Did you ever know,

so long ago,

that you'd never be able to let me go?

Standing on the shores of routine and desire

You began to realize you were getting higher

on the flames of a love that continues to burn

if only on the noxious gas of repetition.

Paradox lost?

Perhaps not.

But I see no reason to keep questioning that which has no helpful answer.

To some it may sound tragic to live day after day,

over and over again.

To me, it's the only was I can ever feel safe.

Still, sometimes I get an overwhelming dangerlust,

and wonder what it would be like to just no be


Then again, why risk fixing what isn't broken?

Our love is well worn-in, and i don't think i really want it to be any other way.

So we'll continue to grow with that which grows at a pace so slow, it seems to some that it doesn't grow.

But they don't know,

As you may not have known,

so long ago,

That you'll never be able to let me go.