Daughter- Worries about her mother.

Mother- Deeply worries about her daughter.

Older Brother- Worries deeply about himself.

MInor characters: Bambi, Thumper, Father

Author's Note: All character names were made in reference to the daughter. (For example, older brother, as in, daughter's older brother)

Discalaimer: This play is not intended to rekindle any deer related childhood traumas. And Bambi belongs to Disney...

Post Bambi Trauma

[Small cottage by edge of forest. Mother gardening by house. Daughter inside, watching Bambi (the movie) for the first time. About halfway through the movie. Television set playing. Bambi and Thumper speaking.]

Bambi: Hey, Thumper, let's go take a stroll in our beautiful forest. That way, I can leave my mother all defenseless over there with the nice people carrying guns. [Two seconds later, gunshot heard] Mom?

Thumper: She's not moving, Bambi. [Television sounds blend into background. Daughter looks horrified and runs away from television]

[In daughter's room. Daughter talking to Older brother.]

Daughter: Why? Why would they kill Bambi's mom?

Older Brother: Why would they name a rabbit in a kid's movie something as perverted as Thumper? Why do some people find overalls stylish? These are all questions with no answers.

Daughter: They just...killed her! Guns are stupid. We should burn them all!

Older brother: Erm... Sure.

Daughter: I'm gonna go check on Mom. [Daughter goes out to garden; searches for Mother; sees her approaching forest]

Daughter: NOOO! [Jumps on Mother, knocks her down] DON'T GO INTO THE FOREST!

Mother: [Irritated] What was that for?

Daughter: [Points ahead] That guy is about to shoot you with his horrible gun!

Mother: That's just a scarecrow... And he's not holding anything in his hand.

Daughter: Oh...

[Older brother watching scene unfold from upstairs window of cottage. Laughing so hard, he needs his inhaler.]


[Six months later. Mother, Older brother, Father, and Daughter at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Standing near booth that has bottles stacked on top of each other and guns are used to knock them down]

Older brother: [points at said stand] I want to play!

Mother: No.

Older brother: Uggh. Fine. [does cheesy finger gun and pretends to shoot Mother. Mother laughs. Daughter launches herself on Older brother]

Daughter: Nooo! Don't shoot, Don't shoot!