I was mad. I was heartbroken. I was devastated. That Idiot! That Wonderful, Irresponsible,careless,beautiful idiot!

Why did he have to do that?! Leave me like that!

I walked along the beach him and I walked on not even mere hours before he...he...Oh god now I'm crying again. It like it was Yesterday. No, It was yesterday.

Drake and I had been riding back to our hotel from a day at the beach, a car driven by a drunk driver had swerved and....

the words locked in my throat. Oh god WHY?

I walked to a familliar part of the beach. There it was. The two hearts that we drew in the sand.

"Look Isabell, One for you and one for me. The beach will always know our hearts are entwined." he told me.

Suddenly a wave washed up and washed away drake's heart.

Oh how ironically poetic. I went to the water and picked up a hand full of water that mingled with with my salt tears. I dropped the water on my heart in the sand. It faded but did not disappear completely.

Oh, how ironically poetic.