i can't imagine what it'd be like for you to look at me like that,

i've known you for the longest time,

and i still can't get rid of this feeling,

a feeling that wants us to be together,


less than a month,

we're going to be closer than before,

a way that we've never been,

is it going to finally happen?


we've always been in two different worlds,

now colliding with the same interests,

maybe our study session would turn into something more?

i've been waiting,


waiting for you to make a move,

because i can't get up the courage to tell you how i really feel,

i don't want to make the same mistake twice,

but maybe you would feel the same way,


i don't know what you want,

i don't know what you're expecting,

maybe a little more than what we are,

something that will end with a kiss,


break the ice,

make your move,

i don't want you to be afraid,

to let me know,


but now it's just getting awkward,

we're in the "in between"stage,

no one knows what to say,

act like you know,


should i compliment him on this?

no, that'll seem like you are hitting on him,

ask him to pick you up?

never, it'll make you seem too desperate,


i just want to be able to text you,

and for you to just respond,

are you playing hard to get,

or ignoring me?


your signs are so hard to read,

so could you give me the answers?

should i turn away,

or keep on trying?


i can't do this much longer,

you're like a two-sided person,

you tell me i'm pretty,

then look like you don't want to see me,


i'm waiting for the day you breakdown,

and call me baby,

could you just show how you feel for once?!

i just want to know something.