Chapter 1: New Kid and Drama

In every high school there's always a student that is known all over as the over-achiever. The one who feels it's necessary to score every point on a test, has way too many extracurricular activities, and is the person everyone goes to for tutoring. At Carter High School in North Carolina that student is Althea or Thea for short, Dawson. She is well-known in the community because her father is the towns' mayor. She is seen as the perfect student and daughter.

"Thea, you need to get home early today." Her mom, Linda said early one morning. "The press is coming by to speak to your father about the up-coming election."

"Ok, mom, I better get to school." Thea sighed.

Thea didn't really care for re-election time. Her family's' life is watched constantly to make sure they are picking the right person for mayor. Personally Thea didn't really understand why her life was so important to everyone but if it helped her father she would do whatever she had to.

When she reached the high school Thea's best friends Jamie, Becca, and Kendall rushed over which usually meant they had something big to tell her.

"Thea, did you hear?" Kendall asked.

"No, am I missing something?" Thea asked back.

"Well, what Kendall is so excited about is that we have a new kid." Jamie smiled.

"And Kyle was looking for you earlier." Becca added. "But I don't think that's why Kendall's excited."

"I hope not." Thea smirked. "Well, I guess I'll see him in first period."

"Or right now." Becca whispered.

Thea looked confused until she felt an arm wrap around her waist. It was Kyle Benjamin, her boyfriend of four months.

"Hey babe." He smirked.

"Hi, did you hear we have a new kid?" Thea asked.

"Yeah, I heard he's a freak show." Kyle laughed. "That's the last thing this school needs is an emo freak."

"Kyle, don't be like that. We don't even know him." Thea snapped.

"Whatever." He mumbled shrinking back before Thea could hit him like she usually did when he said something she didn't approve of.

During her first period Thea was called out of her class to the front office. When she arrived to the lobby she noticed the new kid everyone had heard of. He had dark, almost black hair, which covered his forehead. He had his head down disguising his looks from Thea's view.

"Ah, Miss Dawson," Principal Conner said. "This is Sean Reyes, our new student."

Sean stood up when he heard his name mentioned.

"Althea here is our brightest student; already on the road to Harvard I believe. She will be your guide until you are used to the campus. Have a good first day." He smiled before heading back into the office.

"Althea huh?" Sean asked.

"Oh, just Thea, Althea is way too formal." She blurted.

"All right, where to first Miss tour guide?"

"Well, let me see your schedule and I can figure that out."

He pulled out a sheet of paper from his back pocket to hand it to her.

"Wow, you're taking all AP classes and they are the same as mine." Thea smiled.

"Really, I guess we have more in common than I expected." He smirked.

Thea and Sean walked through the halls as she told him the basics of the school. When it was time for third period they walked outside towards the gym.

"So you play any sports?" Thea asked.

"I swam at my other school but I'm going to concentrate on my grades this year. What about you?" He asked back.

"Volleyball." She answered.

We were interrupted by Kyle coming over to us.

"Hey, I didn't see you in Physics. Where were you?" He asked.

"I was showing our new student around. Kyle this is Sean Reyes." Thea smiled.

"Oh well, that's nice. Just be sure he knows his place." Kyle warned.

He brushed by Sean bumping him in the shoulder. Thea couldn't believe he would act like that. Kyle may be overbearing but she had never seen him act jealous.

"I'm so sorry; he's normally not like that." Thea exclaimed.

"You date that guy?!" He asked almost sounding disgusted.

Thea couldn't find a voice to answer; she just slightly nodded her head. With a heavy sigh Sean walked off leaving his tour guide behind.