Chapter 1

She opened her eyes, groggy from her sleep, to find herself in darkness. She was laying on a cold, hard floor in a place she did not recognize, but that was just without her sight. She felt around her only to realize that she was no where near any walls or furniture that would be able to help her figure out where she was. She felt lost. Her breathing and heartbeat accelerated, keeping pace with each other, as fear and adrenaline pulsed through her veins. Her mind began flipping through possible circumstances to explain how she ended up in this unfamiliar place, but nothing seemed to come to mind.

The girl began to crawl on the floor with one arm stretched out in front of her to feel the way. She was careful to crawl the same direction as to not get turned around and crawl in circles in the darkness. It wasn't long until her small fingers felt a cold smooth wall in front of her. She sighed in relief but fear did not escape her body. She still did not recognize the room.

Suddenly, she heard noises through the darkness that sounded like a key in a lock. The girl used the wall to stand up and put her back against it. Her eyes faced the noise and her breathing grew faster out of sheer terror. She did not know what to expect or what to even see, but she knew that she had a reason to be frightened.

Then there was a bright light that cut through the darkness and the girl closed her eyes tight. It was a door of light that illuminated the room and the girl inside it. When she finally got used to the sudden change, she looked towards the door.

"Good evening, my pet." A dark, male voice said from the silhouette that she could see.

The girl was silent as she squinted through the light trying to make out the man in front of her. The dark shadow stepped forward toward her and her heart began to accelerate to unnatural paces. He was soon close enough so she could see certain features of his face. They were just as dark as his silhouette had been and were sharp around the edges. His skin looked like white ivory and his dark hair hung close to his shining violet eyes. She had never seen any thing like him before and for a moment, she was taken aback.

The man smiled at the girls surprised and shocked face causing her to draw in a deep breath. He smelled her fear as it rolled off of her freely. Her bright amber brown eyes were full of dread and her beautiful blond hair lined her features perfectly. Her chest was heaving up and down as her lungs drew in sharp, seemingly painful breaths. And then there was her heart. He could hear her human heart beating hard in her chest as adrenaline flooded her system. He remembered the feeling, but that was another life. A life full of fear and pain. Things had changed.

"Wh-who a-a-are y-you?" The girls small voice managed to say.

"I am Kristopher." The dark man smiled, flashing his sharp canines. "And I am your master."

Kristopher saw the girls eyes widen and disbelief crossed her features. "Wh-what?" She squeaked.

He narrowed his eyes and sent a small amount of power towards the girl. He saw her grimace in pain as she fell hard to the floor. Kristopher only held the power over her for a second before releasing it and looking down at the girl.

"Carolina, my pet," Kristopher hissed, her name rolling off his tongue like honey. "You are mine now."

"Whats going on?" She cried. "Who are you? What do you mean?"

"Silence." he whispered and she silenced her tongue. "Don't worry, my pet. I shall break you and then you will know your place."

Carolina's chest continued to rise and fall with each breath as she sat facing Kristopher. He listened to her pounding heart and a smile betrayed his greed. He sent a burst of power towards her just to watch her wither in pain and then forced her to kneel before him. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her blue eyes were wide in fear.

"I am Kristopher." He said again. "I am your master and you are my pet."

Then he hissed causing her to flinch and he showed her his sharp canines. He heard her heart beat even faster and his lust over took him. He reached towards Carolina and pushed her hair away from her neck. Using his power, her forced her to sleep and then pierced her exposed neck with his sharp teeth. He held her tightly and drew Carolina's sweet blood.

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at a Vampire story so please let me know what you think! Thanks!