I feel it.

It creeps up on me,

Threatening to take me over.

It seeps through my skin,

Flowing slowly into my veins.

It turns all my emotions around:

Love into jealousy,

Joy into anger,

Glee into sadness,

Forgiveness into rejection.

Its slowly taking me away,

Telling me that no one cares,

Showing me its better on the other side.

I know its lying to me.

I know my path.

If it decides to take me away,

The next place will just torture me more.

'Come with me...' it says.

'They don't need you,

'You don't need them.'

Emotions sweep through my body.

Soon, they reach my heart.

It becomes heavy as stone,

Threatening to drop and break.

I feel it ache with hurt.

I feel it break with rejection.

My emotion finally take me over.

I cant control my thoughts,

I cant control my emotions,

I cant control my heart,

I cant control my tears.

They flow heavily into my eyes,

Stinging and cool.

But I cant hold them anymore.

My hurt and rejection are moving in

And my tears are pushed out,

To make more room.

'Leave me alone,' I want to yell.

But who would listen to me?

'Come,' it says to me.

'Come with me...'