I am the singularity.
I am the everything
before there was anything.
I am man, woman,
infant child and oldest sage.
There is love and hatred in me,
good and evil, peace and war.
I have experienced pain and joy,
laughter and sadness,
the quietest calm and fiercest anger.
I am one, of everything.


I am all-encompassing:
animals and plants and stones
and molecules colliding
and the vast empty vacuum of space.
You have seen these and you have names them
as if each were a discrete creation,
the rib bone separate from the man.
The most astute of you may even claim
to see my hand at work in these things,
but I am more than some supra-intelligent designer.
I AM everything, one entity in many forms,
the living and the nonliving, simultaneously all things.
You see the stars at night and wonder
at their distance and power: that is me.
You see cells dividing, forming an embryo
for the next living being: that is me.
You see mountains rising, fault lines
sliding, oceans deepening: that is me.
You see a seed falling, germinating, growing,
yielding fruit to sow more seeds: that is me.
And you see someone writing, furiously scribbling
to capture thoughts unique, and believing: that is me.

TMK 19/22june2009