Some say that man was created as an act of god.

Some say it was evolution.

Regardless, mankind has become quite an...interesting species. Purposefully doing unhealthy things, destroying their own ecosystem, tampering with an outside observor, mankind may seem like an abomination, an accident.

No matter what your beliefs, though, what was soon about to occur would test the humanity of each and every one of them....

For when you get right down to it, the line between man and monster is growing to become very thin indeed.


2:30 Pm -
Mono City was, well, a city. It wasn't a very large city, or a very small city. It was one of those plain cities that was just sort of there to give people places to live and work make other, bigger cities look better. It was the plain dinner roll of cities. But I digress.

It was this dullness that made Mono City the home of choice for the wealthy Ampersand family. The father, Malloy Ampersand, apparently decided he'd had enough of their previous home; though it hadn't been ESPECIALLY dangerous, the slight peril present due to the presence of CRIME (god forbid something like this occur in Malloy's presence) combined with a recent epidemic of almost absurdly severe panic attacks striking throughout the city made him decide that the city wasn't good enough for his family; especially his only son, Collin.

"We'll be there soon, sir," the immaculately-dressed butler driving their fancy-ass limousine said in a voice eerily similar to that of Droopy Dog. Malloy, a rather well-built man in an argyle suit jacket, shot a smile at his son.

Collin stared dully out the window, trying to hide his utter lack of enthusiasm. About 15 years old, Collin was considered rather bright, seeing as how he managed to skip 5th grade and all, but rather than being a rich, pretentious dick like most everyone expected him to be, Collin seemed to oftentimes entirely forget about his differences from other kids, almost always being shy and studious. However, he constantly was dressed formally-green button-down shirt, red tie, khaki shorts and long black socks, with the only slight hint of informality being his reddish-brown hair, which draped over one eye.

The simple fact of the matter was, he LIKED his old home. Sure, there was a slight bit of danger, but wasn't there everywhere?
Above all else, though, he missed his friend, Setsu. Sure, he was kind of an ass, but he was a good guy, through and through.
He knew his dad didn't like him, but...

Malloy's smile died upon seeing his son's continued indifference. He never really knew how to deal with his son's dislike of his many tough decisions (which, to most people, looked like colossally dickish moves); they were for the better good, after all. Why couldn't he accept that?

Looking for something to do, he turned to his wife and began conversing as Collin continued to stare mopily out the window.

This was one hell of an awkward car trip.

....on the horizon, a mysterious power was coming near.

3:30 Pm -
"We're here, sir," the droopy butler said without the slightest hint of emotion as the family proceeded to pile out of the they simply "exited" the car, but this was getting to be an extremely unpleasant trip.

Collin stared up, wide-eyed, at the almost absurdly tall and posh hotel his father had chosen.

"We're living here now?" he asked distantly. Despite being a supposed kid genius, Collin could be surprisingly ditzy sometimes.

"No, we're only staying here until our staff prepares our house for us. Moving in all the stuff, cleaning, you know, it all takes a while," Malloy said confidently as the droopy butler droopily carried a pair of suitcases past him. It seemed as though his contact was making the suitcases droop as well, or maybe that was just Collin's imagination.

As the rich family was setting up their temporary home, elsewhere in the city, one of the crimes that Mr. Malloy so detested was unfolding. Jackson Scarmiglione, convicted kleptomaniac, had struck again, this time somehow managing to jack an entire car engine. He was surprisingly strong for such a wiry bastard.

He honestly didn't see the problem. After all, why should HE have to PAY for things when he could just take them? Something about modern society just didn't click with Mr. Scarmiglione.

Sirens could be heard in the distance. Damned police. What the hell do they know?

They knew how to corner him, apparently, as a few moments later he had his back up against the wall. The dingy alleys he thought he was so familiar with had soon betrayed him, as he had nowhere to run and the officers were closing in, guns drawn and handcuffs at the ready, as the sky began growing dark.

At this time of day?

Slowly, Jackson and the police looked up.

Looming overhead, a massive, purple cloud swirled, lightning constantly crackling within it. Soon the light, cheery blue of the sky was being overtaken by the ominous purple shade as it spread like a cancer over the top of the city. One by one, everyone's heads turned skyward as the light of the sun slowly receded, replaced only by the dim light of whatever managed to slowly filter through.

Then it began. Jackson was unfortunate enough to have been the first one.

A massive jolt of pain tore through him as his body began contorting-toes growing claws, forearms grotesquely enlarging, fingers falling off as though they were nothing but an afterthought. The police turned their attention back to him, stepping back in horror as he gurgled and screamed before his mouth sealed over, his hair falling out and his facial features melting together, leaving nothing but a colossal, staring eye.

Where Jackson once was was a twisted improvement upon the human design; a burly humanoid with clawed feet, engorged arms ending in three-fingered hands, and a massive, inexplicably stitched-up eye; a mindless destroyer that sees only what it wants to see, incapable of recognizing the damage it does to others. It was The Oblivious.

As Jackson began tearing apart the police force, the transformations started beginning in other people as the cloud finally completely engulfed the city skies.

And then came the screams.

Panic consumed the city as transformations started erupting everywhere; normal people on the street melting as others fled, business meetings falling apart, buildings collapsing as monsters tore through them, families running for cover before all transforming and tearing each other apart. It was a panic like the world had never seen.

Collin watched aghast from the balcony of his family's second floor suite, his mind racing frantically. What was going on? What should he do? What would Setsu do at a time like this?

Well, he'd probably go down there and start punching out monsters, but that's because he's a dumbass.

"COLLIN, GET INSIDE!" Malloy roared, grabbing him by the shoulder and yanking him inside just before a laser beam fired from somewhere decimated the balcony.

"HOW DO THEY HAVE LASERS?" Collin sputtered frantically.

"Doesn't matter. Grab your things, we're getting the hell out of here," Malloy said gravely.

"But I just finished unpacking," Collin said meekly.

"Well, pack QUICKLY then!" Malloy growled, shoving him towards his room. Collin stumbled towards his room as fast as he could and began frantically shoving his stuff in a suitcase.

Meanwhile, the city's state was growing worse and worse. Power was being lost in several blocks as a gigantic eyeball-snake tore through the streets, knocking down power lines and telephone poles left and right as it searched for a place to nest. Phone connections quickly died out, though that didn't matter as the jewelry-coated bird monsters found those trying to dial 911 to be easy prey. The streets leading out of the city were crammed with the cars of those trying to escape, and traffic jams were getting worse and worse as cars were abandoned due to people being attacked or turning into even MORE monsters who attacked those who HADN'T turned into monsters. Soon enough, all contact with the city was blocked out.

Back in his room, though he knew he should hurry, Collin sat, deep in thought. Where would they go now? Maybe they would go back to their old home; but they'd already moved like four times already, and if that was any indication his father didn't have any particular fondness for any place. He sighed unhappily, and reached down to pick up his suitcase.

His heart instantly froze in complete horror. Just as he was going to leave, he had succumbed.

His right hand was bubbling, shifting, and rapidly producing a bizarre green-purple slime. Staring in a mixture of disbelief, curiousity, and pure terror, he held out his hand, watching speechlessly as the slimy substance slowly coated his hand entirely.

Then intense pain shot up his arm, and all feeling in his hand was lost. He gasped as what was once a hand started oozing and dripping downwards, all the bones and muscles having been converted into thick goo. He fell onto the ground, moaning and wincing in pain. Another burst of agony came forth. Terrified, he tried to get up and run, but fell over on his face again as his left leg failed to function. Looking back in wide-eyed terror, he discovered that while he was on the floor, his leg had also succumbed and was now little more than a sticky, amorphous mass, his shoe and sock having fallen off with nothing left to keep them on. Crying in fear, he felt another jolt of pain as the rest of his arm became engulfed-and, as he realized with growing terror, so was the rest of his body, as he felt the chilling sensation of the ooze starting to spread from his arm into his face.

Struggling towards the door with whatever mobility he could produce with his failing limbs, Collin wept hysterically with fear, the brief jolts of pain being replaced with continuous agony as his torso and face started being converted, the hair on the right side of his head falling out as the ooze started being converted. What was once a few feet became a mile, as the boy struggled desparately, dragging himself forward as best he could in a vain attempt to escape an inescapable foe; his own body.

Though his father had taught him not to lord knows how many times, Collin couldn't help it. He screamed.

On the stairs leading to the lower levels, the Ampersand parents were taking their things down to the car, expecting Collin to be down shortly. Then the scream echoed through the building, and, looking at each other in dread, realized what was going on.

"COLLIN!" his mother wailed, dropping her luggage and tearing back upstairs, praying to god it wasn't too late, Malloy following behind. Adrenaliene pumped through them as they frantically unlocked their suite door, tearing through the main room and wrenching open the door to Collin's room, just as he had reached the entrance. They gasped, horrified.

Collin was barely even human anymore. Almost all of his body had been transformed into the slime, oozing and trailing behind him as he tried to stagger to the door. Only half of his face and his left arm remained unscathed, although that would change soon. Looking up at his parents with his one remaining, tear-filled eye, he reached out desparately, hoping that they would be able to do something, ANYTHING.

"" He managed to barely gasp out. His mother, not knowing what else to do, slowly reached out to take his hand....

But with a final, haunting wail, his face and arm instantly dissolved, and he collapsed to the ground, left as nothing more than a puddle of green-purple slime with an eyeball floating in it.

"NO!" his mother cried, disbelief and sorrow mixing to create an absolutely horrid sensation as she stared woefully at the oozing puddle that used to be her son. Hoping for some indeterminate miracle, she reached out to touch the slime...and was stopped by Malloy's hand firmly grasping her.

"We have no time to lose; we HAVE to get out of here," he mumbled quietly, shooting uncomfortable glances at the greenish goo.

"B-but....." she began, uncertain of what to say. Then, accepting her loss, she wiped her tears, got up, and fled with her husband, leaving their transformed child behind.

They were among the lucky few to have been able to escape, weaving their way on foot through one of the bridges leading from town and managing to hitchhike to civilization. No one was able to effectively explain what had happened, and no one really believed them about the monsters; but what was known was that a mysterious purple cloud was stuck over the city and showed no signs of going away. Many teams were sent to investigate, but none came back.

It was the greatest cataclysm that had ever hit the city.

But this was not the end for Mono City....this was only setting the stage for what would happen next.

In the abandoned hotel, the pile of slime that was Collin Ampersand shifted.

INTRO-END. ---------------------