The men in Cancer's army surrendered at the command of Pisces and Taurus. The rebellion stripped them of their weapons and marched them away back to the castle. Taurus went with them giving his word that they wouldn't attack when their back was turned. Virgo, Vaan, Shira, and Virgil were rushed away for immediate medical attention. Scorpio was being administered to no longer pinned to the ground. He had given up on his battles for now and needed lots of rest.

Aqua, Leo, and Pisces left the battle field to collect their friends and allies. Leo walked to the crater meters away from the battle and nudged Capricorn with her toe. "Wake up you stupid goat" she said gruffly.

"Unh just five more minutes" he mumbled. She glared at him and kicked him hard making him sit up. "Ow! Jeez that wasn't necessary!" She ignored him walking away.

"Five more minutes my ass" she muttered under her breath. Capricorn followed after but paused glancing at Aries. He sighed and ran down grabbing the fallen ram and dragged him after her.

"Wait up will you. This guys heavy!" he shouted.


Pisces appeared on the top of the castle walls Sagittarius leaning against the walls sighing to herself. He walked toward her and kneeled down. "What's wrong Sage?" he asked a little worry in his voice.

She looked up at him and her distant eyes focused on him. "Oh Pisces I feel awful" she complained hanging her head. "Gemini's...dammit! That jerk beat me and left taking my heart with him!"

Pisces rolled his eyes shaking his head. "Sage. Never mind. Just come on" he said standing. She did as well. The two of them walked back into the castle happy that they had all come out of that one well and somewhat unharmed.


Aqua searched franticly for Gemini and Cancer searching the entire field and castle before finding the spire where their battle took place. She followed the path of destruction to the empty field and covered her mouth tears jumping into her eyes.

Cancer and Gemini were on the ground heads next to the others face peaceful. On both their chest they had twin wounds slits that pierced them front to back. They were long past the point of help and weren't going to wake up to give their last words.

"Gemini you promised. You promised that you'd both live" she cried covering her face with both hand her tears hitting the grass.

Slowly as if drawn by her cries the remained Zodiac members joined her and added their own tears or cries to hers as they mourned the loss of two of their friends and brothers. They mourned for them for several minutes. When the sun began to go down Taurus and Leo walked forward Leo taking Gemini and Taurus taking Cancer in their arms and lead them back to the castle of their birth.

As they walked any soldier who saw them dead stopped and cried out in shock and plagued them with questions but the Zodiac refused to answer them. Instead they walked in silence. When they reached the castle they walked to the front of main hall a brightly lit room with a long red rug that led up to a throne. The seven of them walked up the stairs and laid both of them side by side along a stone table that stretched behind the throne.

"This is what this war has brought us" Leo said bitterness coating her voice. "We may have won but we lost something to great to measure. To honor what happened to them let's take a vow. Never to war with one another ever again. Never to force out own people to fight one another. Never to separate from each other's side. If not for yourself but for Cancer and Gemini"

They were silent as they pledged their vow. As they pledged the bodies of Cancer and Gemini ignited in gold and blue flame. The startled surprise of this echoed through the zodiac assembled but it was too late to stop the flames as they ate up the two of them in seconds. When the flames died away the symbols for Cancer and Gemini were etched into the stone side by side glowing blue and gold. Under it words slowly appeared spelling out the message. Leo walked forward and read it aloud.

"The two of have gone and the twelve made ten. Find the immortal bird. Its tears can summon them again. Return in thirty days or not another word" she finished and looked up at the zodiac looking at her just as confused as she. Slowly under the words the number thirty was etched into the stone.

"What does it mean?' Pisces asked taking a step forward to see the inscription himself.

"It means Phoenix" Aqua said stepping forward running her hand against the symbols of the two. "He's one of us. Or rather another like us. In the lands bordering Nerodala other Zodiacs exists. If we can find Phoenix wherever he is he can bring back Gemini and Cancer" she said her excitement and hope rising with every word until she was brimming with anticipation.

"Are you sure?" Capricorn asked eyeing the place where they had both been cremated with scrutiny.

"No I'm not however if there is even the slightest chance we ca bring them back I'm willing to take it" Aqua said starting down the steps and toward the door. "If you're not going to help me on this don't follow"

They all stood then laughed following after her. "If you think we're letting you do this alone forget it" Leo said standing next to her. "We want them back just as much as you so we're all going to help"

"She's right" Taurus said folding his arms. "Let's pack and get ready. Our friends should have recovered enough by tomorrow's morn and we'll set out"

"Sound like a plan" Capricorn said grinning. Pisces smiled and Sagittarius nodded clasping her hands together behind her back. Aquarius smiled at them all and nodded her head but glanced back at the pyre where her loves had burned. Gemini, Cancer. I'll see you again. I promise you that.