Seven: Hot Stuff

Ysabella had a feeling that Katy was up to something the moment the older girl turned up in her doorstep. It was good timing that she turned up when she and Tristan were in the most awkward situation. She secretly thanked Katy for that but at the same time, a little bit annoyed because she wanted to talk to Tristan about what just happened.

Tristan excused himself a few minutes after Katy entered Ysabella's apartment, saying he needed to do some preparation reading for tomorrow's lectures. So that left Katy and Ysabella alone in the apartment and the moment Tristan left, Katy began to interrogate Ysabella; the beach blonde girl made her sit down on the sofa, went to the kitchen to bring back two wine glasses. She took out a bottle of champagne from her big Luis Vuitton bag saying champagne was the only alcoholic beverage she liked and then she turned serious and looked at Ysabella right in the eye.

"You almost kissed, didn't you?" she questioned,

Ysabella could only stare at her, opened mouth. How the hell did she know that? "Huh?"

"Please, Ysa. I've never seen my brother blush like that before and you, you looked relieve when you opened the door for me, sorry for interrupting by the way,"

Ysabella pressed her lips together and looked at Katy; she felt like Katy could help her. "I almost kissed him, but he stopped me."

Katy furrowed her eyebrow, "Tristan? Stopped you? That boy has some serious problem. How could he resist a hot girl like you?"

"Err, thanks?"

Katy looked around the room, looking for something that could help her help Ysabella. "You know what? Sometimes I don't get how my brother's brain works. But we do need like a catalyst, something to speed up some reaction,"


Katy shrugged; "I'll have to think about it, you'll find out tomorrow when I'm gone," Ysabella raised an eyebrow; she did not like the sound of it but she felt like Katy was the only one who could help her. Katy made her look at her, the older girl suddenly turned serious. "Promise me you won't give up on him,"


Katy sighed and reached for Ysabella's hands; she squeezed it. "I know my brother is a little bit complicated; there are times I feel like disowning him as my brother. We all know he's a little scared of commitments and don't be surprise if one day he does something completely stupid so this is why I'm asking you not to give up on him; he's stupid so he's bound to do something stupid but he obviously likes you... scratch that, he loves you,"


Katy pouted at her and looked at her with irresistible puppy dog eyes; Ysabella had seen it before; Katy always used that look when she was in a mood for some mega manipulation. Ysabella and Katy were never close friends in high school, they had only started hanging out when Calista started dating Nathan although they were also in the Charity committee together, Katy the usual president of the the committee. Katy was the untouchable back in high school; she chose who she hang out with and mostly it was her fellow untouchables too. Ysabella and her group on the other hand, were like the in-betweeners; only popular when they wanted to be. Their popularity increased because of Calista and Nathan's relationship.

"Promise me you won't give up on him?"

Ysabella really had no choice; she didn't want to give up on Tristan either and she if she didn't agree to what Katy was asking, she was pretty sure the Queen Bee wouldn't talk to her again. She just nodded and pulled out her pinky and initiated a pinky promise. Katy cheered and hugged her.

"I have your word so let's drink to it," Katy raised her wine glass and Ysabella did the same. They chatted for another five minutes until Ysabella suddenly fell asleep.


She was very hot. She felt sticky and she was sweating.

Oh my God! She was sweating.

She must have fallen asleep while talking to Katy last night. Where was Katy? She looked around the room and there was no sign of Tristan's manipulative older sister.

Why is it so hot? It was in the middle of October; summer's way over so why was she boiling in there? She was so confused, she looked at the Mickey Mouse clock on her side and almost jumped. 2 o'clock in the afternoon. What the hell happened to her? Her whole apartment felt like a sauna.


That manipulative, evil, conniving and cunning bitc- She broke her radiator! How the hell did Katy know how to do that? The next thing she did was went to her room to see if Katy was still there but the conniving girl had gone out and left; she probably didn't even stay over last night.

She did leave a note on the bed though.

Hey Ysa, thank you so much for your hospitality. I think I may have broken your radiator. Oops my bad, but don't worry I called the company that fix these things and they said they'll come to fix it in a week as they are very busy. So I guess, I suggest you ask my dear little brother Tristan to let you crash at his place. I'm sure he won't mind. Kisses and hugs, Katy.

Ysabella, at that very moment, felt like screaming.


The whole time he was in the gym, Tristan only thought of one thing; or rather, one person. Ysabella. It got to him that he'd only spent thirty minutes in the gym because he could not longer take it. He wanted to see her so bad that moment and just wanted to go up to her and kissed her senseless.

But he had more self-control than that therefore he called up Nathan to ask for some advice as he headed back to his apartment to relax. He knew Ysabella's schedule by heart.

"Wear your heart on your sleeve," Nathan advised,

Tristan could only roll his eyes; Lucas said the same thing to him but Tristan had always find it hard to show his true feelings. He would joke, bully and pick on anyone that got in his way to hide his feelings.

"You know that's my only weakness," Tristan replied as he rummaged through his jacket pocket for the keys to the building.

Nathan laughed on the other line, and Tristan gave the door an evil look when it wouldn't open. "That's not your only weakness, dude. Ysabella is your biggest weakness,"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you're not helping," he finally managed to open the door as Nathan reminded him once again how he wooed his young, high school sweetheart wife, Calista.

"You know what, dude? Every girl's the same inside, they have a heart. They grew up watching Disney movies and reading fairy tales. They want to be treated like princesses so you better show her what you really feel, make her feel like a Princess,"

Tristan could only nod, he wasn't really listening. He was waiting for the elevator doors to open now. "Anyway, dude. I hear you want us all to be there for Thanksgiving, are you sure?"

"Yeah, the Missus wanted a reunion and she said she doesn't mind cooking. I hear Midnight's coming back from Europe; Calista had managed to persuade her to come and see us even for a short time," With Nathan's money and influence, they were able to track down Midnight's whereabouts despite Midnight not wanting them to know where she had been.

"Have you talked to River yet, dude?" Tristan had to ask. At this moment, the elevator finally arrived and Tristan went in.

"I talked to him a couple of days ago, told him to come and join us for Thanksgiving. He said he'll try; he's got a lot to sort out but he'll let us know if he's coming,"

"He better be! I miss that guy. Are the rumours about the dragon true?" The guys met River's wife already in his wedding. They did not like her one bit; Although she was gorgeous with the body of a Greek Goddess; she was spoilt, immature and very materialistic and completely untalented; she was so bitchy towards the guys that they started calling her Dragon behind her back.

"River doesn't know but I hired the best Private Detective to investigate on that,"

"Good one, man!" Tristan smiled, sometimes he couldn't believe how far he and his boys had become. He still felt like a teenager even though he was already almost twenty-one but he felt like Nathan and River had grown up. They grew up together and he found it funny that the two most mischievous guys back in high school have now become two of the most responsible and influential people he'd ever met. It was unbelievable how Nathan and River matured.

The elevator finally opened to his floor as he said goodbye to Nathan on the phone. He noticed Ysabella's apartment door was wide open so he rushed in to see if she was OK but as soon as he entered her apartment, he suddenly felt very hot.

"Ysabella? What's going?" Tristan called out as he headed to the kitchen.

He found Ysabella there holding a big jar of iced water, wearing a barely-there outfit: hot pants that emphasised her ass and a white fitted camisole. Her long wavy hair tied in a ballerina style up-do; her skin seemed to glow because of sweat. The image of her standing there in the kitchen looked very appetising for Tristan.

He soon realised how hard it was to fight with his self-control seeing her looking like that.

She looked pissed, which made her even more like a vixen. "Your sister broke my radiator on purpose,"

Tristan looked confused, "Why would she do that?"

"Because she's evil!"

"What did you do to her?"

"I have no idea, she left me this," Ysabella showed him the note and he frowned as he read it.

"She's up to something,"

"You think?!" Ysabella asked, sarcastically. "What am I going to do with my apartment?"

"Did you call the company?"

Ysabella nodded, "Yes, all they could do was give me an instruction on how to fix it. I also called Mr. Schneider downstairs but he said I'll just have to find a place to stay for a couple of days,"

"I'll solve this for you and I'll pay for everything, I don't know what's gotten into my sister's mind but I apologise in her behalf, in the meantime you can stay at my place for a while. I don't mind sleeping in the sofa,"

Ysabella looked hesitant at first but she had no place to go, most of her friends lived twenty minutes away from their campus and she really couldn't be bothered to pack some of her clothes and move to another place. If she stayed with Tristan, she could just walk across the hall any time when she needed something. "Are you sure?"

Tristan nodded, he knew it would be difficult for him but he wanted Ysabella to stay with him because as cheesy as it sounds, he wanted to see her every single second of every single minute. "I'm positive, ok now come on! The Knicks are playing tonight!"

Ysabella's smile widened as she followed Tristan out of her apartment.

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