~The First Meeting~

She was visiting New York City for a few days, for a photo shoot. Not know where anything is, she traveled around trying to find where she needed to be. Asking around where the location is, people just kept walking by. She walks up to three guys drinking coffee and smoking; they seemed to be on brake from making a movie of some sort.

"Excuse me, umm do you by any chance know where this place is," she asked softly showing them the address. A man she only knew from movies stated, "Yea, it's about eight blocks down, and then you turn right, keep walking for two blocks and your there." He said in the most polite tone. She just smiled and thanked him.

"Wait, you're not going crazy like every other girl or asking for pictures and autographs. Do you not know who I am?" The man asked confused after she thanked him.

She looked at him carefully then replied softly. "Yes, I do know who you are and no, I'm not going to go crazy over you. You're a person just like everyone else, yes, you may be a big actor but still. Even famous people need a life and want to their life like others." Then she smiled at them and started walking in the direction he told her earlier.

The two friends of his looked at him like he was crazy for letting her go. His one friend stated, "dude don't let her just walk away. You wanted a girl who wasn't attracted to you because of what you are, not only that she seems nice. And, on top of that she's hot. Go get her before one of us does." As he pushed him up to get her. He looked at his friends, and then started to run after her. Girls screamed after him as he ran down the streets, his bodyguards held back the crowd of screaming fans. When he finally caught up to her, she turned around and looked at him weird.

"Can I help you Mr. High Almighty Stalker?" She asked annoyed, as he was leaned over trying to catch his breath. He put up one finger; "will you…" he stopped talking still trying to regain his breath. "I honestly don't have time for this, sorry." She started walking away from him when he grabbed her hand, keeping her from walking away.

When he stood up still hold her hand he started to say, "Will you…" when screaming fans started running in his direction. He held onto her hand tighter and ran making her run with him, "let go of me," she stated as she ran away from the screaming fans with him.

Both he and she kept running until they found a place where no one could see them, as they were catching their breath for a minute. When they caught their breath she went to walk away again, when he grabbed her and pulled her back making them face each other. Their faces were so close they could feel each other's breath on their lips; they were looking at each other and looking down, when he pulled her closer and kissed her. She started kissing him back but she didn't know why, for some odd reason it just felt right. After a few minutes they pulled away from each other, both stunned about what just happened left them in silents.

"I have to go, I'm sorry but it's for the best." She stated with a sad tone in her voice, as she goes to walk off. He grabbed her again by the hand, "please don't go, stay and come back to my place with me, but please just stay." He replied with reassurance, in a way begging for her to stay.