Title Page: A circle is engraved into the Ground. The Symbols of the five elements are positioned evenly around it.


The Land of Fioelore

A Country Filled with Over Twenty Million People.

It is a World Filled with Magic.

This Prosperous Land is inhabited by Many Different Races and Creatures.

From East to West, Humans Cover the Country, Most Making Their Living by Creating New Technological Miracles to Fill the World. Others, with the Power, Prefer to Live By Magic and Sorcery.

Also Living amongst the Land are Demons, Creatures of Evil and Misfortune. These Demons Feed Off the Other Races And are the Main Cause of Suffering amongst the Land.

Finally, There are the Elves. These Remarkable Beings are the Protectors of the World. There are Many Different Types of Elves. They are Spread Across the Land, Separated by Different Clans.

And Among these Clans. The Most Common and Most Powerful are the Blue Elves. This Race Possesses the Unique Ability to Wield One of the Five Elements of Nature. These Elves Devote their Lives to Protect the Other Races from the Demons. They Use their Amazing Power to Keep The Country in Peace.

These Powers Are Unique to Each Elf. Depending on Their Spirit and Soul. They are Given the Ability to Master One of the Five Sacred Forms of Magic.

Hinote Jutsu…The Power of Fire.

Mizu Jutsu…The Power of Water

Aizu Jutsu…The Power of Ice

Tsuchi Jutsu…The Power of Earth


Kaze Jutsu…The Power of Wind…




The sun was shining brightly overhead, with only a few clouds floating in the early morning sky. A few birds soared through the air and after a few minutes, finally came to rest on top of one of the towers of the castle.

"Miss Kanlan, it's time for you to wake up," a woman said, sounding impatient. Not getting a response she shook the unmoving form of a young girl. A groan was her only response. The woman sighed and left the bedside. She strode over to the rooms window and threw aside the curtains. The piercing light invaded the space, illuminating the decorative room. With the light, colorful tapestries hung that from the stone walls, and expensive furniture that littered the room, could be seen. A large bed rested in the side of the room, another groan came from the lump under the covers.

"Miss Kanlan," The woman by the window urged, "You must get up. It's already past eight, you cannot be late for your lesson,"

"Urg…Fine…"The girl in the bed responded. She pulled the covers off her head and sat up, the sheets falling onto her lap and her shoulder length black hair falling over her pointed ears. She yawned tiredly and stretched her slender arms. The woman near the window bowed slightly as the girl looked over.

"Good morning, Miss Kanlan," She greeted.

"Morning Natsumi," The girl, Kanlan, replied, "And I thought I told you to just call me 'Miss'," Natsumi bowed her head.

"I'm sorry," She said, "I just don't want to appear rude,"

"Oh come on, you're not-"Kanlan was cut off when someone started pounding on the other side of the door.

"Oi, Kanlan! Get up already! Master's not going to be happy if you're late again!" A voice shouted from outside. Kanlan sighed.

"I'm already up Ryuu!" She shouted, "Stop being so loud!" The pounding on the door stopped.

"Really? Natsumi usually has to drag you out of bed," Ryuu stated.

"Oh shut up…" Kanlan muttered.

"What?" Ryuu asked.

"Nothing!" Kanlan quickly responded.

"Well, Okay…" Ryuu said, "Just make sure you come down soon. Master Kichiro wants us outside in about an hour,"

"Alright, got it," Kanlan replied.

"Okay, I'll see you soon sister," Ryuu said. Kanlan listened to his fading footsteps as he walked away. After a minute she yawned again. Natsumi looked at her.

"Do you want me to bring you something to eat Miss Kanlan?" She asked. Kanlan shook her head.

"No thanks," She answered, "I'll just get something myself," Natsumi nodded and bowed.

"Then I'll excuse myself miss," She said. She gracefully walked across the room and left, bowing once more as she paused at the doorway. Kanlan sat in bed a moment longer before deciding to get ready.


My name is Kanlan Silverstar. But really, most people here call me Miss Kanlan.

Kanlan yawned one last time as she left her room and started traveling the hallways of the castle of which she lived.

I guess that's just to be expected when you're a lord's granddaughter.

Turning the corner she started down a winding staircase.

My grandfather is one of the lords of the Blue Elf clan. He rules the Eastern clan. I live with him here in Ishiburu castle. It's not a bad life, I guess. Even if it is a little boring.

Kanlan stepped off the last stair and headed down yet another elaborately decorated hallway. She hadn't run into anyone yet despite how many people lived in the castle, but then again, they were all probably down in the dining hall. Other than her, most Elves didn't sleep in.

Grandfather has been the ruler of this castle since he was three hundred years old. I guess that may sound pretty old too humans, but that's only about middle aged for an elf. Right now, I think he's about of seven hundred. I don't really know, he doesn't like to celebrate his birthdays, he says they make him feel old or something. Myself, I'm only eighty three, which would be the human equivalent of fifteen or sixteen. So I'm still pretty young. Age wise and experience wise. It's rather sad really, I've lived for a bit of time yet I've hardly ever traveled outside of the clans boarders.

Kanlan finally entered a large room. Unlike the rest of the castle, it wasn't that elaborately decorated. However, it was enormous, it was the biggest room in the castle, it was big enough to fit every elf at once, and still have some room to spare. Above, simple chandeliers hung from the ceiling, used to illuminate the room at night. Wooden tables were placed all around the room in rows. Around a hundred or so elves sat at them, eating and drinking. A few cooks ran about the room, delivering food to those elves that wanted it. This was the dining hall of the castle. Kanlan headed a table but started when a man suddenly stepped in front of her.

"Finally up eh?" The man smirked. He looked only a couple dozen years older than Kanlan. He was tall and had long bright red hair and blue eyes.

"Good morning to you too Ryuu," Kanlan said sarcastically. Her brother smirked.

"If you want to eat, you'd better hurry up," He told her, "Master Kichiro said we were starting soon,"

"I know, you told me," Kanlan sighed. Ryuu smirked again.

"Just wanted to make sure you wouldn't be late again,"

"Gee, thanks…" Kanlan muttered. Ryuu smiled brightly and ruffled her hair.

"Always looking out for my younger sister," Ryuu said in a way he knew would annoy her. Kanlan just glared and stomped over a table. Ryuu laughed behind her.

"I'll see you later!" He called after her.

"Brothers…." Kanlan hissed under her breath.


The forest trees glistened in the morning sun behind them. Kanlan stretched her arms as she waited. Ryuu was standing a few feet away, tapping his foot impatiently. Finally, a figure appeared a short ways away.

"Good, you're both here," The elf Kichiro smiled as he walked towards them. Kanlan and Ryuu both bowed their heads as he approached.

"Good morning Master," They both said. The three of them were outside the castle grounds, near the edge of Furui Forest. This is where siblings came out here every day for their lessons. Kichiro smiled at the two of them.

"Good morning to you too," He said. Kanlan lifted her head and smiled at her teacher. Kichiro was a kind man who wasn't quite old but he wasn't exactly young either. He had long white hair and red eyes, or…eye. One thing Kanlan found peculiar about Kichiro was that he always wore a scarf that covered the entire left side of his face. Kanlan had once asked him about it. He had just laughed and told her he had just had an unlucky encounter with a demon had left him with a nasty scar.

"I hope you're both ready for today," Kichiro said kindly. Ryuu suddenly seemed to get excited.

"Oh yeah! I'm ready!" He exclaimed. Kichiro chuckled.

"Uh, sure?" She said unsurely. Combat Training wasn't her favorite. Yet she and her brother were forced to practice it every day. They were expected to know how to fight, and fight well. It was expected of every Blue Elf, especially a Blue Elf related to a Lord. Lords were the most powerful Elves in the Clan. It was only natural those related to him were expected to be powerful as well.

"Don't worry," Kichiro said to her, "It'll be alright," Kanlan said nothing. Not quite sure. Normal training didn't bother her.

But today's training…Man, I feel really bad about it.

"Now then, shall we begin?" Kichiro asked. They both nodded, Ryuu smiling and Kanlan rather hesitantly. Kichiro smiled softly and began to make his way into the forest. The two siblings followed him. They didn't have to walk long, after about thirty seconds of walking the three made their way into a large clearing. This was the Ishiburu training ground. Most of the warrior elves trained here. The clearing was about three hundred feet wide and long. Short grass covered the ground and scattered all around the clearing were about thirty wooden figures placed around the clearing.

Kichiro made his way to the center of the clearing and stopped. The two siblings stood a little off to the side. The teacher smiled and turned around. Ryuu looked around the clearing.

"What's with these things?" He asked.

"I had them set up earlier," Kichiro answered, "Before we get to the main lesson I want to test your strength,"

"Test our strength?" Kanlan asked. Kichiro nodded.

"Yes, Ryuu will start," He said. The Elvin boy looked up.

"Find a spot, and I want you to destroy ten of these dummies,"

"Uh…Okay," Ryuu said, "But if I may ask, what exactly is the point of this?"

"It's just a little practice that allows me to gauge your strength," The Master replied. Ryuu shrugged.

"Alright then," he said. The Elvin boy walked into the center of the clearing as Kichiro went to stand next to Kanlan.

"So I just gotta break ten of them?"

"Yes, as fast as you can," Kichiro answered. Ryuu nodded and closed his eyes. For a minute he just stood there. Then he clasped both his hands together. He breathed in deeply and spread his hands out. As he did a burning trail of fire trailed from his hands. Kichiro nodded approvingly as he did this. Ryuu suddenly brought both of his hand together again, keeping about two inches between them. A swirling ball of fire formed between his palms. Suddenly he clenched his fists and his hands ignited. The fire crackled around his fists, not injuring him in the slightest.

Turning, he faced the first dummy. Without hesitation he lashed out, striking the dummy in the side, immediately the entire figure was encased in flame. Ryuu lashed out with his foot and the weakened wood figure broke into pieces. Not taking his foot back he spun around, kicking another figure in the chest. As he lowered his foot he thrust out with his hands, smashing the figure in the head. The head flew off the figure, burning. Kanlan watched her brother with a calm expression.

That is Hinote Jutsu, the mastery and control of fire.

Ryuu faced another figure now, he punched, hitting the figure on the shoulder; he quickly brought his hand back and struck the figure in the chest. He left that figure to burn and faced another.

Blue elves have the ability to wield one of the five elements. It is a magic sacred to only our clan. No other being in the world has the ability to do this. It is because of this magic that our clan is the most respected and revered race of the world.

Ryuu suddenly stepped back as one last figure fell to pieces before him. Around him, ten figures lay in pieces, burning. Kichiro smiled and nodded approvingly.

"Very good Ryuu, you've improved a great deal," He complimented, "I remember when I first started teaching you, you couldn't keep up a constant flame for more than a minute," Ryuu grinned and scratched the back of his head.

"Heh, Thanks Master Kichiro," He said.

Each Blue Elf can control one element. That element is called his 'calling'. There are five different techniques, or 'Jutsu's'. Hinote Jutsu, the control of fire. Mizu Jutsu, the control of water. Aisu Jutsu, the control of Ice. Tsuchi Jutsu, the control of earth. And Kaze Jutsu, the control of wind. Myself, I'm called a Mizu. That is…Mizu Jutsu is my calling.

Kichiro turned to Kanlan. He smiled at her kindly.

"Alright Kanlan, your turn," Kanlan nodded and walked to a different part of the clearing. Ryuu yawned and walked up next to Kichiro. Kanlan stopped a few dozen feet away. The wooden figures surrounded her.

Well…at least this part won't be hard.

Taking a deep breath she spread both arms outward. She closed her eyes in concentration. For a second nothing happened. Then, slowly, drops of water began to rise up from the ground. The drops turned into a small stream as Kanlan drew the water from the earth. Soon enough, The Elvin girl had two good sized balls of water floating beneath her palms. Kanlan opened her eyes. She faced the first figure. Quickly she slashed her arms across. The water suddenly twisted to form a blade like shapes. The two blades shot forward, one sliced through the figures neck and the other across its waist. A second passed and the wooden figure fell to pieces. Kanlan called back the water and spun around, swinging her right arm as she did so. One of the blades swung across, cleaving off a figures head. Then she swung her left arm. The other blade flew forward, cutting what was left of the figure in half. Kanlan continued to dismantle the figures. After about a minute. Ten of the wooden figures were in pieces around her. Kichiro smiled at her.

"Very good Kanlan, it impressive that you are able to form such a strong blade with water,"

"Thank you," Kanlan replied, her breathing slightly heavy. Drawing water from the ground was difficult, especially during the summer when the earth was dry. Ryuu laughed at her.

"Ha! Look at yourself, you're already tired!" He laughed. There was a splash as a large ball of water broke against his face. With narrowed eyes he spat some of the water out of his mouth. Now it was Kanlan's turn to laugh. Kichiro sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he watched the siblings.

"Yes well…let's move on," He said, sweat dropping.


Kanlan watched as Kichiro pulled a small crystal sphere out of his pocket. He turned to Ryuu.

"Are you two ready for the main lesson," He asked with a smiled. Ryuu looked exited, Kanlan…not so much.

"Alright, I told you that today, you were going to do it. Today, you're going to face a demon," Kanlan bit her lip. This was probably the most pivotal reason why Blue Elves needed to master their calling.

The main job for a Blue Elf, was demon extermination. They were the strongest of the races, so it was only natural they take on this duty. Most humans weren't strong enough to fight them, and even some of the other Elvin clans had problems. This was why it was so important that they become strong, it was their responsibility to protect Fioelore.

Kichiro looked up at Ryuu.

"Are you ready…Ryuu...?" Ryuu, who had moved and was now standing a good dozen feet away, nodded eagerly. Kichiro nodded at him.

"Get ready," He said. Ryuu nodded and dropped into a fighting stance. Kichiro took a breath and threw the sphere into the air. Kanlan watched as the small object fell through the air. The sphere hit the ground and exploded.


Smoke flew everywhere. Kanlan covered her eyes. Kichiro walked next to her and crossed his arms, watching Ryuu carefully. The smoke began to clear. Kanlan suddenly caught a glimpse of shining green eyes. Ryuu narrowed his eyes. The rest of the smoke cleared, revealing a horrifying monster.

It was gruesome; over twenty feet tall. Its body was covered in red scales, and it had huge arms with cleaver like blades as hands. It had the lower body of a spider, with eight pointed legs that dragged across the ground. The creature snarled, its jagged teeth dripping with saliva and its green eyes shining with bloodlust.

This…is a demon…

Demons were known as the third race, after Elves and Humans. They were horrifying creatures, who's only goal was one thing…blood. They lived to kill and devour the bodies of Men and Elves alike. Of course, this one here wasn't real; it was only a mock demon, a solid illusion with no real killing power. But that didn't make it look any less frightening.

This was today's lesson, they were to fight a mock demon, and defeat it. However, Kanlan and Ryuu had never fought anything like this before.

"Go on Ryuu!" Kichiro called, "A lower level demon like this should be no trouble for you," Ryuu nodded. He brought both his hands together and summoned a fireball. The demon watched him with hungry eyes. Ryuu suddenly brought his hands out, the fire ball shot at the demon. It crashed into the demons head. Smoke flew everywhere, covering the demons head. Ryuu punched the air.

"Ha ha!" He smirked. Suddenly he froze when the demons head cleared the smoke, unharmed. He stared at the creature.

"Whoa…no way…" the demon roared at him. It suddenly lunged at him. Ryuu rolled out of the way as one of the cleaver claws smashed into the ground. Ryuu immediately summoned some more fire and shot it at the demons head again. Again the attack did nothing but anger it. The demon turned its head and swiped at Ryuu. The back of the cleaver claw caught Ryuu in the stomach. Ryuu was thrown backward.

"Ouch…" Kanlan said sympathetically. Ryuu got to his feet with a groan. The demon roared at him. Ryuu snarled and shot out both hands. A stream of fire exploded from his hands and shot at the demon. The demon raised its claws and blocked the attack. Suddenly the stream disappeared. Ryuu hunched over, his hands on his knees, breathing heavily.

"Damn it…" he huffed. The demon lunged at him. Ryuu didn't have enough time to doge. The demon slammed into him. Ryuu flew backwards. He slammed into a tree. With a groan he fell to the floor. The demon stared down at him with hungry eyes. Ryuu gritted his teeth and slowly stood up, once again facing the demon. The demon looked at him coolly, clearly not afraid. Kanlan shouted out.

"Ryuu! You're getting your ass kicked!" Ryuu glared at her, a vein throbbing in his head.

"Shut up! This is hard!"

"It's not even a real demon! It can't even kill you!" Kanlan replied.

"Well it sure as hell can knock me around!"

"whose fault is that?!"

"Ah damn it…" Ryuu muttered as he watched the demon. Suddenly the demon lunged out at him. Ryuu jumped out of the way, but the demons second claw hit him. Ryuu was slammed into the ground. He coughed as he tried to stand back up. Kanlan bit her lip, starting to get a little worried. Ryuu was getting beat pretty bad.

"Uh Master," Kanlan said, "Maybe you should dispel the demon, it looks like a little much for Ryuu,"

"No," He said simply, "Ryuu must fight it without my help,"

"Uh Okay…but what about…"

"Kanlan," Kichiro said, turning to her, "Do not worry; at the very worst Ryuu will get only a few bruises."


"And besides, this is a lesson for him, and for you. Someday Ryuu will fight demons twice and three time's as powerful as this one. He is the grandson of a lord in the Blue Elf clan," Kichiro lowered his head slightly.

"It has always been the Blue Elf clan's job to fight the demons. For hundreds of years we have used our power over the elements to protect the race of elves and man. As lineage to a lord Ryuu will be called upon often to defend innocent lives. When that time comes I will not be there to help him. He must learn to fight on his own and prevail, you must as well," Kanlan nodded, it wasn't like what he said was untrue. Sighing, she turned to watch the fight.

Ryuu was still facing the demon, trying to think of a way to defeat it. The demon hadn't moved, it just stood there, waiting for Ryuu to make a move. Suddenly Kichiro called out.

"Ryuu, It's obvious that whatever it is you're doing isn't working. If straightforward attacks are not working, locate its weak point," Ryuu looked over.

"Wha?" He asked.

"Every creature, no matter how strong, has a weakness in their defense. You need to find it," Kanlan watched her teacher.

A weak point?

She turned back to the monster. She stared at it for a while before it hit her. It was the creature's scales. They were what were defending it from Ryuu's fire. That's why Ryuu couldn't burn it. The demon's whole body was covered in scale… except for its legs. Its legs were only covered in some sort of fur. If Ryuu could somehow manage to take out its legs, the creature would be incapacitated. Kanlan was about to tell her brother this, but remembered what Kichiro had said, Ryuu had to fight this on his own, so she stayed silent.


Ryuu studied the demon carefully.

Weak point? I don't see one of those!

The demon suddenly got tired of waiting and lunged. Ryuu rolled out of the way of the attack. The demon spun around quickly and was once again standing before Ryuu. With a cry it brought both cleaver claws down. Ryuu had no choice but to run underneath the demon to dodge. Desperate, he shot some fire into the belly of the demon. It just bounced off the scales like before. But, one flicker of flame caught one of the demons legs. The demon let out of roar of pain. Ryuu's eyes widened as he ran out the other side of the demon.

Its legs?

Ryuu looked closely.

The legs! They're not scaled like the rest of the body!

Angry, the demon spun around to face him. Ryuu smirked, and idea forming in his head. He quickly swung his arm back.

"I guess this is the perfect time to use that trick master taught me!" He shouted. The demon lunged at him. Ryun's hand burst into flame and the Elvin boy swung swung his arm forward.

"Kouen kei!"[Flame Whip] He shouted. A large whip of flame shot from his arm. It swung around and slammed into the demons eight legs. Blood splattered as the whip cleaved the limbs right off. The demon cried out in pain and crashed to the ground. Ryuu shot both hands forward and a giant fireball shot towards the demon head. It roared as the fire smashed into it.


Kichiro snapped his fingers. With a snap the demon exploded into particles. For a second they just floated in the air. Suddenly they made a whooshing sound as they all flew together, once again forming a small crystal sphere. Kichiro smiled.

"Well done Ryuu. Very well done," He complimented. Ryuu smiled.

"Heh…thanks…" He fell over.

"Ow…" He moaned as Kanlan came up beside Kichiro.

"Took you long enough," Kanlan grinned. Ryuu smirked.


Kichiro chuckled softly. He walked over and picked the demon sphere off the ground. He held it up to the light and gazed at it.

"This was what's called a Hikui, a low class demon with little power. The two of you will deal many of these in your lifetime." He looked up into the clouds, "Such is the way of a Blue Elf," Kanlan nodded, Ryuu didn't, he had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Smiling Kichiro turned around and faced Kanlan.

"Now then Kanlan," He started, "It's your turn. How about we move over to the lake so the fight is more fair," Kanlan nodded nervously.

"Oh…O-okay," she said nervously. After seeing how much trouble her brother had had, she was a little nervous. Kichiro smiled at her.

"Do not worry, I'm sure you shall do fine. As long as you do what I've taught you, and use your offensive techniques well. It should be easier for you. Being a Mizu myself, I was able to teach you more than I was able to your brother," Kanlan nodded.

"Now then," Kichiro said, "Shall we go?" the teacher had taken only one step when he they a shout.

"Master Kichiro!" A voice shouted. Kichiro turned around to see who had spoken. A young elf ran up. He was dressed in light green clothes. Kanlan recognized the uniform. He was a border scout. The patrolled the borders of Yasuragi, the Blue Elves territory.

"Yes?" Kichiro asked when the elf finally reached him. He took a couple of deep breaths to catch his breath.

"Master, We need your assistance. We've spotted an intruder near the castle. Lord Silverstar requests that you go with the relief force. He says he feels something strange about the intruder,"

"Strange?" Kichiro asked, "Strange how?" The border scout shook his head.

"I don't know. Lord Silverstar just said strange, and asked that you accompany the force to intercept the intruder," Kichiro looked at the elf for a bit, then nodded.

"Rather odd, considering it's only one person," He sighed.

"Well, if it's a direct order from Lord Silverstar, I can't exactly refuse now can I?" He suddenly turned to Kanlan and smiled.

"Kanlan, how about you come with me," He said, "We probably won't have time for your lesson today because of this, and we don't get many intruders in Yasuragi, it could be a good learning experience," Kanlan nodded. She always jumped at the chance to go into Furui Forest. She enjoyed the trees, the animals, and the peaceful nature. She guessed it was just part of her nature as a Mizu.

"Sure," She nodded. Kichiro smiled and turned back to the border scout.

"Well then, shall we go?"


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