Some souls are born of summer
Flippancy engraved into their limbs
Floating from third story windows
And into cloudless cornflower blue
Of dreamlands crushed into color

Some days I envy that softness
But still

Others I replicate it
Cradling my manmade perfection
From the disfigured bodies I swim in
Gulping down the visible wind
That plays off the sunshine and sea
Until my sickness decays
And my skin blooms silken freckles
Brown and laughing against their ivory home

How easy to slip into the embossed white on white
Of gardens and freedoms from days behind us
When the tongues of trees were spools of silver leaves
And our nature reflected the mysteries of our hearts
When the world was still unknown
And the superstitions grew into a wild frenzy
Giving us our faith
Creating our fact

Science is a thief in that
That all possibilities have been charmed by control
And literalism taken to our beds
So the children we bear are birthed in our knowledge

Even so
As I look through the latticed glass
Watching its eternal pattern flow out
And revolve around
Into a perfect circle
Swollen like a woman with child
Yet as empty as the eyes of an ancient corpse
I realize this

As long as death holds its jurisdiction over man
Fantasy reigns eternal