A/N: This is just a sneak-peek, and it's the prologue. And this story is more than the story of two best friends coming to terms with their sexuality; it's also about their inner "problems" (you'll learn about those in the next chapter) and trying to overcome them together. That, and jealous wannabe girlfriends, parties with alcohol and cameras, wild dogs, a near-tragic car accident, the addiction to pain, and so much more.
But this prologue is a flashback to seventh grade for the two boys and their best girl friend, Jordan. Please read and review; it will make my day brighter by far! :D


"C'mon, Toby, give it back!" The dark-haired boy made a grab for the pocketknife gripped in the far larger boy's fist. "That's my grandfather's!"

"Hah!" The bully laughed at the shorter, raven-haired boy's attempts to reclaim what was rightfully his. "No way, dipshit. You're going to have to beg if you want it back."

"No, just give it back you fat dick!" The victim stopped jumping for the knife and merely resorted to crossing his arms with a demanding look on his face.

"Psh, never." Toby McLeish rolled his eyes. "It's mine now, unless you're willing to beg. If you aren't, then I'm sure I can find a use for this. Like, maybe, I could use it to pick the scum from my gutters. Or I could use it to unclog the hair in my shower drain. Or even use it to unplug my toilet after burrito night at my place!"

At the last threat, the victim's eyes burned with an intense hatred for his tormentor. He then lunged for the larger boy, his arms outstretched in a gesture of offensive attack. "YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU SLIMY-"

"Dayton!" He heard his name from over his shoulder, and then saw a pair of hands jump in front of him. He was then stopped as the hands held him back, but he was too outraged to care who was holding him back. "Sam! Help me out here!" The girl who was restraining him called out, and then Dayton was also held back as an arm wrapped around his neck.

"Dayton, stop! Don't you do anything you'll fucking regret!" The commanding voice filled his ears and he felt himself giving up.

"Yeah, Dayton…" Toby continued taunting, even though Dayton had caught the flicker of fear in his shallow eyes only seconds ago. "Sammy wants the knife for himself, so he can go cut himself in the corner."

"Shut the fuck up, you douchebag!" Dayton lurched forward with added strength.

"Dayton, stop!" The girl holding back his shoulders cried out.

"Yeah, Dayton, stop." Toby continued to tease. "Or lil' Miss Jordan won't be your whore anymore. She may have to sell herself to Sammy instead. And then she can be the emo's whore! How's that sound to you?"

With a roar deserving of a crazed madman, Dayton Johnson broke free of Jordan's and Samson's restraints, and tackled the bully. He knocked him against the wall, and even though he was smaller, his fury fueled his fist as he punched. Soon blood poured from various places in Toby McLeish's face as he cried out for the ceasing of the attacks. But Dayton was too far gone in his anger, letting it flow through his arm and body like a venom. A dangerous venom. A deadly venom. A weapon.

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