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Chapter One: The Last Virgin.

Ysabella Scott declared herself crazy as she stood in front of Tristan's closed door. She must be real crazy to think of doing such thing; and with him as well. Him being Tristan Zhou, four heir's certified party animal and the boy who had been driving her crazy all summer. She didn't know why she even thought of such thing but the idea kept coming back to her until it invaded her thoughts; it was all she could think about and it was driving her crazy.

She blamed her so-called best friends; they befriended the notorious four heirs of their highly priviledged private high school, Oceania Academy. It started with her musical genius friend, Calista Herrera dating and finally marrying the town's infamous bad boy, Nathan James and then there was this history between their other best friend Midnight Levine and River Ambriosi and now there was Mimi Roberts looking so in love with the former playboy, Lucas Philips so now, everyone was waiting for her and Tristan to get together so they could have a group date. Now the pressure of being with Tristan was getting into her, every time she talked to her girls on the phone, they always mentioned Tristan.

Ysabella was born and raised as a competitive type; she was an athlete like her father before her. In high school, she collected champion trophies like they were teddy bears. As a competitive person, she hated being the last and now she had to face the fact that she was the last virgin of their little group. There was nothing wrong with her; she was a strong, beautiful girl with long dark hair that seemed to change styles every week, and perfectly bronze coloured skin; she had big brown eyes and stood about 5'10.

Though she only had one boyfriend all her life, her father did not allow her to date until she was eighteen but when she finally had one, it didn't end well when she found out her ex boyfriend Brad was merely using her to get close to her basketball superstar father. On her last year in high school, she and Jayden became close and she fell for him- or so she thought she had and she was hurt when she found out that Jayden was gay and only saw her as a friend. She'd hope to lose her virginity to Jayden when Calista and Nathan started dating but she was homophobe and stopped talking to Jayden for months after she found out about his sexuality.

She didn't want to be the last virgin in their group, Midnight already lost hers with Cole in Sophomore year and she'd thought Mimi would be last as Mimi was notorious for being finicky when it came to this summer, Mimi got close with the playboy Lucas and completed her summer goal even before they left Spain. And now, there she was first week of her university life and was still a virgin. She felt like a complete loser.

The only way to lose her virginity was to use Tristan Zhou. She didn't want those romance crap, she just wanted to be in the group again by popping her cherry so she could relate to the girls every time they had girl talks about sex. She'd chosen Tristan for too many reasons. One, while they were on holiday in Spain, Tristan could not stop teasing her of her lack of sexual experience and by sleeping with him, she could prove to him that she no longer wasn't 'pure and innocent'. Two, it seemed that all their friends were expecting them to get together so she was going to do them a favour and give in but of course, it would only happen once; it would be like friends with benefits. And finally, Tristan was easy to seduce; he'd do anything for sex and Ysabella had heard him a lot of times that he 'liked them fresh and tight'.

She'd thought this all through, for the whole week exactly. She'd only been a university student for less than a week and already she seemed to be failing her lectures due to lack of concentration. So in order to pass her first year at Browns, she needed to sort out her priority and the top one on her list was to sleep with Tristan.

She was dressed for innocent seduction; yellow lowcut top and a really short denim skirt that showed off her long, well-toned tanned legs. She was uncomfortable but she knew Tristan would like it. She grew up acting like a tomboy as she was always sorrounded by adrenaline-seeking males like her father, her two uncles and her twenty-five year-old brother Corbin.

Sighing, she wondered again if she was doing the right thing. She thought that maybe she'd meet a nice guy in a few weeks, but then again she trusted Tristan more now since they'd been friends for almost two years. It would be like friends with benefits.

Nervously, she knocked on his door and Tristan opened the door after a few minutes, his brown hair dishevelled like always; he looked as though he had just woken up; he wore the same clothes she saw him wearing last night. It was obvious that he'd been out partying once again and from the looks of him, he had just woken up. Ysabella glanced at her watch. 5.25 in the afternoon!

"Hey, is this a bad time?" she asked, flirtatiously. The tone of her voice made her want to puke. She'd never imagined herself flirting like a hussy with Tristan Zhou.

But she was desperate.

Tristan looked at her starting down from her long legs and upwards, stopping at her almost open chest. He gave out a low whistle, "You've finally considered my ofer then?" he grinned,

That was another why she'd chosen him. Three weeks ago, their friends Lucas and Mimi finally made their relationship official at Nathan and Calista's wedding day. The day after the wedding, Ysabella had accidentally walked in the room where Lucas and Mimi were getting intimate. It had upset Ysabella, knowing that she was the last virgin of their group. And Tristan, who seemed to be the only one who noticed her misery, jokingly offered to help her.

Grinning, she replied "I'm willing now,"

He pulled her in his apartment, locking the door behind them. He led her to his boyish living room, it was almost clean except a few empty beer cans and some Chinese takeaway boxes on the coffee table, other than that the rest were on their right place.

Tristan had his own cleaner who'd come in thrice a week.

"Are you sure about this, Ysa?" he asked, Ysabella was sitting on his black leather sofa. He sat down next to her.

"I'm sure," she answered, hesitantly

"Do you want a drink before we do...anything?" Ysabella nodded and asked for a shot of vodka.

Tristan raised an eyebrow as he headed towards his kitchen to get what she asked. He always kept a few stocks of alcohol in his cupboard, drinking had been the only thing that made him feel at home, that and the idea of a familiar face, Ysabella living on the apartment in front of him.

He'd only been living away from home for only a week and already he was already homesick; he missed his mother's usually burnt dinners.

Taking a glance at Ysabella, he chuckled to himself quietly as he poured her a shot. She amused him, it was obvious that she was nervous and having second thoughts about what was going to happen between them. He knew that she'd been upset being the last virgin in their group. He was a competitive just like her and he understood what it felt like to be the last one, the loser.

Tonight would hopefully benefit both of them; Ysabella could complete her summer goal and lose her virginity and he could finally sleep with Ysabella. He had to admit that he was attracted to her, knowing her for a year and a half, he found out that he could have a proper conversation with her about sports, school and their friends and the fact that he knew Ysabella wasn't looking for any emotional attachment and just pure sexual liason was enough for him to agree to this craziness thought he didn't want to put a dent on their comfortable friendship.

He returned to the living room; she was looking around and fidgeting the hem of her barely-there skirt. She seemed determined but nervous, "Are you sure about this?" he asked again,

The glare she shot him almost made him swore. She had cat-like eyes shape with a really dark shade of brown that it was almost black making her look mysterious. "Don't ask me again, you're making me more nervous,"

He grinned, "And I have no intention on sleeping with a nervous, shaky girl," he handed her the shot of glass and she drank it in one gulp. "Have you thought about the consequences?" he asked,

"What? Pregnancy? I'm on the pill, I had to control my periods because of swimming, and I brought some protections,"

Tristan was impressed, "What if people found out about what happened?"

"They all want this to happen,"

"What if it'll be awkward between us after this?" he asked, she sighed, "If I knew better, I think you're as nervous as I am,"

She was right, he was nervous but he didn't show it, instead he smirked at her. Without warning and to prove to her that this this event wasn't affecting him, he kissed her.

She responded immediately, making both their bodies hot and needy. It had began...

Tristan broke away from the kiss and stared at her in amazement. From someone who didn't have much experience in the dating department, Ysabella sure knew how to kiss. It was hell of a kiss and Tristan knew he was in deep, deep trouble.

Ysabella rolled her eyes at him, she was impatient. When she realised that Tristan wasn't making any move; she had to initiate the next move or nothing would ever happened. She wanted something to happen. She stood up, grabbed Tristan's hand and dragged him towards his bedroom..


Everyone viewed him as a sex addict therefore all the girls he'd slept with assumed he liked dirty talkis. In truth, dirty talking disgusted him but he saw it as a motivation. With Ysabella, they'd worked together naturally as if they'd been doing this hundred times before. With Ysabella, there were no dirty talks and they were both in control, these were the reasons why he considered Ysabella as the best lover he'd ever had. He was hoping to do it all over again.

"For a virgin, you sure knew how to satisfy a man," he told her as he watched her got dress, she had the body of a Amazon goddess.

"I listened to the other girls discuss their sexual encounters and read some magazines," she answered, grinning.

"I see you were well prepared,"

"I wanted to try it out with you, you're my friend and I knew you'd tell me if I was doing it wrong," she gave him a quick smile.

"You were great! You blew me away, next time you want to try out a new position, I'm just a door away," he winked at her and she giggled.

"What happened to having a one night affair?"

Tristan raised an eyebrow, "Well, after tonight. I've changed my mind,"

"I haven't," Ysabella told him,

"You mean this is just a one time thing for me?" he asked, slightly annoyed. He nodded and she stared at her surprised. What a big blow to his ego, it was like her saying he was shit in bed.

"You were great, Trist but I'd prepared myself to be another notch on your bedpost. This is all I can give you, thanks for a great night,"

She was far from being a notch on his bedpost. She was different, she knew how to make him tick and now that she said she didn't want him any more; he saw it as a challenge. The fact that she confused him made him wish he didn't agree on tonight's events. He wished the aftermath was him walking out and feeling nothing for her.

He swore under his breath as she opened his bedroom door, walked out and softly closed it behind her, acting like nothing happened. Tristan was shocked, he didn't expect that kind of behaviour from Ysabella Scott.

He felt used.



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