Summary: For Alieta Hayman, the school year is over and she finds herself dating her brother's friend, who has been a constant in her life for the past few years. But is all as it seems in the large city of Croydon? Will family rivalries have devastating consequences? Will Alieta's and Matt's relationship survive death, destruction and amnesia?

A/N: Some mild language and sexual references.

A Sweet Start to Summer

The final bell sounded, signaling a moment of sheer bliss for numerous students.

I wont be till this time next year that I will be finished school forever, she unhappily thought to herself.

Sighing she slammed the door on her now empty locker. Walking over to stand beside her best friend, who was chatting up her older brother, she stared blankly out of the window. She wished that she was already finished, free of the monotonous school schedule, free to follow her dreams.

Seniors ran down the hallways of Croydon's Grammar School, celebrating the last moments they would ever be trapped within its walls.

She smiled as a familiar face approached her, instantly brightening her mood.

"Hey Alieta," he lent casually on the locker next to where she standing. She turned to face him, drawn by an imaginary pull.

"Hey yourself. Are you happy to be over and done with school?" She inquired while watching her brother flirt mercilessly with her best friend ... and her friend shamelessly flirting back.

"Yeah... is your brother aware that he's making a complete ass of himself?" Alieta turned to more carefully observe the two people standing before her. He leaned in close behind her, also watching with a grin on his face.

"Is it any different to how he normally acts?" She questioned softly, with a gentle laugh.

"No. Sadly, I suppose it isn't. Do you think they'll be wrapping this up soon?" He wondered, his breath tickling her ear.

"I'm not sure. He hasn't done the 'I've got her' smile yet, but you never know." Alieta murmured, a hand covering her mouth to try and contain her laughter.

"Will you two shut up? Seriously, piss off. We will catch up with you guys later. Thank you Matt, goodbye Alieta, see you both later!" Alieta's older brother growled angrily.

"Relax Todd. We wouldn't want to cramp your style, would we Alieta?" Matt snickered while a little giggle escaped Alieta .

"No. We wouldn't want to do that." She replied between fits of laughter.

"After you my lady," Matt gestured, mocking Todd's voice.

"Why, thank you kind sir." Alieta imitated her best friend Jenifer's voice perfectly , placing her hand carefully on Matt's offered arm.

They walked off down the hall laughing until they reached the parking lot. Matt calmly walked her to her car, a tradition they had been upholding since last year.

"Are you going to the graduation party at Ralph's?" He asked curiously, playing with a strand of her soft hair.

"I don't know; it doesn't really sound like my kind of thing. However, if Jen goes I guess I'll get dragged along for the ride." Alieta remarked watching his face.

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I told Todd he should throw his own quiet party, but as you can see, he doesn't exactly take my advice." Matt and Alieta watched as Jen and Todd emerged from the nearest building in deep, animated conversation. Todd couldn't take his eyes off Jen and hence failed to see the post he collided head on with. Both Matt and Alieta inhaled sharply for a moment before bursting into another fit of laughter. A concerned Jen helped Todd to his feet, the only thing injured being his pride. They were still laughing when Todd and Jen reached the car.

Matt raised an eyebrow at Todd, making a silent statement.

"What? Like you could do any better." Todd retorted.

Matt smiled. His hand cupped Alieta's cheek, his arm curving around her waist, drawing her against him as he slowly leaned in, kissing her deeply. He had been waiting to do that for months.

The parking lot came to a standstill, everyone stood gaping and gasping. Taking a barely visible step backwards, still standing quite close to Alieta he brushed his fingers lightly down her cheek.

"I will see you later then," He breathed. Alieta's eyes were still wide with shock at the sudden show of affection, but she smiled and nodded. Matt turned to a stunned Todd, grabbed him by the elbow and walked off towards his car.

"Now that my friend, is how it is done!" Matt beamed, practically skipping with joy.

"You – you did not just k – kiss my sister," Todd stammered weakly.

"Sure I did." Matt couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He thought she had liked him, but it was a relief that she hadn't rejected him or pushed him away.

"But she's my sister." Todd was dumbfounded; he still couldn't comprehend what he had just witnessed.

"Honestly, has it really taken you this long to realize that?" Matt joked, patting his friend on his back "Or do you have a problem with us seeing each other?" Matt stopped in his tracks, worry creeping under his skin. He couldn't date her if Todd said yes.

Todd looked him over. Matt, standing at 6'3'', was around two inches taller than Todd and had a much stronger build. He was handsome with bright green eyes, light brown hair and a tanned complexion. Matt and he had been best friends since Matt had moved there in grade ten. Todd then turned and assessed his sister. He had to admit that she was breathtakingly beautiful; her dark reddish-brown ringlets framing her face, a cream and strawberries skin tone and her blue eyes setting off her smile. His looks weren't unlike hers, yet she was definitely more feminine.

"No I don't have a problem with it. It's just that, I guess I don't see her in that way and I didn't think you did either." Matt nodded slowly at Todd's response and unlocked his car. It was a brand new orange jeep wrangler; his parents had given it to him as an eighteenth birthday present. "And you have never even dated a single girl since you arrived here. You haven't even shown any interest; in anyone," Todd continued, "Why do you want to date Alieta?" Matt sighed at Todd's probing questions.

"Alieta is smart, funny, and beautiful. She also knows me; she understands how I think and what I want out of life. She doesn't just like me for my looks or want to date me because I'm popular. I bet I've spent more time with her this past year than I have with you. I dunno, I just... appreciate her and I enjoy her company." He tried to explain.

"You have not spent more time with her than me!" Todd argued, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yes, I have. Every time one of your 'girlfriends' came over, where do you think I went? When you wouldn't get out of bed all day; did you think I just sat around outside your door waiting for you to make a move?" Matt commented.

At that moment, however, Todd's younger brother, Jeshua jumped in the car disrupting the conversation. It would have to be continued at another time. Matt and Todd fell silent as they drove off.

Alieta stood staring at them as they exited out of the lot.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" Jen squealed in excitement, once the boys were fully out of earshot. "He kissed you, I mean I knew he liked you but, oh my gosh! What was it like? I bet it was fantastic! He just scooped you up in his arms and kissed you silly!" Alieta beeped her red Mazda RX8 open and slid in behind the wheel, slamming the door and revving the engine.

Jenifer jumped in quickly before Alieta sped off without her.

"You know Jen; you have to learn to speak a tad bit quieter. Everyone was staring at you." Alieta had a pink tinge coloring her creamy white cheeks.

"They were not staring at me! They were staring at you. The hottest, most unattainable guy in school, well he's out of school now but anyway, he wants you. You should have seen Brittany's face! If looks could kill, you would have died three times over! She has been trying for months to get Matt to go out with her, and now all of a sudden he's all over you! I mean sure at home he's all over you but at school he restrained himself slightly and-" Alieta slammed on the brakes.

"If you are going to keep going on about it you can get out now and walk home." She snapped angrily.

"C'mon Lee, don't be like that. I know you're more excited about this turn of events than I am! You just have a somewhat better check on your emotions than me."Alieta pulled away from the curb with a heavy sigh.

"Well then. What about you and Toddykins!" Alieta's laughter rang out clearly at the horrified and annoyed look on her friends face. "Ok, we will both drop the subject. Now, do you want to stay over tonight?" She watched as Jen's face lit up with glee.

"I love sleepovers!" Jen shrieked, dancing around in her seat.

"No, you love the fact that Todd will be there, and that you could potentially be in my brother arms when you wake up!" Alieta grinned.

"Alieta Hayman! Mind your tongue. You know I don't give it up till the third date" Jen screeched.

They laughed happily together as they continued the ride home.

The Hayman's house was to be found in an outer suburb of the city. It was located flush along the mountains and contained large acreage properties. Their three story mansion was situated on the largest block of land and they were, although it was often disputed, the wealthiest family in the neighbourhood, if not the entire city.

Alieta accelerated up the long sloping driveway and into her allotted garage space. Just as Jen and Alieta were opening the front door to the house, the Wrangler pulled up and Todd and Jeshua jumped out, yelling a quick thanks to Matt as he off flew back down the drive. He lived just two houses down from the Hayman's.

"How the hell do you always manage to beat us home, no matter who is driving, or how fast they're going?" Jeshua whined to Alieta as they trudged inside.

"Why don't you get in my car with me one day and find out?" She retorted as they dumped their bags and lounged in front of the large plasma television. Todd snagged the controls and flipped it on, ignoring the screen in preference of talking to Jen.

"Yeah right! As if I'd ever let a girl drive me around!" He snickered harshly.

"Suit yourself, I guess you'll never know," She shifted her glance to Jen and Todd who had now been intently whispering to each other for the past few minutes. Alieta continued to absentmindedly observe them until she was drawn out of her thoughts by Jeshua once again.

"On second thoughts, let's go for a drive," Jeshua jumped up and Alieta followed him out to the garage. He slid swiftly into the passenger seat.

"What happened to I'll never let a girl drive me around?" Alieta smiled as she angled in behind the wheel.

"We were inside, what, ten minutes? I could not take a second longer of their mushy talk. Anyway, you've got to be an extraordinary driver to make a twenty five minute drive in fifteen minutes. You didn't even pass us!" Jeshua vented in slight awe and amazement. "Wow. What's all this stuff? What do all these buttons and lights on the dash do? What's this touch screen for and all this electronic looking stuff?" Jeshua reached out a hand, wanting to try a button.

"Nothing that you need to worry about," Alieta gently slapped his hand away. Revving the car, she reversed out and throttled down the drive, stopping at the end. "Where do you want to go?" She paused, awaiting his answer.

"Drive to the city and back, as if you were going to school." He instructed. She accelerated off, changing gears.

"How long do you want to be gone for?" Alieta was racing through the streets, making sure to keep an eye on the numerous side streets, looking for other cars. There weren't any.

"How long will it take you?" Jeshua grinned. She exhaled.

"Put some music on. Whatever you like. There are CD's in the glove box." Alieta concentrated on the road as she sort a means to distract him.

She loved driving, the thrill, the suspense and the unexpected. Her younger brother, by two years, pushed one of her rock CDs into the player and cranked the volume. She skirted around the boundary of the suburb before coming to a long stretch of open road. Jeshua turned down the music.

"Where are we?" He questioned, at a loss to their location.

"It's a back road that trucks use now and again to go up to the dam from the city and also to skirt around the city when they come from neighboring states." Alieta replied, reaching 110 mph on her speedometer.

"And are you legally allowed to go this fast?" He gripped the arm rest tightly. She laughed freely at him.

"Yes, you can go up to 110 mph on this road. Can you believe it? It's fantastic!" Within ten minutes they were flying by skyscrapers and shopping malls.

"When do you want me to head back?" Alieta queried.

"Whenever you're ready," he spoke quietly, "after this I'm never getting in a car with you again. Not because you are a girl, but because you're completely insane! I don't know how you can possibly keep control of the car when you're going so fast especially around corners." Jeshua was shaking his head in disbelief.

"Traction control helps, but you know how I took that driving course last year? Well let's just say it was a very advanced program." They were back on the long stretch of road in less than five minutes. In the distance there were two, twenty-two wheeler trucks approaching. One was attempting to overtake the other, but the other kept increasing its speed.

"Alieta?" Jeshua panicked "Alieta!" He screamed. Child.

"I know. I see them. Just turn down the music. I need to concentrate." She took a deep breath. Piece of cake.

"We're not going to make it! Pull over! There's no way we'll fit through that gap! He's not going to overtake in time! Alieta!" He was bracing himself for impact.

"Shut up! There is nothing to worry about you just have to trust me."

"There is no way I will ever trust you!" He spat venomously.

At the last possible second the truck attempting to overtake slowed slightly. Alieta swerved under the tray of the front truck then zipped under the next truck, her car just clearing it under. Turning hard, she then steered onto the clear strip of road that stretched out in front of them, avoiding the truck's rear tyres by less than a foot.