A/N: So, um...There's a line in the Jack's Mannequin song Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby) that goes "To the sleepless this is my reply/I will write you a lullaby." They didn't play that one at the concert, so after getting our 45+ minute dose of hot, live Andrew, Maggie Pie and I listened to more at my house. :) We sang the above line out loud, and I promised her that I would actually write her a lullaby. Here it is, over two weeks late. I put in some fun little details of things that happened that night, but we did too much and had too much fun to possibly say it all, so you'll just have to guess what else we did. ;)

Lullaby for Maggie Pie

The sky's decided the day is done,
Say goodbye to Mr. Sun,
I know you're still high on Andrew,
That's okay, cuz I am too,
But if you try to close your eyes,
Your mind will finally realize,
Andrew the Arabian princess is here,
Whispering "Bloodshot" in your ear, and
"I mention California in every song I write,
I love pot brownies, night after night."

We say "it's all about the foreplay,"
Cuz that truly is the whore's way,
We sing off-key but hey, it's all in fun,
I don't ever want this night to be done,
Words just can't describe how much fun this was,
We can't fall asleep, simply because,
We don't want the best night of our lives to end so soon,
It's all we talked about since the start of June,
Maggie Pie, here's my promised reply;
You're very own little lullaby.