Chapter 4

Marcie awoke with a start with sweat dripping down her face and neck. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and tears were rolling down her cheeks like rivers. Pain filled her heart and she felt herself dip even lower into the darkness that seemed to have taken over her for the past few years. Its seemed that no matter what she did or how long it was, she could not forget that her sister was gone.

Standing up, Marcie looked at the clock that was across from her bed and sighed. She had dozed off around noon and now it was almost five. It had been another day of sleeping and crying. It made her wonder if she was ever going to get over this and move on. From the way it was going, it didn't seem so. Unfortunately, Marcie knew that she couldn't just spend the rest of her days wallowing in her sadness. She had to do something. The question was, could she do something?

Marcie sighed and then walked across the hall to the study which her parents usually kept empty. They were not the people who used technology or had anything to do with the outside world so the room was rarely used. Sitting down on the desk chair and swiveling to face the computer, Marcie turned on the laptop and waited for the settings to load. As soon as the Internet browser pulled up, she had an idea.

Sitting up straighter, Marcie clicked on the Google task bar and typed in the name she was missing the most. Carolina Denali. As the page loaded, Marcie gasped.

"Carolina Denali. 15 years old, blond hair, amber eyes," Marcie listed from one of the first listed sites. "That sounds like my Carolina."

She clicked on the link to the site and found herself on a pure black screen with only a couple links to different places. Marcie saw that Carolina's name was listed with several others so she clicked it. The page that came up made her breathe in a sharp breath.

Carolina's picture came up with her hair matted and dirty, and her eyes looked tired and red. Her mouth was just hanging open slightly and it almost looked to Marcie that she had been drugged. Her eyes scanned the page. Her sister's profile was plainly stated but her location remained confidential. The page said that the only way to know where she was was to buy her. Then Marcie felt as though she couldn't breath. Her sister had been put for sale. To who? She still wasn't sure.

Scrolling down, she found more information. A lot of it had to do with what she looked like, acted like, and even smelled like. According to the page, she was sweet smelling with an equally enticing drink. Drink? Marcie didn't understand what they meant by that. But when she got to the bottom of the page where the Buy Here button should have been, all she saw was the bright red letters of the word SOLD.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kristopher looked up from his book and his violet eyes looked towards the door. Carolina still had not returned. The visit to see his father should have only taken a couple minutes and yet, she had been gone for a good fifteen. She must have gotten sidetracked by the statues. Still, Kristopher stood up, placed his book on the table next to his chair, and ventured outside of his quarters.

When he entered the bright hallway, he rolled his eyes and began his descent to his fathers bedroom. He smiled at the statues along the side of the hall but didn't glance at the golden fountain his father had insisted be put in front of his room. He hated that fountain. It was too, what was the word, pretty. In a castle of vampires, pretty should not be part of the decorations.

As Kristopher approached the tall doors, he could hear no voices and the doors were closed. His father never closed his doors unless-

Kristopher burst in through the doors to find his father and Carolina on the couch. Carolina was definitely unconscious for her eyes were closed and she didn't move when he entered. His father had his hand wrapped around her waist, holding her up, and his mouth moved quickly away from Carolina. When he turned to Kristopher, there was the sweet blood of Kristopher's slave on his fathers mouth.

Narrowing his eyes, Kristopher stormed over to where his father was sitting and flashed his sharp canines in his direction.

"What do you think you are doing?" he hissed, anger showing plainly on his white face.

"Just having a little snack," the King said, licking his lips, his black eyes never leaving Kristopher's.

"Let go of her, now. I did not send her to you so you could kill her."

"You wouldn't have sent her to me if she wasn't okay to drink from," his father said calmly.

"I have already taken blood from her today. She is not ready to be taken from again," Kristopher said angrily between his teeth. "You should know better than to feed off of one of my slaves."

"You sent her, I can do what I want to her."

"No you cannot. I bought her, I decide what is done to her. Now let go of her."

The King released his grip on Carolina and stood up from the couch. The girl's form slouched and Kristopher noticed how white she was. Pushing aside his father, her picked up the girl and carried her out of the room without saying another word to his father.

When he returned to his dark room, he slammed the door with his foot and brought Carolina over to his bed. Laying her gently on the soft blankets, he covered the girl with light covers and let her sleep.

Kristopher returned to his chair and looked at the girl. She was almost as white as the sheets and she looked weak, even in her slumber. He knew that she did not have enough blood in her system to have any decent dreams so he decided that he would not invade her mind this time. Besides, his own mind was thinking to hard.

Many thoughts were rebounding inside of Kristopher's head and almost every thought had to do with Carolina. It wasn't that he was attracted to her or anything like that, but he felt as though she could never leave him. If she did, he would never be satisfied with another humans blood again. Her blood was so sweet and so tasteful. It flowed onto his tongue like honey and it sang to his taste buds a sweet song that he can never forget. But since his father fed off of her, he wouldn't be able to feed on her again for several days. Maybe not even for a week. This lack of blood in his own system would be sure to cause him to be more testy and angry. Unfortunately, that meant his wrath during the rest of the week will be taken out on Carolina.

Hopefully it wouldn't matter. If she stays in her place and keeps out of Kristopher's way, she would most likely not get hurt. But when Kristopher is low on blood, her smallest mistake might set him off. He would have to be careful if he wanted to keep Carolina alive. If he hurts her enough, whether mentally or physically, she might not survive until the next feeding.

Kristopher sighed and closed his eyes. How much he wished that sleep would take him over as well but he knew that was impossible. He was forever bound to a life of sleeplessness and blood. He would never be able to turn human. It was unattainable. Once a vampire, always a vampire.

His father never cared about being human. He always said that humans were too feeble to survive anyway. Why he wanted to keep the species alive made Kristopher wonder. But no matter. His father would be dead soon anyway. And as soon as he is, Kristopher would deal with the humans the way he wanted. But first, his father had to die.

Kristopher looked back at the sleeping girl and smiled. An idea approached his mind and a devious smile reached his face. He knew what he was going to do in order to attain the thrown. There were only a couple prerequisites that needed to be fulfilled in order to completely take over. The major problem that he needed to resolve had a solution that was sleeping right in front of him. The second problem could be resolved in a couple days. That almost takes care of all the problems he knew he would encounter. The final step would be to involve the Spirits.