Chapter Four

The Mickey Mouse Watch

Someday, you're gonna wind up all alone, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself. - The Emperor's New Groove

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer," - Cinderella

Michelle POV.

''Justin Daniels needs help, pssh yeah right,'' I rolled my eyes, then turned my head back to the television which was now on the disney channel .

''You have not even let me explain what I need your help in, just let me explain,'' I turned my head around seeing his blue puppy dog eyes pleading up at me to let him speak up on what he needed to tell me.

''60 seconds tick tock, tick tock,'' I said checking my Mickey Mouse watch.

''You know how you still like Marcus.''

''Umm..'' I said. Hoping he would not confess to me about his dying love to him or something.

''And you know how I still want my girlfriend back,'' oh god he was going to bring up the two of them going out, it was not what I needed right now all I wanted was a no drama zone. Where I could rest my little head and chill-ax.

''Oh look your 60 seconds are up, times up!'' I cheerfully said. My head now back on the television.

''Look I need your help to get Ginger back, and I know you want Marcus too, so will you just do this for me and pretend were a couple?'' I burst out laughing at his lame plan to prank me. He had done it a thousand times before, coming up with stupid ideas to get me to do things so he could embarrass me. His wicked ideas just was not working this time. I had learned to ignore whatever stupid he said. I stopped laughing when I noticed his facial expressions were calm and serious. He had actually meant it had he?

''Your joking right?'' I said quietly. More like whispered.

''Does it look like I am joking?'' Justin said. He looked fully pissed off now.

''Well I do not know with you Justin, I mean you always try to get me to fall for one of your stupid schemes. I do not know when you ever tell the truth anymore.''

''Do you see the worst in me all the time?'' I looked at him as to say yes I always think your full of bullshit. Guilty. ''For gods sake Michelle for once in your life believe me that I want to get Ginger back, she is everything thing to me.'' he said, if he was an actor I would of definitely given him the best actor of the year award.

''Well if you want her so badly ask another girl to do it,'' I said, trying to hide the fact that a green bug called Mr. jelousy was hiding on my back.

''I can't, because your the only one that can break them apart. Look if he saw me with you, he is going to wish you was his. You know what they say you do not know what you've got until its gone.''

''But we do not even know if Marcus and Ginger are together. Just because your ex- girlfriend said she had done the dirty with him, it doesn't mean she actually did. I mean for Christ's sake Justin she heard you say you had slept with me, what other girl would not come up with an excuse not to look hurt.'' At what I said Justin looked kinda guilty about something. God knows what it was this time.

''About that-'' Before he got to finish his sentence on whatever he was going to say my mom shouted us.

''Michelle, Justin, DINNERS READY!''

"Coming Mother! We are in the middle of an amazing episode of Lizzie McGuire though, so we are not going to be down for another, like, tenish minutes! Are you cool with that?" I yelled down to my mother.

"Shelllllllllyyyyyyyyyy! I am hungry! Get down here now or else I am going to have to drag you to that new section of the movie store that is all about Peter Pan!" Luke yelled back at me.

I shuddered at the thought. Who in their right mind would want to make a section devoted to Peter Pan? Tinkerbell, I can understand. I mean Tinkerbell is a pixie and pixies are wicked awesome, but Peter Pan, yeah he is just a guy in green tights with a feather in his hat. There is nothing special about that. Him and Yankee Doodle need to get together and have a party or something. A party where only lame ass characters were welcome. But anyway, I digress.

I grabbed Justin's hand and started pulling him out of the tv room. "Hurry up. When Luke threatens me with Peter Pan, you know he is serious. Back to what you were saying earlier, I do not really think I want to do it, but what the heck. I will give it a try. It's not like I actually have to fall in love with you. Right so, the only way I am going to agree with this for real is if we do this my way. Deal?" I asked, facing him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Fine. I wanted to do this my way but if the only way you are going to agree to it is you make up the rules, I guess that I can be ok with that. Ok, so we are going to try this out at dinner right now, because if we can fool our families, everyone else is going to be a piece of cake!" Justin exclaimed running in front of me.

"What happened to me deciding things?" I asked following him to the dining room.

Right outside the dining room Justin put his arm around my waist and dragged mine around his neck, making the two of us much closer that I ever wanted to be while sober. As soon as we walked into the room like that, everyone shut up. I guess no one could believe that Justin and I weren't hating on one another.

" Ok, who are you guys and what have you done with my asshole of a brother and my annoyingly naive best friend?" Celcey asked looking at our arms around one another with great scrutiny.

"Shut up Cels. I am not annoyingly naïve! In fact, I might call you the annoying one. So ha! There, take that!" I exclaimed pointing my free hand at her.

"What Shells means by that is that in lieu of our recently changed relationship statuses, we have figured out how much we really mean to one another and have decided to try dating one another. I know that this is a big change from the two of us hating on one another all the time, but I know that some of you will be a little happier with this new change right?" Justin asked before pulling out my chair for me.

I stared at the chair in confusion before he nudged me into it. Why was Justin pulling out my chair? Marcus and I were dating forever and he never pulled out my chair for me. What rotten squash thing had I just gotten myself into?

"Justin, did you just say that you were going to date my sister? Do you know how uncool it is to date your best friend's sister?" Luke asked banging his fists on the table.

Justin looked at him pointedly, and then said, "Then what are you doing with my sister? Hypocrite. Or does that mean that I am not your best friend?"

"Ugh well that is beside the point!" Luke exclaimed getting flustered.

"Babe, just let it go," Celcey said running her arm soothingly around Luke's back. "Justin, if you ever do anything at all that hurts my best friend, I will kill you, and I am pretty sure that Luke's going to be taking my side on this one, so you better not hurt my Shelly!"

"Celcey, do not worry. I would not dare hurt her. I like her too much!" Justin exclaimed, resting his arm possessively over my shoulders again. What had I just gotten myself into?

Authors Note:

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