone over to the house when I was sick? Yeah, we never saw him again," I said bashing her over the head withmy Gossip Girl pillow. I made sure not to hit her with the Nate one though. Nate deserved much more than to be used to hit Celcey on the head. You see I was also a big fan of Gossip Girl so I had all the character pillows, I have a ten year old mind.

I heard someone above me clear their throat. "Hon, I know that you are my twin sister and everything, and I should be able to understand a lot of what you are saying, but child, who the hell is Nate and why does he have anything to do with my girlfriend's head?" my brother Luke asked shaking his head in confusion.

"Damn… I said that out loud, didn't I? Well, Nate is nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about, dearest older brother of mine!" I said ruffling his blond hair.

"Shell-Shell? Do you remember where I put my- shit! Celcey what the hells are you doing here?! Oh no… oh shit if Celcey's here that means…. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit…. Luke's here too. Damn I am going to be dead before I can legally drink!" a boy exclaimed, walking out of the bathroom that connected to my room.

Oh holy tomatoes, mushrooms, and artichokes! Why is my worst enemy, the boy I hate, the only person in this world whom I really and truly loath, walking out of my bathroom with only a TOWEL on!?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!!!! What is this world coming to!!!

"Justin, what the fuck are you doing in my sister's room without any clothes on? You better have a good explanation for this. The only reason that you aren't being pummeled right is that you are Celcey's twin brother and my best friend, and you being hurt would hurt her-"

"I actually do not think that I would mind right now." Celcey said.

"Babe, you would mind it later when your parents see him and I would mind when they tell mine. Anyway, you better get talking Daniels."

"Ummm… okay. So you know how everyone was doing vodka shots last night? Well, um, your sister and I, well um, we kind of came back up here so that she could show me the present that I gave her in the second grade, I think, because she said something about sleeping with it every night, and then we kind of started feeling the affects of the alcohol… and because I do not want to be beaten up while completely naked, I am not going to tell you anything else until I have my clothes on," Justin said smirking.

Ugh, stupid Justin Daniels. I had known him since I was born. Our parents have been friends since the beginning of their college careers. Once they graduated and got married, the four of them lost touch. Six months before Luke and I were born, my parents moved back to their college town, and surprise surprise, Audrey and Jonah Daniels were still here, along with their two week old twins. Yayfor Mom and Dad! Anyway, six months later, Luke and I were born, and Mom and Mrs. Daniels (no matter how many times she asks me to call her Audrey, it just seems wrong) were so excited, because they both had fraternal twins who would end falling for one another! Psh, yeah right. Luke and Celcey were a fluke, Justin and me, yeah, never ever going to happen.

Justin and I had not always been sworn enemies. No siree. The two of us were actually best friends from when we were three to the 8th grade. Now we were both seniors and for the passed four years, we hated one another. I do not even remember what made us hate one another, but now, whereever we went, people always knew us because of our mutual hatred. Plus he was the most popularest boy at school everyone loved him, so it would not surprise me if he turned everyone against me. It was not like I was exactly royalty at school.

Our hatred was actually really, really inconvenient. You see, our siblings were dating and our parents were still friends and Justin was still Luke's best friend and Celcey was still mine. If we didn't hate one another, I am sure that our family gatherings would be a lot less… awkward.

As soon as Justin had gotten his clothes back on (thankfully he had gone into the bathroom to actually put them on) Luke pulled him out of my room. Celseypushed the guy that she and Luke had brought over them, Blake, I think is what Cels called him, out the door throwing him a sheepish look before slamming the door in his face and locking it.

"Michelle Erin Montgomery, would you please kindly explain why my brother, you know the one that you hate more than creamed corn (what? Creamed corn is disgusting and I really, really do hate it. Disgusting), just walked out of your bathroom with just a fucking towel on? Is he the real reason that you didn't come to school today? Babe, you better have a damn good explanation for this, because I know for a fact that Lukie is going to murder the two of you if your explanation is anything like 'I was drunk and he was the first guy that I saw.' Babe, you are totally screwed!" Celcey exclaimed flopping onto the bed besides me. Her long and pin strait blond hair fanned out around her head in a way that always made me envious. I mean really, why do some people get the gorgeous, strait blond hair while others (*cough cough me*) get the yucky brownish black hair in stupid frizzy ringlets that never stayed how they were supposed to? Life just is not fair at all.

Chapter One- written by (fieldhockeyluver25). :)