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Chapter One - Silent Killer

"It seems like the deceased is being identified as Dr. Tenzor Graham," Kaelor Lendon looked up from his file and stared straight into Jillian's snow white eyes. The latter had a shocked look spread across her face, as if she was unable to absorb what he had just said.

"Wasn't he one of the committee members who brought up the idea of going to war with the Aquadors?" Jillian asked her colleague.

"Well, we can't say for sure whether he was the one who suggested it, but it is confirmed by the Head that he was involved in the matter, one way or another."

On the planet of Racoen, there is a Head for different races. This person is the one who controls the affairs, particularly foreign, of the race and is often considered as the most respectable person in the race. It is never revealed who is the current Head; this is to prevent anybody from hurting him or her. Normally, the identity is only being disclosed after the Head has passed on. His assistants are called the committee members.

As soon as Kaelor said it, Jillian raised an eyebrow at him, "That was helpful."

Kaelor just shook his head and a smile formed on his pale lips. Sometimes Jillian was too impatient. It actually took sometime for him to get used to her groaning.

"So, what was the cause of death?" Jillian bent down to look at the bloodied body on the road. At first glance, it was almost impossible to recognize it as a fellow Luxen.

"There were multiple cuts around his wrists and a few slashes around the waist. But it seems like he died because of poisoning. His vital organs seem to have failed." Kaelor pressed against the stomach area, which was swollen and bloated. His skin also appeared to be yellow, unlike the Luxens' normal white skin.

He then pointed towards the neck, "It looks like he was bitten by something too."

Jillian tilted her head to the right, "He couldn't have been bitten by a Vampire from the Vampric race – the marks are too blunt to be caused by two sharp teeth. Instead, it is just enough to prick the surface of the blood vessel.

"Are there any leads on who might have done this?"

"No. None so far. The person who had done this was particularly careful," Kaelor looked at the body again.

"I need everything there is to know about Dr. Graham, and I mean everything, by tomorrow morning," Jillian got up from her squatting position and walked away.

Kaelor sighed. He had a feeling tonight he was going to lose more than half of his beauty sleep.


Valor sighed. He was here again. Just when he said it wasn't going to happen another time.

Just when he was about to knock lightly on the door to the office, his fist stopped in midair. Should he help them? He knew it wasn't right. This was a war which only consisted of the two races. He, as a Viotome, was just an outsider.

But, he had to help his friend. No matter what, he owed him one.


"Come in," A voice came from the room. Valor sighed once again as he entered the office and found Arenn sitting his chair. Arenn grinned once he saw Valor.

"Hey! Didn't expect you to come so soon after your last mission," The Aquador gestured towards the chair just opposite of him. Valor then reluctantly sat down.

"Well, that's me," Valor forced a small smile. "Always ready to help."

Arenn examined his friend. He had the exact same physical characteristics of the Viotome race. His hair had streaks of magenta in them while his eye colour was a beautiful shade of crimson. His rather thick lips were violet. Around his eyes, there were black lines outlining them. He had a slightly yellow skin.

"By the way, nice work back there," Arenn praised Valor. "It takes a true courage to do that."

Valor smirked. He wasn't afraid to admit that he was sadistic by nature. He enjoyed doing it.

"Here's another one. This is top priority – in fact, this is your only priority at this point of time. We need to show these Luxens who they're dealing with. Do I make myself clear?" The Aquador's clear blue eyes stared straight into Valor's crimson ones as he passed a picture to his friend.

'You're our only hope now.' Arenn thought as he sighed inwardly.


With that, Valor got up, only to vanish a second later.

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