On the Tide

Setting sun,

the world so strange.

No two sunsets are the same.

Beneath the vast red sky we stand,

lingering children on the silver tide.

Quickly then, do the soft sands trickle

from our happy sunburned fingers.

Gritty socks and shoes and hair

finally scatter home for dinner.

We all look back and call farewells,

but hear the promises of forever.

For we hold time in our hands,

and days like these can never end.

Setting sun,

the world has changed.

No two sunsets are the same.

Some gone beneath the vast red sky,

their footprints filled by the ebbing tide.

How oddly fast those white sands fell

from our outstretched mortal fingers.

Tonight the world seems a scarier place.

And as we begin our separate ways,

we all look back and part with jokes,

but know the advance of diverging roads.

And so we can but only hope

that days like these should never end.

Setting sun,

the world will change.

No two sunsets are the same.

Beneath the vast red sky once more,

lingering as children on the tide,

thinking how gold sands flew swift

from fingers held not tight enough.

Memories link and tie and hold,

and span the breaks in our fracturing world,

and keep us back for a last farewell

and an earnest promise to remember.

We stand together on the tide again,

For the days we dreamed would never end.

A/N: If someone would please like to tell me how to keep line breaks in my document, I would be very much grateful. (I have tried shift+enter and just enter in varying amounts, all to no avail).

Edit: Did it... work?