"How can you not see that?"

"Dude there is nothing there!"

It suddenly hit him. Could it be..? No. That was impossible. Surely Sean was kidding. There must have been a really swirly vortex of ominous green light hovering mere inches above the skyline.

"Sean,quit kidding around man, your trying to trip me out."

Sean was looking at me with a confused face at this point. Oh shit....no....Oh god please no!

I grabbed Sean's shoulders. "Don't Fuck with me man! I swear I will KILL you if your kidding!!"

"Let go of me! I'm not kidding you Damen! I swear!"

Sean was frightened. I don't blame him. I scare myself sometimes also.

It's been a while Damen,dear...

My heart stopped. My blood froze in my veins. My lungs shut down.


Oh please Damen let him stay, I want to have fun too...

"What's your deal man? Whose back?"


I picked up the nearest tree branch. I started to swing it at him.

"Your tripping man! Fuck this!" Sean said over his shoulder as he ran from his friend.

Oh your no fun Damen,dear...

Yes Yes, I wanted to play too you know...

"Get out! It's been 10 years! I want to be rid of your bloody voices!" I had collapsed on the cold forest floor.

Oh god...No...Not again...

Tears ran down my face in a steady flow. It was too late.

It was back. They were back.

Why do I get the feeling you don't like us Damen, dear...?

Let's remind him how to have a good time...

Oh yes let's....

"Leave me alone! Not again! Never Again!"

Oh yes Damen,dear.

Again! Again!

I was loosing control of my body. Why did this have to happen to me? Why? Damn that Swirly vortex....

"Chrissy?! Where are you? Hurry with that fire wood!"

"I'm coming!" I said frustrated. God,Margo could be so bossy.

A twig snapped.

"I'm coming Margo! Sheesh."

Something clamped down on my mouth roughly and twisted my arm behind my back. I heard a sickening crack,and then came the pain. Oh the white hot pain. It was unbaerable. I screamed agaist my attackers hand.

"Shut up! Scream anymore and I will kill you nice and slow."

My eyes widened. K-Kill?

"I'm so sorry about this. I can't help it."

"Quit being polite focus!"

My attacker was talking to himself,his voice kept changing. A devilish smile played at his lips. He slowly unsheathed a OH MY GOD! Is that a Knife?! Jesus! God help me.

Tears blurred my vision.

He cut my shirt of only leaving me in my camp bathing suit top.

"Don't scream bitch."

Scream at wha-The pain came again. Oh god! A shriek erupted from my lips. He was etching a small heart on my chest. Oh god,make it stop!

"Please! I'll give you any thing!"

"I'm so sorry miss."

"Shut up!" A siren fired off in the distance.

"Shit! we'll have to make this quick."

"Q-Quick?" Surely he didn-

That was my last though before he slit my throat. God....why didn't you save me?

"Chief, here's that file you asked for."

A rather portly man dressed in an unflattering policemen's uniform opened the manilla folder.

"The boy's friend claimed Damen saw some sort of green smog thing. It says here that the perpetrator, Damen Richardson, Suffers from severe Schizophrenia. he sees thing that aren't there. Hears voices in his head. Some people say that he killed himself after he killed that girl"

Just then the chief, who had been investigating a the crime scene felt a chill.

Hello there Frank,dear. Let's be friends...

Oh yes, best friends