i'm going crazy,

everytime i see your car,

i want to stop what i'm doing,

and fall into your arms,


even when i realize it's just a similarity,

my heart stops right there,

everything reminds me of you,

i'm in too deep,


are you going to be there to help me?

all i want is for you to notice me,

this beat is infectious,

would you like to join me?


take my hand,

and i'll never let go,

i've been holding out for just you,

nothing even comes close,


what are you thinking about now?

i want to look into your eyes,


would you let me?


i can invision of our dance being,

like we were meant to be,

every sign points towards us,

i want to be with you,


i want to deny it,

but my heart still holds close to you,

i can't reject it,

your love is so addictive,


although i am too afraid of admitting it,

i'll hope you'll see it,

and give yourself over,

all i want is a 'yes',


i'm so helplessly in love,

and i can bearly hide it,

is it that evident?

or are you just being oblivious?


bring us together,

i can already tell it would be the best,

can you just succumb already?

there's nothing to be afraid of,


you're the only one that i can see myself with anymore,

your hand in mine would just feel right,

small and cold,

against a comforting, warm one,


opposites attract,

and something inside of us reacts,

match made already,

just surrender your heart,


i can see it in your eyes,

that you could possibly see me as potential material,

just look at me,

and tell me what you've felt all these years,


would you seal the deal,

with something i've been dreaming about for so long?

the heavenly flutter against my lips,

we can take it slow,


walk side-by-side,

your love is all i would need,

baby, just take the leap already,

i can see it in your eyes.