my love making is hard and impetuous.
which is often misinterpreted.

my hands, remember the dance, I know,
where to put them. (I am old now).
I find everything, by the second try.

I take you into my mouth (because,
it is soft and warm, as well as in me).

you've got Pink Floyed playing.
which is the music I listen to,
when I masturbate at home. (lucky you)

our sex is new. pre-packeged, 100% organic.
and I don't really know, what to do with you.

I look at you while we fuck (really look at you)
because I'm sure its something you need.

I also, pull your hair. and you don't say anything,
because a part of you, really likes it.

I know I'm being too loud. (your mom,
can absolutely hear me). and you are,
completely okay with this.

you say my name once. (and I like this,
very much). but I couldn't say your name.

and strangely,
we are not high.
even though we he been high
all damn day.

we are not high,
when we fuck,
for the first time.